Prison school

Kiyoshi just confessed to Chiyo. How will she respond?

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She'll reject him so he can get with Hana, AKA best girl.

he seriously confessed? he might be an abject jew now but at least he has balls

I'm sure she will say yes, since he shares her piss fetish.

It's the end of Hanagellion

Explosion in 5... 4... 3... 2... 1...

Holy shit, how BTFO can Hana get at this point? The manga has been constantly shitting on her character in one way or another.

I hate hanafags, but I doubt they are going to end up anytime soon.

Ha, the look on Hana's face.

>but I doubt they are going to end up anytime soon.
Does that even matter at this point? Literally the two biggest reasons for Chiyo x Kiyoshi not having a chance at canon were

>chiyo won't ever accept him
>chiyo doesn't even like him

and those two weak arguments were just proven wrong. They both like each other, and Chiyo accepts him as he is, and she's willing to make the effort to understand the more perverse side of him. The only way a Hana end can happen at this point is if they date, but then realize that don't work well together. Every new chapter is just a big slap in the face to Hanafags.

Does anyone remember the wet T-shirt contest we were supposed to get?

>chapter barely finished
Guess we'll have a two/three weeks hiatus soon.

Why is the author shitting on Hana so much?

>"winning" this early
This is a death flag chiyo shitters

>273 chapters

He really should focus on only ONE (1) manga. It's either nigger blues or prison school. Holy shit both are going nowhere

When this shit gonna come to its logical end? I don't need another 10 seasons of cheap fanservice.

Blues is actually good in comparison, can't deny that.

This, its all over for shityofags

im guessing she will not give her an answer cause she was confused on whats between kiyoshi and hana. Then we will see kiyoshi's crazy face again, cause he will get crazy thinking he was rejected. glorious crazy phase on cue

>AKA second choice

It's really been 273 chapters?
It took that fucking long huh?

Virgin ending confirmed, I doubt he’ll just fall into Hana’s Hands after getting crushed by her.

Ore to Akuma no Blues now is in about a half a year hiatus.

So no chapter dump or anything huh? And ppl wonder why PS threads have been dry for the last year.

>Hana decides to tell the story behind Kiyoshi's briefs since Chiyo doesnt seem to understand the meaning behind the other stories. She explains that it was the day Chiyo came into the room and started picking up the blankets. Kiyoshi cant believe Hana is talking about "that" but Hana wants Kiyoshi to explain it. He figures that this might be his chance to turn things around. He says he and hana were naked under the blanket. Chiyo is horrified. Chairman reflects and feels remorse about not being there for his children. She can't believe that Hana pissed on him while she was there but Kiyoshi says it was after she left. Hana says that this was all because Kiyoshi showed her that video but Kiyoshi says he thought it was a movie, not porn. She then brings up that he tried to drink her piss straight from her but he says that he wasn't trying to do that and was only trying to kiss her. Kiyoshi mentions that afterward they wore each others underwear and that was the underwear chiyo saw at the cavalry battle. That he embarrassed himself in front of everyone for the sake of the boys and the USC. He considered killing himself but he didnt do it because of Chiyo. This is when kiyoshi confesses to Chiyo and asks her out

Because she’s trash?
Keep dreaming Hanashitter

chapter summarythanks


Is the scanlation for Devil Blues even still up?

>people actually thought Hana had a chance

I was advocating for it and now I receive my divine punishment

It’s okay user, I’m here for you

>so this is how Prion School ends
>t. brainlet

It's painfully obvious Hana will win.

I wish this was happening with more dynamic actions rather than a war of words. The three of them just talking to each other for chapter after chapter isn't really how I envisioned this going down.

I’m sure Kiyoshi will abandon the love he’s had for the whole series in favor of the girl who’s always interfering

She'll tell him that given everything Hana is doing it's very clear that she actually cares for Kiyoshi and that he should work things out with her. It's the most Chiyo response and that's likely what will happen. She will not accept him because she's an idiot, a very innocent and loving person but she's clearly an idiot as has been shown throughout the series.

Because peeing wasn't enough

Why is she an idiot for wanting to accept Kiyoshi as the way he is? You Hanafags are so desperate for trying to knock Chiyo.

She has been under the impression for 100+ chapters that the party is her surprise birthday party when it isn't. She's made stupid assumptions left and right about it.

So because of one stupid assumption about the party, she's an idiot in general? Get real. It's obvious that you Hanafags are getting more nervous and losing hope in her victory.

>Hana actually cares for Kiyoshi
>even though she’s abused him and almost killed him twice
>ignoring that Chiyo has feelings for Kiyoshi
The absolute state of Hanashitters

Hana started off hating Kiyoshi but as natural relationships can progress, she has begun to develop feelings for him. Those feelings are causing her conflict and it's been shown off quite well since this new arc started.

I wouldn't be shocked if Hana confesses right after Kiyoshi confesses to Chiyo.

Yes, Kiyoshi has been thinking he's in love with Chiyo since volume 1, what's your point?

>Those feelings are causing her conflict and it's been shown off quite well since this new arc started.
Those feelings are making her act desperate and pathetic though. They aren't showed off in some positive light. She literally stooped to being a shady bitch and trying to wreck Kiyoshi's character with Chiyo, which just backfired on her.

>thinking he’s in love
He actually is in love with her, retard. This whole idea that he’s actually in love with your meme piss waifu is just headcanon.

Yes she has feelings, but that doesn’t excuse her shitty behavior

Don't be silly, user. Kiyoshi secretly loves Mari, he just hasn't realised it yet.

You know, even though Marifags and Hanafags are usually the ones fucking up the threads, at least you Marifags know how to banter. The worst Hanafags are so hypersensitive and insecure that they get unironically triggered when Hana gets shit on. Also, liking Mari, who has a shitty personality but a killer body, at least means you have some level of taste while Hana has no redeeming qualities whatsoever.
>inb4 b-but muh piss





>there are "people" in this thread that think kiyoshi is prize that either girl should win
He has been worst boy for a while. Surpassing shingo

>hanafag starts to bargain
its always funny seeing the losing side turn to the "he was a shit boy anyways" argument.

>Kiyoshi isn't a prize
I bet you're just saying that so someone would post pic related and you can wank to it, you faggot.

Kiyoshi’s an idiot, but he has a good heart. Stop this “h-he’s just a shit” meme.

It's Kiyoshi's fantasy version of himself when he looks in the mirror.

>Stop this “h-he’s just a shit” meme.
did you even read my post? im calling the hanafag out for turning to "he was shit anyways" because shes losing.
273 Korean

Korean scans ch273 Imgur link

>kiddos first romcom
It's like you guys really have never seen all those movies (protip: hiramoto is a hueg film nerd if you didn't notice) or read all those manga.

It's like watching The Apartment and saying Shirley MacLaine is not in love with Jack Lemmon before you watch the obvious end.

How can people be so fucking clueless?

Those threads made me realize how many incultured swines are here

That's actually a pretty good argument.
A shame about the reddit line spacing but still a good narrative argument.

I've never been on reddit in my life.

The narrative of Prison School is pretty stereotypical, what is not stereotypical are the situations that develop it.
The majority of posters nowadays are underage kids who never read a book or manga, only watched Transformers and didn't watch more than 10 anime.

>turning to shit outside of the manga
That absolute of state of Hanafags. All her character has been doing is getting consistently BTFO. How do you explain that?

>I'm retarded

She's been consistently shit on by the plot. Either Hiramoto is making her into a villain so readers start to dislike her, or he wants her to get to her lowest point to bring her up for a big win. Literally the only way she can still win is if Chiyo and Kiyoshi date, but then break up for whatever reason. Even if Chiyo rejects his confession now, it was already made clear that she has feelings for him.

>he wants her to get to her lowest point to bring her up for a big win
So you're not completely stupid, at least

Can't wait till the series ends with a Chiyo or no girl ending. It'll put you Hanafags and your meme waifu in its place.

That's a cool confession speech.

I'm a Meikofag, user. But you know what they say. Wait and see

The narrative argument if we follow the simple hollywood formula is pretty consistent with how Hiramoto has developed this
>love at first sight, perfect ideal
>another girl turns up something unlikely happens that creates an unexpected connection that's played off throughout the film
>supports the MC in his love/courting girl #1
>they go on dates prepared or spend time together or maybe there's a sudden marriage
>big twist at the end he realises he actually loves girl #2 who's been there helping him and he's gotten to know well.
I'm not saying this is acrually what's happening here just that there are similarities
my own Meiko x Kiyoshi will never happen despite my best wishes.

>All her character has been doing is getting consistently BTFO
That's the narrative. Duh.

Contrarian fags and the few Chiyofags can feel the best girl winning soon. They are literally arguing with themselves about how Hana is going to lose.

Post Hanas

But in the movies the girl is not such an ass like Hana. At this point a relationship with Kyoshi would be fucking toxic leading nowhere. Not even Chiyofag, but the better end would be teenagers learning what’s the meaning of communication and go on with their lives and not gettin involved with anyone.

Hana is a horrible person. Why people call her best girl when she is a violent, hypocrite and mean girl? Best end for her is to learn how to treat people.

there are limits to the analogy
but Kangoku Gakuen is intrinsically darker than holywood fluffy sugar coated romance. so it would be consistent that the relationship developments are more fetishist

Anyone who still thinks Hana will win has seriously lost the plot. You can try squeeze narrative formulas in your arguments as much as you want but at this point Hana has been so antagonistic and bitchy towards Kiyoshi that readers wouldn't accept any romantic feelings developing from Kiyoshi. It would just be bad writing and Hiramoto is too good for that.

>make out with Hana
>confess to Chiyo
I'm hoping for a nice boat sequence

But Hana is not pregnant. Yet.

>mfw both chiyofags and hanafags get shitted on
The manga will end with Kiyoshi and his bros attending a wet t-shirt contest.

The entire cast is full of assholes and outcast that a Seinfeld ending would suit it more than a romantic one.

>The entire cast is full of assholes
Hana is in her own league to be honest.

I want her to reject him and hana confesses to him and they piss fuck
idk man its a weird manga

Dear fellow Hana x Kiyoshi shippers, let us accept that the dream is and Ship has sunk.
Let us accept that we've lost gracefully and let the Chiyo shippers have their moment.
At least Risa got her man though

Kiyoshi is also selfish, not even a word about Andre. Shingo a shit; Gakuto proved to be a useless beta; Joe is too creepy. Kate is an obvious lesbian asshole, Marie literaly is too sperg, Meiko is too idiot and loyal; Risa seemed to be toned down, but her behavior almost reached Hana levels. How all of them can be even friends is beyond me.

Is Andre even sure about what he wants?

The Hana ship has sunk. Time to go read something else.

>The entire cast is full of assholes
Not really. Everyone is flawed in some way but almost all of the characters, except for Kate, are basically good people. Some of them pherhaps a bit misguided. Hana on the other is just a complete bitch, especially towards Kiyoshi.

Risa's happy ending is the only important ending

Andre sucks, though.


Based wet t-shirt poster.

I now ship HanaxChiyo. Kiyoshi is shit and deserves to be alone.

Hana pls go

I'd actually find it hilarious if that happened, and I usually hate /u/.


the fact that most of the action is direct panel flashbacks really removes some of the effectiveness of the scene as well


Because he's setting her up for a massive win.