Girl suddenly got cuter when she lost the bowl

>girl suddenly got cuter when she lost the bowl
Why do they do this?

>Liking a homewrecker.

Never, ever.

But I didn't post Satsuki.



She cuck herself for Nao's sake.
This chick on the other hand.

And then she got btfo too.

Watari kun something

>this girl is totally crazy and she's gonna break Watari-kun for sure
>turned out to be not so crazy after all
I fell for it again.

Wait, she turned out to like him for real?

At first she just wanted to fuck around with him but then he was being nice and shit to her, you know, the usual stuff, so she started to fall for him for real.

So cliche, but I love those kinds of girls, but they never win. I hope she doesn't give up yet though.

She mostly likely won't give up yet.

Will she be named "A-cup chan" after this?

What manga is this?

Watari-kun no ×× ga Houkai Sunzen

probably next chapter user

She is a good girl now.

Is Satsuki an actual cuck? She's gotten every opportunity to make Watari hers and fucking didn't, she just kind of appeared and didn't do anything.

Seems like I missed the intervening chapters.
It's so hard to keep up with monthly manga these days, especially those with only a small following.


She's just biding her time to deliver coup de grace once F-cup chan finally makes a blunder.