SS4 is better than god forms

Alright, here's my logic behind the claim.

>SS4 isn't even really what one would call a super saiyan form, in the sense of the last three. those are multipliers and stamina drainers, thus you feed your body stamina, and it multiplies your ki output.

>SS4 is really a form shift, not unlike Freiza's transformations(before golden), and other physical metamorphoses. It doesn't require stamina to maintain the form, but ki (If you run out, that is when it turns off)

>SSG forms [Red and blue for brevity] Require MORE stamina to stay in, and seem to be traditional multipliers, but are somewhat more flexible in ki output than Regular super saiyan forms. Rather it seems it takes more stamina to transform into the forms, but the output of the stamina is greater, and FAR easier to control, with none of the restlessness. Also Allows for kaioken.

>SS4 However is a limit breaker. What does that mean though? How is it significant? Well, lets see what else is a limit breaker... Ultimate/Mystic Gohan is a limit breaker. So, SS4 is best understood not as a 10x multiplier to ss3 (that would be retarded) But as a transformation similar in vein to what gohan went through. That is his potential being completely unlocked, and ss4 is the same.

A couple of things that make ss4 "better"

-Duration of transformation is WAY longer.

-Power level can be suppressed with form maintained

-Staying in it doesn't drain stamina
-Highest ceiling for Ki is unlocked

-SS4 has it's own "saiya power/Zenkai" that work while in that form, but don't power up base. That is what makes it a limit breaker, rather than just the limit.

-Since it is a truly physical metamorphosis, being unconscious or low on stamina/ki doesn't knock you out of form. One has to be essentially OUT.

-Tail slaps

SSG forms change the quality of the Ki, while SS4 forms turn one's physical limits into it's base.

I am a huge fanboy of both, but SS4 isn't all that special.
It may be good but the setting (GT) limited it's productivity and quality.
Regardless I like the extra attention it's been getting in Heroes and XV and I hope it somehow gets incorporated into Super some way.
(also, it's good to have a drawback/consequence to a godlike form.)

>I see you are a man of taste.

I definitely hope to see it in super, if not only for the fact that they completely canonized the legendary super saiyan form with Cale.

And so far they are doing a good job of it.

It would be cool if they changed the name of it.
Cale's LSSJ form is referred to as bōso (Berserker), and densestu in it's perfected state.

I'd like for SS4 to drop the super saiyan moniker altogether and just be called something like true Oozaru, or were-ape form.
It's already not really a super saiyan form, but an Oozaru form.

wishful thinking.


Also, the design is way cooler. I'd rather have an edgeform like that and not "Hair color change lel"

perfect example of good concept, poor design.

to expand on didn't make sense that their clothes randomly changed. i could get over the fact that it turned goku into an adult again (in this state he was stronger than the wish made by the dragon balls) but random pink fur covering half is chest, with new pants that he wasn't previously wearing takes you out of it completely.

I wanted to focus on the applications of the form over aesthetics, but yes. SS4 wins by a mile.

It looks very much like the classic renditions of sun waking and of even older Hanuman (Hindu monkey-king/Disciple of Rama)
and the Vanaras (Race of wild semi-divine monkey-humans living in the forest)

Hanuman does generally have a gold crown that "Kinda" looks like goku's head in super saiyan though.

They were kind of hulk pants if you will.

It's lazy, yes. But at the same time, either he's going to be all fur, and dangly parts everywhere, or they not worry about it, and just give him pants when he transforms.

Theoretically speaking it would have been beneficial for him to don saiyan armor, but that's a whole plot exposition that would take too long.

I like this thread.

The Sayan are a breed of human-ape warriors and SSJ4 reported the Sayan to their origins with the giant gorilla form.

GT was shit, but the Super Saiyan 4 was a good idea that deserves to be resumed in Super with no magical changes of clothes or Baby Goku that can turns into an adult in SSJ4.

The design is fine, but they have to give it a better way.

I liked the idea of them growing their tails back to reach it. It's a far better concept than "lets all hold hands and link our pure hearts" and a great anti-circumcision analogy.

but what if you get SSJ4 and then use Blue

>but what if you get SSJ4 and then use Blue

but what if after that you transform into full calvo?

Nobody can be THIS strong! It's not possible!

SSB > SSG > base GT Goku > SS3 > SS2 > SS > base Goku > building > SS4

Akira Toriyama just throw away all thing of DB and put new thing to DBZ.
He ignore saiyans tail and ape thing and more.
DBGT is too bring back old thing from DB.

Kill yourself Pedro, that doesn't make GT good or even watchable

I just mean both way are bad.

All GT and Super ended up proving was that it's not realistically possible to make a satisfying sequel to DBZ. There are so many characters that get introduced, then relegated to be geek side characters when the chips are down, you can't expect me to give a shit about any of them (except maybe Goku, Vegeta and the few major villains). Dragon Ball Super is about telling good fights instead of good stories, and doesn't even accomplish that very well.


SSJ4 is better because it simply looks cooler