Dies Irae Thread

Did Shirou die a virgin?


But they state they're not a couple, at least in the VN. I'm pretty sure they didn't fuck

Like the edgy shitlord he was, yes.

She also offered her virginity to ren.
She jokes around sometimes but shes serious with the stupidest shit almost all the time.

does blue hair get raped

>We're this far in already
Seriously though they are flying through the VN so far.
The anime is pretty much done with the common route in 5 episodes and there is still 12 more episodes left.

Maybe they want to add Pantheon's info in this anime so as original scenes. So they rush everything.

Reminder that some horrible person did this.

She also try to sexually harassment ren all the time if you get to be friends with her "in kei route"

No matter how you look at her, Elie is basically female version of Ren they look so much alike

It shows Shirou's taste .......

I want to fuck Marie


Marie bed scene today?


>Erectile dysfunction

They are only a couple in the way that they have similar perspectives and goals, romance takes an afterthought to that.
They sleep together naked but it's strongly implied that nothing sexual ever happened between them, they are simply not really interested in it with the way their relationship works


>That face


>they are simply not really interested in it
It's not that Shirou isn't interested, he just can't, like every other Observer.


I watched EP00-EP04 and I don't know what the fuck is going on?

The adaptation is bad, that's what's going on. Read the VN

After you read the VN and watch the anime, you would get the full FOREKNOWLEDGE experience.

So who does Shirou love the most ?

>letting the thread die right before the episode


>giant fucking holes in the lungs
>able to breathe, let alone smoke

His boyfriend

He's dead, Jim

Meh drawing. Shirou looks too anorexic, far cry from the perfect human from the VN.

Would Gilgamesh face Ren, Reinhard, or Mercurius seriously?

He is so outclassed it isn't even funny

People die if they are killed.

He would go seriously against all three. Would still job though.

Machina disagrees.

Not in Reinhard's Law

He probably wouldn't even be able to beat pre-Hadou Reinhard.

Her, he loves her so much he's keikakuing the demise of Gods since an eternity.

Why does his gf look like a female version of Ren?

But a sensory isn't the same as the Hadou. Except for Mercurius. Also, Throne is so retarded that he just keeps killing gods instead of having one o revive his lover.

And the only time he succeeded in overthrowing a God, he almost destroyed himself and all existance. This is why you shouldn't think with your dick.

Naraka isn't actually killing anyone, his intent is just to preserve part of the Nigenron's original law as a sign of his devotion.

Almost time

5 mins

get in here niggas

Do girls like Ellie even exist in real life?


CHinko ga hoshii

The French Revolution dindu nuffin!




woah careful with that edge




what's going on in this thre

>Marie mimicking Kasumi



>testing her breasts
He did the right thing

>Marie made a poke face like Kasumi.
Oh shit.

I totally forgot about DST and how that means DI airs at 11 instead of 12 here now.


DI anime is saved



>not smoking

>Bey's dumb look when Shirou shows up.

You're just retarded





Man they just outright showed the chains

He would lose against Eleonore


It's kinda hard to imagine that such a soft looking guy has a Hajun-tier of fucked up law.

SoL addiction is a hell of a drug.
Most user probably wish the same

but the chapter ends before reaching the best part

If you haven't read the VN you won't really know what they mean anyway.

Master Therion would solo this multiverse.

I know, just saying



Mane too short


The hair could use some work, but otherwise, I like it.

not fabulous enough!


Longer would make the statue unable to stand.

They just keep making it worse

Hope they release some merchandise.
I want a Marie figure at least.

True. Reinhard is truly too good for figures


Blame nip laws. They can't show underage characters smoking or drinking alcohol on TV (that's why you get so many retarded "I'm drunk off the environment" or other kind of silly excuses to show minors drunk from not alcoholic drinks. And why Jotaro's smoking was censored in Stardust Crusaders' TV airing)


Nice, just what I was going to ask about.


>Male figures