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I'm ready for this arc to end.

Now we wait till morning for the scanlation for context, and for hxhfags to shitpost endlessly.

Eri needs to be put down, she's too dangerous.

Is this arc finally over?

Translating this because why the fuck not.

>... It's taking too long.
>As if.
>There's no way you'd lose... Kai.
>I've always watched as you, in order to protect the dignity of the organization,
>from when you were young,
>spared no effort. To the point it was abnormal.
>In the case Kai's been defeated
>Then at the very least I need to secure the complete product and antidote...
>I don't have the leisure to be babysitting this guy.
>For the organization
>For Kai!

How did Eraserhead get rescued?

Lets wait and see right now nigga.

>You're Kurono, right? I dare you to move. We already know your activation conditions.
>It's the police!!
>Resistance is futile!
>Senpai!! I'm so glad, Is Lemillion okay!?
>Miss Froggy, what about over there!?
>Deku-chan is...! Come follow me!

read the manga


>Miss Froggy
Fuck thats cute! Is that just liberal translation?

>Eri-chan... are you alright? I'm sorry, I can't do more for you...

>Eri-chan's "quirk" is
>Getting even stronger!!

Literal translation would be "croaky croaky-san" I'm assuming it was "Gerogero-san" in Japanese.

Close enough.

>Was it because they called you a "damn villain" after seeing our family
>that you fought?
>We Gokudo are not to lay our hands on the common folk....
>We musn't, however...
>For trying to protect our family's face
>Thank you.

You're doing gods work, user! Thank you!

That’s even cuter


How is he still alive after getting a 100% punch to the face?

I want Overhaul to be redeemed, and become the new UA nurse.

>What's the situation!?
>Knighteye is in the back and all nearby civilians have been told to take refuge. Chisaki is being held back by Deku-kun!
>But! His condition is strange!!
>I don't want this! This person will die!!
>(Chisaki's voice) You are a cursed existence.
>(back to Eri) Stop!!

Gods work user, thank you

>After Deku-kun took Chisaki down with his super strength
>He started looking as if he's in pain!
>I'm sorry Midoriya!
>I'm going to take a look.

>Deku actually comes out unharmed and the hero


Why is he saying sorry here?

best timeline

>Technically kept his promise of not getting hurt so much anymore to All Might
>Even though he was literally killing himself

Probably sorry that he's late. Also if he looked at Deku and erased OfA, Deku would be rewinded out of existence.

>Make sure there aren't any victims! Call for rescue vehicles where you can!
>Members of the League of Villains may be in the area. Find them!

Probably has to do with knocking out Eri.

>A fever after collapsing, is it.
>In any case, we'll take her to the hospital. You too.

Nejire is useless!

>piercing his arm like it's nobody's business
Sun Eater's pretty based.

So Eri's power was going so berserk that Overhaul got his human combination technique wiped out just reaching out to her?

How did Deku not get knocked out of existence?

I wish this ac would have ended with Deku running away with Eri ebcaue she's obviously dangerous and even siding with villains for a bit.
But nope.

Because Deku is the main character and Overhaul is a minor villain

>A different future from the future I saw
>I don't know for what reason, but this kid...
>brought my "hope"
>to reality.
>You bent
>The future

>missing an arm
Nighteye is fucked up.

Fuck this desu

I really want to see Deku suffering some sort of damage from this.

I dont mean physical, but mental damage.

He just hit genuine 100% for the first time now excluding the time he busted his arm, or that 1000000%, there has got to be some "successor" events that have to happen, right? Like seeing the visions of some previous holders or something.

A bit anticlimatic to just get off with no direction, disregarding consequences.

>Eri... get off him

No, Deku puched him so hard that his human combination technique got wiped out

Way to go Ochako

Look at that face. That face has soon some shit. His smile, and optimism, gone niggas.

Deku is pretty liberal with his power descriptions. His "1000000%" punch on the muscle dude is a good example.

The first time Deku could use OFA without obliterating his arm was when he used it against a person too. They weren't sure why, but All Might figured that Deku unconsciously knows to hold back in order not to kill someone.

oh god, i can't wait for hxh to come back next month

Thanks user

Yea, man totally, then we would have had a cool arc where Deku becomes truly ambivalent towards good and evil and establishes himself as the true successor to Stain. It's about time this manga started getting really dark.

Lmao fuck that, happy ending best ending.

>I couldn't say it before but!
>Almight! He said he'll live!
>Because he was ashamed to see you...!
>So definitely meet him!
>Meet him... again!
>So... Stay strong!!
>The battle to save one young girl
>There are so many injured
>so it's not a situation to just be happy about but...

How is this possible though?
So Nighteye's vision can be changed if you punch hard enough?
So AM won't die?

>Thank you.
>Rescue complete!

>oh god, i can't wait for hxh to come back next month
Nigga I laughed.

I thought the arc was "okay", but I really think Nighteyes prophecy was the reason why this arc felt so anticlimatic

There was absolutely no way Midoriya would die, yet he made a prophecy about it
It is like spoiling the ending that "yeah, midoriya TOTALLY will die!"

Felt like all stakes were gone, at that point.

>happy ending best ending
Not in this case, the whole arc has been a waste of time in general and, as usual, no lasting consequences. Eri probably fixed his arms too.

Why do you want more asspulls? Wasn't that enough?

cool, Chisaki without mask

Really like facial expression like this.

Poor Fatgum, he didn’t want his boys hurt so bad

>11 members of the Hassaikai group are in the middle of being transferred.
>All injured.
>They are enroute to the Takodana Villains' Hospital.
>We've already confiscated all their possessions including the sample bullets.
>The presence of an unreportec apsule has been confirmed...
>What is that...?
>You know, chess...
>Is won just by taking the king, right?
>It's not really that simple.
>Yeah, we're here as asked. Uh huh, yeah, good job you two!


>Shonen protag
>not defying the odds

Nigga, is this your first rodeo?

Thank you nigga.

>stabbing him right through the wrist without hesitation
Sun Eater's the best hero this arc, right?

Thanks bruh

Thank you user

No, I am just calling Nighteye a fake.

>Literally Asspulls: the Arc
I hoped this would happen late into the series. It can only go downhill from here.

So Eri is safe but the League of Villains is obtaining quirk removal bullets and antidote.
I guess Mirio won't get his quirk back, at least immediately.

No, Overhaul got reverted precisely when he touched the aura around Deku and Eri.

I think Deku didn't get wiped out of existence because of OFA. I think Eri might have been grinding through all the stockpiled power/time of the quirk and so Deku was able to survive.

We might get a severely weakened version of OFA after this arc. I mean, he can probably still hit 50% or something, but 100% is gone.


Such as? Nighteye is probably wheelchair bound and Mirio is fucking maimed. Shiggy's most likely gonna bust Overhaul out and add him to the roster for healing. Like, I keep seeing people say they want consequences but they never fucking explain themselves.

This is one of the few times Deku has had a straight-up win, let him have it.

This was another arc about heroes splitting up and each facing a different villain but for some reason it just didn't feel "spectacular" enough. Why exactly didn't?

Kirishima took devastating consecutive blows to his rock skin. Sun Eater is not the only nigga to lay down his life.

Yeah, a lot of people were expecting the heroes to basically abuse Eri's powers and reverse all the damage, but that's simply not going to happen. Her power's too dangerous and too unstable.

so what's next for eri now

l guess she'll want to become a hero, does ua have an elementary school

SW reference again!

Thank you man. Now it's time to speculate about what is inside the "unreported capsule" (if translation is spot on). I bet on some sort of drug that enables to mix quirks

Hori's best strength imho, is writing these kinds of characters in shonen instead of just giving them an OP quirk to begin with.

He was keeping himself from getting erased by continually injuring himself through OfA so that Eri's power was reverting the changes to his body through the neverending injuries instead of reversing his existence.

So I guess antidote rescue arc for returning Mirio's quirk is the next arc.

Jesus this chapter wrapped up everything so fucking fast, almost feels like it doesn't belong in the arc the pacing was so efficient

let me guess, there is some speech, then some about revenge, and shiggy gives him the bad touch

Because it was showing the more job related aspect of the hero business as opposed to the HOLY SHIT villains are ambushing us and we have to fight for our lives side that we're used to.

Everything was planned and all the characters knew what they were getting into instead of shit happening out of nowhere.

Because those were disposable villains, only there to stall and not really expected to win

Hori could have set them up like "Holy shit the Eight Precepts, some of the most brutal villains joining together to reform the Yakuza" but it was more like "So these guys are here throwing their lives away just for the boss to escape cause everything gets fucked up if the heroes catch up"

Really, the villains were the true underdogs.

>big 3
>the women jobs

kek, based hori

It's probably the antidote. The heroes don't know about the antidote.

How is that a "strength"?

He got the loli, all that matters

Thank you so much, user!

Series ends with her enrolling into UA and Deku being there as a teacher? I mean it doesn't actually end with that as a focus, it's just going to be there.

Why didn't the other 5 precepts ever make an appearance?

>risking lives to selfishly return a heroes' quirk after risking his life already to save someone else
Nigga, you dumb or just shitposting? I'll just go with the later.

we had 5 breaks and the final fight itself was long enough. So it instead it felt like a chore for us weekly. It's possible binge readers will enjoy it more.

u r dum

And she's what? 6-10? Legally she would never be allowed to use her quirk for this kind of work. Let alone the fact that it can easily kill due to her lack of control.

I definitely see Eri returning as a white mage for the group later in the series. It's way too powerful at this stage of the game but by the finale they'll need someone like that, and Recovery Girl isn't going to join our young protagonists.

But that won't happen until like, year three or a timeskip so Eri can age up a bit more and gain control of her quirk. She's definitely being written out for the time being, probably to train it after this experience.

I don't know why anyone expected the damage to Mirio to be undone immediately though, even with the existence of the antidote. He's the tragedy of this arc and his story was blatantly written around losing his quirk. If anyone should have lasting effects from this it's him.

>I skipped chapters

no u

I think the characters themselves were weak. All the new heros introduced, save Mirio and Suneater, felt like just floating around the perimeter.

Overhauls entire motivation was extremely weak.

Nighteye's """100% accuracy prophecy"""" was a kicker too.