Mazin Girls

New trailer for Mazinger Z Infinity.

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>implying Sup Forums will ever watch mazinger

They might expand their horizon. Better no reply than the constant shitposting on /m/

The designs are nice, but I don't know how to feel about the CG.

at least /m/ appreciate mazinger

It's Toei. They have no talented 2d mecha animators. Better go 3d especially for the action.

>at least /m/ appreciate mazinger
Nope.They only like Gendum.

>watching the anime equivalent of a hollywood remake

It's a sequel, not a remake.

It was a nice movie
The fights were really cool

Cool. Now I want to see it. I don't live in Italy or France though.

>Lure me in with big boobs
>It's mecha garbage
I hate this board sometimes...

Mazinger is the original mecha series. Blame Gundam and Evangelion for capitalising on it, don't blame Mazinger for being original.


Yeah, its been alot shittier ever since you showed up

Literal PLUGsuit with Mazingirls when?

Is the original 70s series actually worth watching? I liked Shin Mazinger

Some episodes are pretty good, but the movies are more worth watching (Mazinger Z vs Ankoku Daishogun) if you don't want 92 episodes of Mazinger beating the crap out of Kikaiju.

Also try Mazinkaiser and Mazinkaiser SKL.






Fuck this where's SKL, where's Zero's anime, where's Shin Great, where's the new Gattah

A sequel of the original Mazinger series is the one thing I never asked for.

This movie utilises parallel world elements, aka ZERO.


The new giant Mazinger antagonist from the movie is pretty much NOT-Zero.

oh hey, Juns preggo

>Implying Mecha and Boobies don't go hand in hand

Nigga you gonna get roboobs

I don't want this to be the end of Mazinger, I want a sequel to Shin Mazinger Z.


>I don't want this to be the end of Mazinger,
It will only be the end of Toei Mazinger.

Dr. Morimori still dead after all these years


But I'm from /m/ and I like Mazinger. For real /m/ actually introduced me to that and Getter. I'm not sure why there are so many contrarians around nowadays, but at least with /m/ I can learn about and try the stuff for myself easily.

It may as well not exist on Sup Forums.

Sayaka is such a fucking semen demon, new Mazinger is always welcome, I need more of her.


Perfect VA for an annoying cunt.

The superior Morimori

>tfw Tetsuya is Kouji's uncle in Shin Mazinger continuity
It's kinda unfortunate that SRW V would probably the only time where we would see Shin Tetsuya in action. I kinda want to see the Dynamic between Uncle Tetsuya and Nephew Kouji

Unless they make an OVA about him of course.

>Mazinger looks this damn good
>meanwhile Devilman got the short end of the stick

The monkeys paw is real.

Devilman just looks Yuasa.

This wont be screened in mexico or monterrey, aint it?

Goddammit, we liked mazinger here too! I dont want to wait god knows what for the home release!

Nope. Only Japan and Spain planned next.


waddup just came in here to say this image pumps blood into my penis k thx bye

what the fuck?
does the artist of akumetsu work on this?

Why do they all pilot Diana As?

I was actually a little surprised they had screening in Italy. Here Mazinger isn’t particularly more important than other robots. The one that is important is Goldrake/Grendizer (which are technically the same universe, but not as close as Z and Great, or other series that are sequels of each others)
I suppose that goes to show how much big anime in general is in Italy

Why are that robots and not cute girls?

Why this shit is so popular in mexico?

Yes, but pace yourself

Because it looks cool, and it's Go Nagai.


Koji looks like a stoner in that pic.