Has any anime character ever made you strive to become a better person?

Has any anime character ever made you strive to become a better person?

Kamina from gurren lagann
Yang Wenli from LOTGH
Okazaki Tomoya from Clannad

If you were striving to be a better person you wouldn't be on Sup Forums at 4 in the morning.

This madman..

No, because that's some gay shit. Do you also strive to become a better person after watching a movie or reading a book?

Emiya Shirou

I mean, yeah,
you should always strive to be a better person?

Long story short, I had been dealing with depression for several years, but always in denial. Always saying it wasn't me, it was everyone else's fault. Until I watched Eva and realized just how much like Shinji I was.
It hurt to see so much of myself in him, but it forced me to recognize I was the issue and, from there, I was able to make the climb out of depression.
Ever since then, I can't help but love little Shinji. Even if no one else except Kaworu ever does.

definitely this guy

I know it will sound ironic, but goku, it made me start training long ago
Also, a lot of other characters that made me feel like I am too weak to protect what I want to protect such as inuyashiki and etc

Tl;dr characters who made me feel weak made me strive to get stronger, hardworkers to achieve too

It's 11;30 friday here

Who's that chad?

Don't worry user, Shinji is my favorite character too. Can't explain why though, I don't even sympathize with him that much nor am I a fujo.


But a certain manga character has

Decent bait


81 Diver. This specific scene, I suppose it taught me to be tenacious and it fit in with my natural tendencies. I don't start many things, but if I do, seldom will I give it up, for me it's either I win or I die trying. I've seen a lot of my friends go to the gym, and then stop from injuries or they just can't be bothered, they start a game and then stop halfway, they compete in a competition and never aim for the top.
If I do something I'm going all the way or I don't bother

Soma-kun. Confront your mistakes and strive for improvement. You have no one to blame for your shortcomings but yourself. Apply what you learn and you can stand with the best.

>Jonathan Joestar


If this is a serious response what did he make you wabt to improve?


Every FKMT MC is inspiring. Except Zero because he's just a nice guy who went to Hawaii with a tranny and a yakuza.

This gag character got me to work out every single day.
Feels good.
Also pic related. Never stop learning/improving.



Ballroom e Youkoso's Sengoku made me stop slouching

even if it doesn't get me bitches it's still healthy on my spine


Okay, where?

Kaleido Star was 51 episodes of "never give up on your dreams", and I still haven't to this day.


I'm glad you're doing better user

Apparently her VA has had a lot of people say to her over the years that Usagi did this to them. She refers to it as "a piece of the silver crystal getting stuck inside others."

I finally started drawing at least two hours a day so I guess these two helped me

He made me want to kill all the ningen.

Kamina and Jonathan Joestar.

Not an improvement

It's an improvement for the world, thus I am helping the world and being a better person.

this guy is the quintessence of human relationships


Must've had a hard life

If he can make it, we all can make it.

close but not him

i had
but for a whilde discovering his character motivated me

But Miura fucked this up

Golden Age + Lost Children Guts for me.


This might sound pretentious and gay as fuck, but I think it's because of Rurouni Kenshin, that I respect all life and won't even pick flowers / swat flies anymore.
Well, not unless it's a mosquito, fuck mosquitos