How is the Nep anime?

How is the Nep anime?

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>sexualize the little girl form
>not the sexy HDD form


Why not


Do we really need a nep thread everyday now?
And the anime is meh, could have been better.

Is it imperitive to play the original trilogy to get into the other seemingly more fun side games? I only watched the anime and I hear the first game is dogshit

Play the rebirths, they were improved as far as I know. Never played the original games.

>I hear the first game is dogshit
It is, play rebirth 1 instead.

Sex with Neptune

It's pretty good. God tier ED

it's alright, very abridged version of MK2 and V but it's alright, certainly better than some other anime adaptations of games

This games seems fun, but no playable Iffy. Fuck

>Do we really need a nep thread everyday now?
Is it every day? I don't visit Sup Forums too often to see them

I'm exaggerating a little, but this is the 3rd I see this week.

I hope your right. Going to start Rebirth 1. Was the story shit too?

It's good except for Peachy drama.

It was handled better than the game
>lol our child is missing? WHO CARES XD

I remember it being mediocre at worst and all right at best but don't quote me on that. HDN1's problem was more the gameplay was slow, so it padded out the game.

A lot of fun. It has a fantastic ED.

Neptune exists for sexualizing

Excuse me?

you read that correctly, Neptune is for lewd

I can see a nipple and Neptune doesn't have those

who says she doesn't? And thanks, I didnt notice the nipple

None of the goddesses have nipples

I thought all anime adaption of games will be a piece of giant shit. I was wrong.

I want David Production to take a break from Jojo and do a season 2 of Nep. I would love to see a 2D animated Uzume.

I want to see Steamax's ultimate technique animated.

Threadly pray to Uzume for VII anime

>Slutty Purple Heart animated
Holy shit I need

I like this image