Kekkai Sensen

just why?

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What were you expecting? Shit tons of fans of the anime are girls.

I just wish they didn't have to have that goddamned ikemen shirt for fanservice.

>Fujos pls come back ;_;

>leo is perfect dick sucking height.

just realize how short leo is


why the hell they only lewd the guys (dont get me wrong tho, stephen is hot af) and not the girls.

>try to appeal to fujoshits
>censor nipples

Where's Steven's nipples? Was sacrificing them the price for his power?

>perfect dick sucking height
>too tall to reach dick without bending over at an uncomfortable angle
>too short to reach it while on his knees
That's the worst possible dick sucking height.

Now we just need one with the girls
>Chain and K.K. sliding on pantyhose

Where's my fish?

>implying fujoshits care about nipples
Notice that the only manga/anime that consistently give men nipples are seinen series.

This is no different than giving girls fanservicey posters, what's weird about that? The show has cute male characters that attract women and fujoshits.

B-but nipples are lewd

>lewd Steven armpit
>Klaus has a fucking undershirt
Nothing's perfect

Fujoshi have no standards.

Anime is for lewd

>show with cute boys
>not expecting some fanservice

Why not?

Why is the middle guy so small?

Every show needs a midget so nips can relate.

I wonder how they decided on how much skin each character should be showing. Leo gets a suggestive glimpse of tummy but Klaus is completely covered up?

is he small, or are the other characters just freakishly tall?

He's 161cm according to the fan book