Just Because

Be honest. She's not gonna suffer, right?

She's gonna win.

can't win something that's already lost

The more think about the show, the more I think that this will end in a "maybe-ever-after" kind of ending, which can mean that Ena can win

I like this show

This guy really

came to this thread to laugh at you.

Look at your own video



I love her smile

It can't be helped.
Worst girl is going to win using Eita as a rebound just because she is the designated main character. Such an undeserved victory.

>romantic plot armour

Oh god no


in between taking pictures of their sexy club president, the trainbros managed to snag some amazing pictures of trains and human transportation in action which ends up winning an award from the transit authority. camera-chan then realizes that they were truly were her guys all along and proceeds to celebrate their club scraping by another year without being dissolved or consolidated due to administration pressure, followed promptly by turning her cunning thoughts towards how to expand the club next year.

>Eita get
Pick one.

Can we agree that the OP is a contender for OPOTS?

Well, she did say that she sucks.
In all seriousness though, comparing almost anything to Kyoani quality-wise is hardly fair.

I love it, but there are many good OPs these season. I'd say the ED is EDOTS though

Sounds like any other Yanaginagi OP, ED is better

I want to protect this smile.

There has never been a side character that I like, that has won, since Shuffle.

I hope this show changes it.

Did Sentai fuck up any translations this episode?

Kaede isn't he designated main heroine and Asa isn't a side character.

Trumpet and Justbro are fine now right ?

I love her and I want to be her boyfriend so bad. She would brighten up every day and even my worst day would be better if she were around to cheer me up.

They're still a terrible match though.

Does this show get any better past episode 3? I dropped it due to it seeming to boring

Pretty sure his point was asa won despite not being the first main heroine.

It's still about the same, maybe it's just not for you.

the spirit of blazing bat lives inside him, as it lives inside all baseball players, and trumpet has witnessed it and is being inspired by it. he shines like a beacon in the darkness lighting the way for all the confused teenagers justing around.

Just best boy, camera best girl.

I can't stand it Sup Forums.
She is just too good.

We need a Christmas miracle for this one

I love poorfag but you can't reject him twice, YOU JUST CAN'T.

By the end of the show this smile will be gone.

The whole eraser scene made no sense and was unironically cringy, it suddenly felt as if some aliens were trying to do a play on human interactions.

She is not poor, is she? I mean, she lives in huge fucking mansion and her family is able to make her stay by herself when she graduates and goes to other city for university.
Or you just meant JUST.

She is destined to become a christmas cake miracle.

I love camera, but why is she just such a best? What is her appeal, I personally love her smile and aspects of her personality.
>Wants to protect her club for unknown reason
>rides cool scooter
>Nice body

>it suddenly felt as if some aliens were trying to do a play on human interactions

Fucking nailed it. I thought she will actually confess or ask if they can talk in private. I was so confused when it ended with her returning eraser.

i love her smile and her genki personality
also every other girl is boring in comparison

Something seems off.

>to intelligent too get a girlfriend

She already won my heart.

doesn't matter /ourguy/ is winning

Autistic japanese screaming strikes again!
Do japanese really do that IRL? Or is it just some wishful fantasy turned cliche, since their whole society is supposed to be overly reserved?

Yes, the other girls pale in comparison, she is the only one I would enjoy the company of.

You answered your own question m8

So pic related is happening next episode, right? Since episode ended in nighttime, with both of them on her moped.

>to smart to respond to messages

Is this a deconstruction of harem? 3 girls lusting for an unlikeable secondary character that have eyes for only 1 of them, meanwhile the mc slowly develop a serious and forever lasting relationship with a girl that's way better than his first love interest?

I beg of you sakuraso dude, don't make it into
>i suddenly realized i actually liked you all along!
This reaction feels so unearned when she was only treating him as a close friend that knew she liked another guy all this time.
At least we still have another half of the cour, so they can develop their relationship yet.

Kaichou is going to get Eita on the rebound.
You should be used with nips romance by now. Best girl never win.

>best girl will lose once again

Is that really illegal?

Is it happening in flashback, he looks kinda younger here, but he also has the same sweater and jacket as now.

Is it not illiegal were you live to film or photo people with out their permission, sounds like something that should be obvious.

Not in the USA

It just started to snow this episode so it's probably some episodes ahead of now. He only looks younger because the art is very inconsistent.

In Japland they are very sensitive about this. You'll notice on their TV they often have faces of all bystanders blurred out.

No, journalism is still legal here.

What kind of pics do you think her clubmates have of her?

Well I'm glad live in a place which respect my privacy then.

This. I hope I get proven wrong but track record says otherwise.

Its not fair bros, its not fair that she wont win while the boring ass Natsume will.

>finally got over her crush of 3years
>jump straight to the next nearest boy that she see and try to steal her kouhai boy
Just how thirsty is this slut?

You live in a shitty country.

Far away pics, failed upskirts and one group shot with them hover handing her.

Why if they SPRAYED her and took some pictures of her naked?

He was her beta orbiter first.


I want photos of her butthole in HD.

No, she wont. Sleepy will fuck kaichou.

Why is sleepy so mean Sup Forums?

it well be very rude if she go tell the freind who know she was in love with his best friend for 4 years that she love him now
but sakuraso is shit worest girl win from the start

What kind of dictatorship do you live in where it's illegal to photograph in public areas?

I wanna fluff her hair

It's not illegal if you do it in a public place over here. I thought that scene was strange, but even if the old man is complaining to a cop it doesn't mean she did anything illegal. Also harassment is still illegal so it depends on how you spin the story.

Blend S, SSR is also good

>living in a country where your basic human rights aren't protected

being honest to the point of being mean is the only unique point about his character

He's probably one of those people who throws tantrums in public and threatens legal action without actually knowing the law.

>How come?
But why?

Genuinely curious what country you live in.

I would definetly feel like it would be harrasment to photo people without any regard for them.

>not gembutts

She looks like a poor puppy

The ED is better.

Yes, the ED is also EDOTS.

People were shitposting about True Tears in a previous thread so I figure I should correct something. The tragedy of True Tears wasn't just a loss, it was that the MC confessed his love, was in a relationship, and then backed out and switched targets at the end of the series.

First world country.

>I want photos of her butthole in HD.
Gaping asshole with cum flowing out is one of the most exquisite things you can photo.

Too scared to say because you live in an actual dictatorship or because you looked it up and you were wrong?

If they were getting in your face or stalking you, sure, but if they're just taking pictures of people passing by in public you'd have to be a little bitch to feel harassed.

I really hope they won't pull that trick again. Main heroines can not win just because Wait..
Oh, shit.. they are the main heroines

This relationship can't last it's way to early in the season to already have an almost established realtionship. Will the next 6 episodes just be about the Eita/Mio/Ena love triangle?

there is no love triangle

>the absolute state of this thread
disgusting. you guys yearn for this childish autistic bimbo and go against natsume for no reason at all.

what's camera got going for her? she's an annoying piece of shit, going about stomping everything not listening to anyone, not talking about her actual feelings to people who might help her.
>b-but "i like you"
she literally knows shit all about eita

anyway, strawberry is an actual person, a developing character, has a nice rapport with sleepy, and has a good circle of friends. camera's friends are a bunch of pervs.

tl;dr camera is fan service, strawberry is best


Why do I love this show so much?

better ending than Mio winning