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>Suika throws Kinrou her helmet in the middle of battle and he puts it on to overcome his weakness

so Kinrou is going to be disqualified because he won thaks to Suika's interference, right?
Then we'll get Chrome defeating Magma again


>He even delivered a cool monologue while wearing the hat
Huh, this is the first time i get something right desu. Also what said.







I thought the mask looked really cool.



>Everyone beats Magma, but he keeps rulesharking his way to technical victories


Nice, the author didn't wasting time with Suika missing and Kinrou eyesight



nobody cares about him, until he put on the mask... ?

Go back to Sup Forums.





So who's gonna go tell the slut to stop looking for the loli ?


>has a shield, doesn't use it
>wears some stone age version of high heels during a battle
>the fucking width of the eye holes changes from 15cm to 3cm by the flip of a page
Other than looking cool this is some totally useless shit.

>A motivated and juiced Chrome vs a beaten and weary Magma
Sounds like a fair fight.


Where does the eye whole change exactly?

>that torch


No one. That's the joke. She'll lose her battle because she will not have come back.


Kek I love Senkuu


Yeah Mangastream wins in translation this time round.

>Jaiminis's version:
>Senku: It's too bad the lenses I made for Suika, don't suit him in the slightest, eh?
>Chrome: Nah they're super cool! Way cooler than not having them, at least!
>Mangastream's version:
>Senku: Those lenses were ground for Suika! They're probably not an exact match for him...
>Chrome: But they're waaaaay better than nothing!
So which is more accurate?

Didn't we all?

well, you can put the blame partly on perspective. It's not that important anyways


Yeah, what bugs me more is the fact that he has a shield but doesn't use it. It's unnecessary balast if he doesn't use it anyway so why take it with him?

MS seems more logical.

Did they said that it was a ceremonial shield?

Dunno what they said about it, but a shield's purpose is to defend so he should use it that way. Maybe he will use it later against Magma's axe, who knows.

How old is Suika?

To an extent it is true. Every situation is different though, it may be that the shield is not adaptated in all circumstances, especially not every opponent. Maybe facing one adversary with a "short" weapon means he can afford to keep his distance with his spear, so he better grab it with two hands and take steps back if needed

I thought he just wore that shield as a decoration and you were only allowed to fight with sticks in the match.

Fucking hell mantle could you get any more pathetic?

I would love it if this tournament would be decided after its first fight. It's a Jump series so I doubt it will though.

I think it looks pretty decent
Cheers to those who predicted this

Kinrou will be disqualified for gettong "external help".

I fucking love this page

Suika is really cute

And so Suika Rider Ginrou was born

>>has a shield, doesn't use it
In this kind of battle he nees both his hands, using a shield would not add much and maybe even makes things worse for him.
>>wears some stone age version of high heels during a battle
Those are clearly based on those traditinal woodem sandals nips used.
>>the fucking width of the eye holes changes from 15cm to 3cm by the flip of a page
He is Stone Spider-man now.

>Suika Rider

Not old enough, creep

Magma is going to demand the helmet since it's a super item that let Kin win. Of course it's just going to make his eyes shit and easy to beat

give me the raw and I'll tell you

Something's up, they just can't make magma lose in round 1. That would remove any tension, will the next chapter just cover the rest of the tournameng quickly?

I wish he'd just lose in round one, and then have roided up Gin turn heel.

>Village leader counts it as a DQ because Kinrou cheated with external help
>Magma continues on to round 2, but now tired and unfocused due to losing in round 1

Holy shit, please let this happen.

It's obvious he's gonna get disqualified for using "Sorcery"

This will probably happen in the next round And then Magma loses but his opponent is disqualified due to collabrating with Kinrou to cast sorcery on Magma to lose

This will all just lead to Chrome somehow winning.

No shit. They are many subplots clearly leading to it.

That should be pretty much confirmed.

And first to die.

Calling it.

>magma show he has some wits
Yeah this is going to happen


So are Magma and Mantle supposed to be like Gaston and that fat guy who probably homolusts after him?

>Magma's so exhausted by the final round that Chrome actually beats him, Best End achieved

It's just the typical alpha + beta orbiter male pair, not a reference to anything in particular.

Chrome is actually Magma's next fight.

Ginrou will win this!

>he really used suika's glasses
Well, we saw it coming, but was expecting something else.

how can he catch the helmet mid air when he cant see shit?

hey! it's gorilla not slut

will report you stupido indon, you will get JAILED for memeing papa baik


10/10 second best gag of 2017

Well, the translation says that direct attacks are forbidden, and that was not a direct attack, so who knows.

The translation says "direct interference", not just "attacks"

What's the first.

Was the Pantsu shot really necessary?

She is probably the single girl that uses pantsu, so, yes. Also, it looks more like shorts.

Not that user, but for me it'd have to be Dana in the latest UQ Holder chapter desu.

Those are clearly bloomers.

The next fight is Chrome vs Magma's underling, right?

>Tfw fun

They're shorts.

Based old man, he's my favourite

that hand grab thing was great

That's unironicaly a kino design.

Back when the first chapter was released, I didn't think the manga would turn out to be this entertaining. Looking forward to SCIENCE each week now.

I'm on the same boat, while i do understand that he had to separate the initial group i'm willing to be that the next time we see Taiju and his GF they will have kids already. To compensate being kicked off the manga ayy

It'll be interesting to see how the entertainment value will go when we go back to the plot with the murder asshole who wants to kill all adults.

The manga took a considerable fun upgrade, once Senku was separated and met the village people. I hope the writer can keep the current vibe going, even when we go back to the initial story.