Season 3 will be like this


>no hamazura


Is Touma aware of the girls' feelings for him but pretends to be oblivious or he's just dense?

Misaka looks cute.

WORST and Othinus. I'd rather Umidori over Worst though.

He doesn't know

Reminder that Touma and Othinus are the patrician ship.

Has anyone here managed to get Misha? If so, is she good?

I agree with you, but there was no need to state the obvious.

who has best ass

This is the first time a 10 roll has failed me I didn't get her. I got literally 9 frogs

Of course there was a "need" for it. He's trying to stir shit up. Shipshit is the easiest way to do it because shippers are brain dead

Fukou da.
I'm still stuck with 2 starting characters.

Good taste but lets not derail by stirring the pot now.

I can't imagine it's fun to watch shipfags throw shit at each other.

Heaven forbid he just think it's a good ship

>perfect blend of cute and sexy
>fun personality
>a fucking necromancer
Estelle is truly the best.

>A Jew

>A jew is one of the best girls in the series
Really fires up my neurons.

Even Houtou is better

>too good for the story she's in

Is she woring Body paint instead of clothes?

Worst blonde

I'm retarded. How do I do Boss Rush?

Wait until you're high enough level, it will tell you

I'm 24 atm. At which level does it become available?

SoLshit ruined Ingun.

Fuck if I remember, but one of the quests literally walks you through it, don't worry about when it'll happen

She was wasted in the Accel manga. I'm glad that Idol let her stand out. Hopefully she'll get a debut in one of the other Kamachi works at some point.

I'm in the middle of Vol 4. I hope I won't have to wait long.


Muh, I think She was German

When you have this thing.



post kkk reference

Good luck casting a shadow on the sun

top kek

Broke all my chuuni measures, literally DB-tier power creep
This is why I like railgun a lot more.

She is surely an ashkenazi Jews.

>What is a rock paper scissors power scale

at least She not wearing that damn short

>mikoto is a loli character now



You can be both

Looks too young.

Touma wont save someone if not a cute girl

Touma does what he wants, when he wants. All his moralfag speeches are just there to justify his selfishness.

He saved Fiamma.



>i don't know what a loli is
>too young to be 14yo
>being this retarded

Anna Sprengel when?

This is a perfect mikoto.


What did he mean by this?

post autism



Cuckine mays be full of shit, but he is far from being an autist.

this one

>makes beetles when he could create fucking dinosaurs

>Fremea should have subbed her in OT 15

>tfw reading delta squad scene
>tfw no shit like this anymore

>post autism

I'm reading city invasion right now but I kind of want to wait with continuing until the anime aired so I can watch it blind. Is the Heavy Object LN any good so I can read that in the meantime?

It is but HO is a bit slow at the start but it picks up around the 3rd volume.

Heavy Object is great. Quenser and Heivia are an excellent duo and the shit they get into is nuts. Also Mariydi is best girl.

How much did the anime cover and should I reread the stuff covered by it? I really enjoyed the anime, two bros blowing up metal gears never gets old.

Heavy Object RTS fucking when?

The anime covered the first 3 volumes, you should reread from the start if not then from the 3rd volume onward.

How do I get tickets to do the styil special missions?

Personally I'd read them all, but the anime covered volumes 1-3 so you can skip them if you're not interested.
Also make sure you read EX, it's not a numbered volume but it's one of the best.

Guess I'll reread them anyways. Thanks anons. Any particular volume after which I should read ex?

Any time before volume 14 I'd say. One of volume 14's cliffhangers is tied to the events of EX.

I see, you have good taste.

Okay, good to know. Thanks once again.

interesting, thanks


i bet she keeps electricity inside her butt hole at all times

>free roll
>hit a golden cat
>get 2 Mikoto usbs

Why isn't Kuroko in her rightful place, eating Mikoto's cute pussy?


Kuroko isn't even in the top 5 for characters Mikoto could possibly end up with.

A SupCom mod with Object experimentals would suffice.

She's in the top 1 characters that could give Misaka the best lewd experience!

Its unsanitary to let fecal matter near your orifaces. It even smells bad so you'll be grossed out

I've somehow managed to consistently hit the cat on my last 3 or 4 free rolls and never got anything but USBs. It's bullshit.


Mikoto was such a bitch pre sisters arc.

>Tsuchi smoking

This was pre-memory loss Touma, right?

She still is.

Get a trip, kakinefag

>Accelerator's vector powers
>Misaki's mind control
>Touma and Hamazura's porn knowledge

Kuroko is so outclassed she can't do shit but screech about being sexually frustrated. Off yourself for having such shit taste

Kamikoto is good for the heart!

This. She's still a cunt. She also doesn't care about the Sisters anymore because her obsession with Touma has gotten so bad it made her forget why she placed him on a pedestal to begin with

It won't be good for your heart when it gets ripped to shreds, stopped on, and thrown back in your face. Looking forward to it

What is she tapping for?

>she keeps tapping even while talking to Saten

Does Kakine need to be connected to his Dark Matter in order to control it? I remember that in the pic featuring his new appearance, he had thin threads of DM attached to him. Also, how does he control it? Is he changing the properties of DM in order to move it?