Kimetsu no yaiba chapter 86

kimetsu no yaiba chapter 86







the boys are back


Yay, still sleeping though.




Hope mr. fabulous survives.







and the chapter ends with onii chan and imouto duo

Oh shit an imouto x onii-chan couple vs a fabulous man with 3 wives

I sure hope you guys plan on keeping this thread bumped for like six hours

>two demons at once
He's probably gonna die unless he stalls till morning or some kind of backup arrives.

>some kind of backup arrives
His wives?

maybe another pillar will come... tho inosuke is still there and he might be helpful

I don't think they'd be much help. Maybe if someone sends a crow to call for help from the other pillars or something like that.

Zenitsu pls

I guess they are at thei strongest when they are together, imouto works as shield and general annoyance while oniichan is the main attacker.

wel usui is as dead as my nigga inside senpai

I don't thik they'll go and kill two pillars in a row, it feels lazy. Betting on stalemate until sunshine.

it would make the demon moon look ever more powerfull. Basic heel stable booking senpai

And the overall writing would suffer for it
>remember how last arc we killed a cool pillar?
>have the exact same development, AGAIN!

nope men you dont even know how to book a bad guy. This is 50/50 booking and it woul make the both stable even. If we ware to belive that the 12 demon moon haven't change for a long time Usui must die. Otherwise we are a square 0.

The three musketeers are right there

Good, he's only useful when sleeping.

Thanks for the dump.

It'd show just how fucked the demon hunters truly are.

I want daki to mount on me

I pointed that out last thread and people are still convinced that nothing should change this arc and we need to hype up the moons when they already have enough hype.

Welp. RIP Man with a Harem. We hardly knew ya.

Author-san truly loves to write some melancholic shit.

When you think about it it's pretty retarded
>Stated that pillars always lose against upper moons
>Send pillars to 1 on 1 upper moons

It has nothing to do with 'hype', this isn't some arbitrary booking where who wins gets decided based on what people like. It's that narratively, there's no reason to expect Uzui to be able to win. I actually think revealing that was a bit of a mistake, it'd be more exciting if the outcome was uncertain. Still enjoy the series, though.

>It's that narratively, there's no reason to expect Uzui to be able to win.
And I'll ask the question I asked last time, if humans, peak humans, can't win. What hope does the MC have even if he trains? He can't even track an Upper Moon with his eyes, much less land the necessary blow for his Hamon breathing technique to damage them.

We also have Zenitsu and Inosuke who are also human so how will they fight upper Moons going into the future? Humans can't win.

thanks for the dump

That's why we read, to see what the answer to beating them will be. We don't know yet.

To be fair, Rengoku got ambushed. But I'm not sure why they'd ever send pillars out alone.

>We don't know yet.
Yes, but if the answer is "demon blood" it goes against what Rengoku and many others have been saying about Humanity. Humans have to find their leg to stand on without needing an Onee-san powering up into a rage berserker form. And something has to give within this generation of Pillars since the MC will potentially be joining them (I do predict a bit of a time skip though)

At the start, Mr Flamboyant didn't know there would be an upper moon either. He and his wives were investigating whether there was a demon or not in the red light district.
Even when they got captured, he couldn't know how strong the demon was.

They never know when there's gonna be an upper moon, therefore pillars should never go alone.
If your strongest soldiers are weaker than the enemy's (and outnumbered on top of it) there's no point in sending them alone.

>not leglocking around his hourglass waist
Come on it's like it's made for it

truth to be my old, I dont think uzui will die since it wont make any sense from a narrative standpoint lol and if you take into account how there is support this time? we have 3 wives and the main trio so the probability of him dying lessens to some degree

The wives aren't coming to help, I don't think. Tanjirou and Nezuko can't fight anymore, and I'm not sure Zenitsu/Inosuke are on a level where they'll be able to help at all against an upper moon. I do think we'll probably see a draw rather than another death, though.

Thank you for the dump!

Im guessing the demon siblings are gonna be a dark mirror to Tanjiro and Nezuko, where Daki got turned into a demon and her bro became a demon to protect her

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bump for TL

Whose bright idea was it to post the gookscans at like 3 in the morning

>Chapter 86: Kyuutaro

someone must have gotten way too amped up because of the new demon

>Kyuu is
>A word that refers mainly to customers being attracted to the red light district bearing responsibility for money
>They are called 'Kiu' or 'Kyuutaro'

>A name was assigned to you according to the work you were given
>Maybe he wasn't merely Kyuutaro

>Though they're just the vague memories of time as a human boy
>Even now that's the name he goes by
There are probably much better ways to translate all this, this page was a bitch

Except the bulk of the work they do is killing more minor demons, in which case having them spread out makes more need to have your big guys out there dealing with the crisis' that are all over the place

The upper moons have been alive longer than any of them, it's not even known if all modern pillars ever see an upper moon in their career and Uzui obviously wasn't alone since he enlisted help, he's the only one so far we've seen hunt a demon and he didn't know it was an upper moon so there's no problem

So far powerful demons like Enmu or Akaza have ambushed them, not the other way around, it's very possible most Pillar deaths by the moons were Pillars who didn't realize they were going to be going up against an Upper Moon

He said he was looking for a strong demon, though. He definitely knew this was a dangerous mission.

>You're alright
>(scratch scratch)

>Your face is alright
>Your skin's alright too. No creases, no bruises, no scars

>It's good flesh
>(scratch scratch)
>I don't want to put on any weight

>And a good build
>(Scratch scratch)
>You step lightly even with a height over six feet

Can't actually tell what he's saying here, something about getting attention from women, maybe

>I'm jealous, so jealous
>I'm not just gonna kill you
>I'm seriously gonna make you die in agony
I can't completely follow this last bit, but he says he's gonna peel off his skin or something

>Onii-chan, it's not just this jerk, there's more!
>Definitely kill those guys that burned me

>We also have Zenitsu and Inosuke who are also human so how will they fight upper Moons going into the future? Humans can't win.
Do you really think Zenitsu and Inosuke will beat Upper Moons? I feel you're being a little generous here since there's only six to choose from and none of them work together so there will never be an option to pair off and each take on a Moon. Surely they will either be teaming up to kill Moons or Tanjiro will be doing the final kill with his magic. There's really very little left for them to do in terms of enemies to kill so I don't really see anybody being able to kill one of the few bosses left in this still very new series.

If the series is supposed to last a couple more years in the best case scenario, it feels a little too early to be killing any one of the Upper Moons, especially a mentor character doing it after everyone else fails to.

I think the key to something like this is they have to go in prepared to fight an Upper Moon if they want to win, which they are not right now, so the best case scenario should be an escape and regroup though I do think Uzui should survive (though maybe get critically wounded).

Like 90% of the series characters have barely been introduced, for all we know, Rengoku and Uzui aren't even near the top of the Pillars.

>I'm working hard
>I worked so hard by myself...!
>But there were so many interruptions and they kept bothering me!
>They all keep harassing me!

>Alright, alright. Then I can't forgive you
>My cute little sister has been working hard with her stupid brain
>I'll completely kill any guys who harass her

>I'll take them all on
>I'll definitely do whatever it takes

No idea what this bubble is going for, it says something like when you die you'll turn around or something. Can't really figure it out
>My name is Kyuutaro


>What is that
>A sickle?

Siscon demon?

>Daki is now umaru-chan

>The sickle returns as it spins
>It's a different weapon than the sash demon's earlier
>What happened, is it a new demon? I can smell Uzui-san's blood
>I have to help!

>I have arrived!
>Finally deigned to appear!
>The one you all rely on!

>You're asleep!?

>I dont think uzui will die since it wont make any sense from a narrative standpoint lol
I don't know, on the contrary I don't see his character as having anything left going for him, and Rengoku did say the trio were going to replace pillars. The wives are probably a plot device for him to die heroically while saving them.

>protecting the imouto
What a based demon, holy shit.

This. I want them to win now, but I know they're goners next chapter.

>Help Uzui-san!
>I'm begging you!

>Leave it to me, you can relax!
>I'm gonna run wild
>With the body of this Inosuke-sama

>An impressionable man

>I have to go put Nezuko back in the box
>Just wait for me a while!
>Just wait!
>Thank you!

>new demon is a siscon
>Daki is a spoiled imouto
I love it.

>I'm envious
>You really are
>A cool guy

>Protecting humans
>Holding on to that stance
>So cool

>To those guys you're a savior
>No doubt they're quite grateful

>I suppose so
>I am naturally a flamboyant and beautiful man
>I have three wives

>You've got three wives
>Don't make me laugh! Uurgh! I can't forgive you!

>Demon Blood Technique
As usual, I can't tell what the name is supposed to be. Seems like it has sickle and blood in it though

>It's like a number of thin blades formed from his blood!
>I can't stop it while covering them

>You've got three wives
>Don't make me laugh! Uurgh! I can't forgive you!
I like this demon.

>What? He spread out
>Fell down to the first floor


>Run away! Hide yourselves!

One page thread tier.

>Don't lose track of him

He says the name of his demon blood tech here, but with the word for bend/twist in front of it


I'm conflicted on which side should die. I hope everyone gets out of this alive.

>He can manipulate the blood freely
>The blood can keep moving around and bouncing until it hits an enemy!

>Brother and sister
>The little sister didn't die even if I cut her head off
>I can't believe it

>If I cut the older brother's neck, will that kill them both?
>Is the older brother the main body?

>However it is, all I can do is try!

>Hold them off with this sound
>All the people on the upper floor escaped

I expect another Upper Moon will show up, just because...

Same, I want some of the demons to be recurring and not just die during their encounter with the group.

>Watch out

>I guess ordinary means just won't cut it

Uzui-san is so cool

>It's because the two of us are one

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Thanks for the TL.
Fuck, I really like these demons but I also don't want Uzui to die.

It's been far too long in a series where I'm conflicted about both sides winning/losing.

Also, thank you for the TL!

>tfw Sup Forums i the only place I can discuss and enjoy this series

Been trying to get my friends on board but they're not taking to it.

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Great chapter this week.