What would you do with a succubus?


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Prostitute her for easy income.

What the roll chart again? Fall in love with each other.


Literal homosexual.

Deny her sex.

told her to comfort me

Have sex until i get drained to death.

Just curious whether there also exists a similar chart for Succubus(male)?

What I wouldnt do...

Never go full retard.

Even better is if she's a succubus who absorbs souls then I can dissolve into her and become a part of her forever.

Dress her in something more warm.

Ask for cuddles and hand holding while strokes my hair, going "Ara Ara~."

Hold her hand and go for walks

I'd have to break all the global rules to write that post.

Do girl legs just never get cold? How do they pull off outfits like that?

Nonstop kinky femdom sex from the moment we meet until the moment I drop dead. Alternatively, if she has some ritual to turn humans into succubi I can partake in that.

Gotta look for Wiz every time.


My nigga

Where is Etna?

At least one of those is a man.

Just like this thread. I'm sure at least one of the posters is actually, biologically male.

I bet it's this user ->

Vanir pls


Is that what soul consumption does? Do you take on her identity and experiences along her? I assumed you just cease to exist, without even an afterlife.

It's not like you can try and find out but it probably becomes the same soul at some point. If it's the real thing, and not just lust.

Aqua pls

Ask how I can sign up.

That sounds like a capacitor. Then imagine the unleashing after a specific amount of time.


Give up my soul I guess.

Given up mine a long time ago but it's okay.



I love her voice.

Maybe ask her to go out with me.

Where would you take someone with endless lust and love? What sort of place would be good enough for her?

My bedroom

I don't know. Maybe just going around town, fucking in an alleyway or two, then heading to a hotel or my place. I just want a succubus who loves me as much as she loves dick.

Start a family.

Challenge her to seduce men with only elegance and thoughtfulness rather than showing her skin.

pimp her out and make lodes of money
i am not putting my dick in a demonic bicycle

Satou a cute

Which K-ON is most likely a succubus?

One of my biggest fantasies is becoming a servant to a futa succubus. Every time I get her fluids pumped into me I turn a little bit more feminine until eventually I become a loli succubus.

Sounds good to me.
Goddess is for love only. Maybe hatefuck after an argument, but love only.


Normally I'd fuck her till I can't think straight but part of me would like to take her to a date before hand, maybe a nice meal and a movie or something since I'd like her to see a little different shit than nust fucking her and good bye.

Hell, I'd spoon with her after the deed and secretly put a seal on her so she can stay with me till I die, in which case she can own my soul after.

I'm already getting several ideas from your post. It's like you know me, but I'm probably just a stranger.

Not fug her even when she begs for it. It's my beta pride.

better question, would a succubus even hang out with me...

I'm sure there's a fat one that would, or one with green dyed hair. Everyone finds someone.

Why would they make Vanir one of the best girls?


Swap bodies

You masturbate too much, wasting too much semen/life force/whatever. It is decided to be economically viable for a succubus to hang out with you to collect it.

Do some proper homosexual behavior

Devilish. I like it. I'd still give my dick a farewell tour before doing this though.

Better question: how could they not?

I may have a business proposition for you. May or may not include a very long walk along the riverbank before the blood contract.

I thought that came as a given. They always get to keep you inside them until and after you die. It's simply how it works.

Pat her and buy some nice dress to her.

Maybe this one?

How long a walk are we talking, should I brink a tent and supplies?

No, something casual like this. You don't want your succubus to walk around dressed scantily clad.

I'm into tantric sex and understand the power of sex and my semen
Would she be okay with hours of nonejaculatory sex or would she expect to be rewarded with a womb full of life essence.
Also, would I have to worry about waking up to her sucking me off while trying to get an unearned snack or her attempting to lure me into raping her?
The very idea of not having to control myself while having sex or spend a lot of time on foreplay so that I can fit into her seems good.
But I'm doing this whole self control thing now.

You won't need a tent. There'll be someone to keep her warm and carry her if her feet get sore.
If she adds a red choker to that outfit she's got herself a deal.

We are mostly the same here user.
Resupplying her with mana would be fun and creative all the time.

She can have all my mana. I wouldn't give a drop to no one else. We would be one soul in two bodies.

Conquer the world.

Her world. Minor correction.

Ask for a hug

Try to banish her to the abyss so I might be able to keep my soul for a while longer. Maybe try to get saved and get rid of any lifestyle sins that I commit.

There's a different type of character for you. The end result would probably be the same, though.

>I assumed you just cease to exist, without even an afterlife.
Kind of what it is actually, when you get consumed, you're no longer you. She takes everything that made you who you are, such as your feelings and memories as just a part of herself.


Trick her into swap bodies for shit and giggles, making her to enjoy cuming as a man as she pass out after several orgams, fly away and enjoy my new body

Later being summoned probably some virgin user (former one) get in to the role "How dares to summon the queen of succ-"

my former body stand there with an expression between holding laughter, embarrassmet and anger still trying to hide my own embarrament keep on the character teasing her for loosing her body and claiming as mine but she has a smirk face she did a proper summon biding me to her will she keeps my body has her own and turn me into her/him slave.

Live the rest your life as sexslave for your former body

She'll probably thirst for you more for your extra stored up sexual energy and rape you to take all your hard work for herself.

Only cute things.

Quite a beautiful feeling of completely belonging to her. This is the way I'd love to go out if I could.

Succubi are my biggest fetish. I'd do a lot of things given the chance.

gentlemen ?
take your dices

Give me the 2 drills one.

Sounds like a plan.


Someone's speaking my language again.

>inb4 b&

I would fuck almost all of them


This will not end well.

Satan give me tall+Bs

Please be 64.

Please kill yourself for enabling this rollshit spam.

You're doing mod's work.

Feed them everyday

Who's this man doing god's work?

Oh I'd give her so much tongue she'd forget how her own saliva tasted like.