One Piece

Will Pudding get a taste of Sanji's cream at the end of the arc?

No, Luffy is going to gobble it all up.

Yeah but that cream will be salty rather than sweet.

post sapu cuteness pls

What is the point of these characters? They have been useless and weak. It feels like the only reason they were created was to give Sanji a sad backstory.


>Personal Blog below ignore if you want
I want to tell everyone how One Piece has changed my life, i mean literally. 2 years ago i was depressed and on verge of suicide. I finished college but couldn;t find a job, was fat, had little friends..
But One Piece has inspired me to start running, watching all the characters run around freely inspired me to start running for half an hour everyday. I lost weight, found a GF, found a job and now my life is all better.

tl:dr keep running towards your dreams!

Was Zoro named after that popular Mexican character irl?

Can confirm.
Started running a few weeks ago.
Am pirate king now.

Yes, its in one of the first sbs. Also Roronoa is for L'Olonois

Reading at the speed of light.

It's like Pudding was made just for Sanji. After tasting his special cream, her other personality won't exist anymore.

>time to make the donuts

Why don't the Straw Hats just have Nami make clouds and then run across the clouds straight to Raftel?

Raftel is in our heart (just next to sniper island)

because her clouds aren't Zeus

BruLu is canon

Why doesn't Marco just fly to Raftel?

Now that I think about it, Blueno's fruit is really similar to Brulee's, except he doesn't need mirrors. Is her fruit the inferior version?

Will he kill himself?

Big Mom originally wanted Brulèe to have the Door Door fruit, but Smoothie was very against it so they settled for that.

Best girl
perfect style

reminder that reverie is supposed to be this year

LuNa is canon

this belt is fucking rad

This New World timeline is pretty good, does anyone have an updated one? Ca we update it ourselves?

Reminder that editors are not to be trusted

Did she flay Carrot for this?

Carrot finally came in handy.

rip carrot

alright, i tried to make it better

Carrot became a nakama.

Blueno doesn't have a limitation on what he can turn into a door that's true but he also can't change the appearance of anyone, and has no higher dimensional world. Moreover anyone can use his doors.
The power relationship between the two isn't clear cut. They're just different.

Luffy sure loves to run. Could that be the secret to all his luck?


they defeated a horde of nameless minions


They will give BM a clone army

So Brulee can make copies, or mirrors of people, but what real effect do those mirrors have? They misguided and misdirected the strawhats through the woods, but I forget if they actually attacked.

>Reading around at the speed of sound
>Got smug girl uploads gotta keep up my shitposts

He fucking ran away. Two months of Luffy getting owned and Katakuri being hyped and when he finally lands a hit he just fucking leaves through the mirror. What did Oda mean by this?

>He didn't believe

He's so cool, I love him so much.

Him and Pero Pero singlehandedly redeemed the Big Mom Pirates for me. Hope Kaido's commanders will live up to them.

If my nigga defeats Big Mom with this cake, is this the best arc of OP or the worst ?

Reminder Perospero is awakened.

We were kinda expecting this, no way Luffy could beat him on equal conditions now

I really want Luffy and Kata to be best buds and grab a few beers when all this is over. He's like a more responsible Zoro, who does almost fuck all as first mate.

Gastee when?

Is Mr. 3 also awakened?

>Hope Kaido's commanders will live up to them
No way in hell. Kaido is boring. Jack is boring. Or at the very least, they're not to my taste. I don't expect the rest of the calamities or the people under them to live up to the awesomness of characters like Katakuri and Perospero. Not to mention the rest of the family is pretty good too.

Katakuri/Perospero spin-off when?

>this fucking chapter
>retarded mc does it again
Have luffyfags killed themselves yet? Thanks god Katakuri didn't job to this manchild

I might be stupid, why did Amande cut the candy?

Eh, Dogtooth is going down this arc, sweetie.

She wanted to use the occasion to cut down Luffy, but he was faster than she thought.

Flashback soon, hopefully.

I'm kinda split on this cake defeating Big Mom. On one hand, I'd prefer it's not the case cause it's kinda cheap. On the other hand, it's totally in character for Big Mom and it's the most logical way to temporarily defeat her since she's too strong for SHs to beat normally.

As far I know we haven't seen Mr. 3 create wax out of the ground from a distance, only from his body.

Soon. Kata/Pero > Big Meme

well maybe if she used fast waltz instead of slow waltz that wouldn't happen

Oda, where's my friend Zoro?



It won't really defeat her, it'll just calm her down so that they can get away

Why does Smoothie have such an antipathy for doors?

That would be the third time he defeats someone after a 2nd round of Gear 4.
There won't be a fool me thrice.

She was aiming for Luffy, but he Soru'd away.

>and it's the most logical way to temporarily defeat her since she's too strong for SHs to beat normally.
Considering this Oda quote from an interview
>Probably my audience will not be satisfied if the reason for defeating Kaidou is just because Luffy's punch is so strong. Luffy and I have to find a solution somehow.
I think that the Yonko are definitely out of the SHs league and they need alternatives to escape/defeat/stall them. The cake might well be the way they escape BM.

she doesn't.



What's the point of th "?" lines?

That was weird. You'd expect Luffy disappearing to come up before the slice, not after. The first time I read it I thought she was aiming for the candy.

Thanks fellas

we know the starting point but not the exact direction they're taking right now

Last chapter took place at around 4PM. It's 6PM in the current chapter. What was the time limit for Gear 4 during Dressrosa, because I'm pretty sure it was less than two hours.

No, it would be the second time. Luffy needed X rounds of Gear 4 to defeat Cracker.

>Artist drew Carrot as Brulee before this chapter
>Luffy makes a heart for Brulee

confirmed again

It just means Luffy is getting better at it.

She was molested as little girl right up against a door, and she's had a crippling fear of them ever since.

it's 6PM in the cake scene, the luffy stuff isn't necessarily happening at the same time

I'd leave them as dots then.

Is Luffy not knowing his own time limit a hint it's getting longer? There was never any indication of how long he could use it was there? All we know is that the cooldown period is 10 minutes. Moreover Luffy managed to run during his cooldown period this time. Even though he had to be carried around in Dressrosa.

He trained with Cracker for 11 hours. Makes sense if he's better at it now

Kaido's crew will just be exceptionally cruel. Sort of Kidd but even more so.

good suggestion, i'll edit it later

I'm dumb.
Ca you explain the joke?

Because she always ends up squeezing and twisting the doorknob

heh, Katakuri didn't see that coming

it's proof that when is family is at stake he loses his calm


X rounds doesn't imply there was a 2nd round?

just a forced meme

Amande is straight from out of that one movie with Jack Skellington

so you think Luffy has been running around Nut Island for a couple hours? It is more likely that the events in the chapters happen at the same time. Same thing happened in Dressrosa with multiple events at the same time

Damn. Really makes you think.

it was many times more than 2 rounds f a m

No, it implies that he didn't defeat him in the second round, but in whatever round it was after half a day.

Nah more like his future seeing CoO doesn't have any range beyond the opponent he's fighting so he didn't even notice Brûlée was there, so he couldn't predict that Luffy would interact with her. What he saw was the future where Luffy kept running and didn't notice Brûlée, which is why he was taken by surprise.


Defeat someone after a 2nd round =/= defeat someone in the 2nd round.