Dragon Ball Super

Reminder that if you take the canon numbers of the material and use math quantum physics and astrophysics Kefla should be a jobber.

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no no no NO how could this be? Super is supposed to be FLOPPING!! Kale and Khalifa are killing the series!!

So is buu arc vegito stronger then ssb goku? we never actually saw him go all out

Anyone else feel like they should have let Goku actually rest and have Gohan and Piccolo fight Kale/Caulifla and then Kalfla?

I'd be a believable reason for Gohan to go Mystic and he could have said something like "sorry my dad's resting but I should be more than enough.", Caulifla could go "huh is that a saiyan form?"

Beside Gohan got btfo by Broly in movie 2, this could have been his redemption.

>Cabba episode did the same ratings as the Shitfla episode but without the shilling

I like how back in Z power levels actually made sense. You could accurately gauge power levels based on frieza's 120 million

Gohan would get the shit beat out of him by Kale let alone Kefla. They would have no reason to fuse.

Not when they were shocked shitless by SS3 Goku, nope.


>merchandise sales mean the Japanese like dykes and not the slew of other characters introduced

Notice how they don't show how DBS merch sales are doing compared to DBZ or even DB merch sales.

Reminder this is literally a show for autistic Japanese children.

no it was shit before frieza and super saiyan goku. the moment the last scouter is destroyed power levels became meaningless

Guess so

Reminder that, by the end of the arc, Gohan is going to be the strongest saiyan again.


>vegeta will never get a win
being a veggiefag is suffering.

better tell that to seth the programmer.

>L-Leave Jiren to me...

Reminder that all god tier fighter would kill Gohan with a simple dickslap

It isn't fair



Europe had both some of the best and worst DBZ intros

Nice headcanon chart

If you've seen pic related, that would pretty much be Kale vs Broly


Fuck off, you stupid piece o' shit.

I want to punch Goku in the face.

>Implying Shithan wouldn't fuck around, get cocky, then get BTFO

Could goat Vegeta take down Jiren?

Gohan doesn't have that weakness anymore

Fuck Goku. He offers his hand to every villain to change their ways and become good but his own brother he goes straight to killing even though he did NOTHING wrong; every single other villain has killed family, friends and innocents while Raditz just wanted to spend some time with his cute nephew but he doesn't get a second chance?

>our physics
>Dragon Ball
>the same series where someone destroyed the Moon in about 2 seconds

Goku gave him a chance and Raditz attacked him anyway

How hard did you cry when you said the same thing and were proven wrong during the Buu Saga?

I'm talking about now in Super you moron
After training with Piccolo he isn't a smug fuck anymore. Botamo didn't take him out remember?


That's because Botamo and Obuni aren't major characters. Shithan will do what Shithan does best (fuck around and job) once he faces someone significant.

>caulifags are pedos just like gohanfags
stupid pedros.

How many significant threats are left for U7 at this point?
There's Jiren and Toppo. I don't count Kefla since she's gonna waste her allotted fusion time on Goku and lose in the end.

> bardockfag

Then it'll be Jiren or Toppo. Or one of the U4 bugs or something. Point is, being the strongest doesn't mean jack shit if you're an incompetent jackass who can't be bothered to get serious and finish the job. But hey, if Shithan really does get his act together, I'll gladly take back everything I've said so far.


>he hates Gohan so much that he thinks good character development is going to get tossed out the window for no reason
Why do people get so autistic over Gohan?

fuck you he needs to meditate to keep his cool

Do you honestly think the DB series would've beaten fucking Gundam if it wasn't for DBS?

why did Jiren leave us
we need him more than ever

Jiren will only come back to signify the plot matters.
Right now, we're at the mercy of filler.

>Turns SS for the first time because he doesn't want to be saved by others then turns SS2, proving that Goku was right to trust in his potential; clearly building up to his becoming Earth's protector
>Lets Goku and Trunks get killed and then stops training for years.

>Has his potential unlocked and goes to fight Buu, who had killed his mother as well as the rest of the Z-Fighters besides Goten, Trunks, and Piccolo
>Didn't learn jack shit from the Cell Games and decides to play around with the monster that nearly wiped out Earth's population. Ends up letting Gotenks and Piccolo get absorbed, being more of a help than a hindrance to Buu. And to top it all off, stops training again.

Gee, character development being tossed out of the window? When has THAT happened before?

>The Grand Priest (Z tier)
>The Angels (Y tier)
>Jiren (???, likely X+ or X++)
>UI Goku (???, likely X or X+)
>SSB Vegetto (X+)
>Beerus (X+)
>The Gods of Destruction (X tier)
>Champa (X-)
>No. 17 (S+ minimum, S++ likely)
>SSBKK (S++)
>Golden Freeza (S+)
>Toppo (S+)
>SSB Vegeta (S+)
>SSB Goku (S+)
>Hit (S, but technique is S++ tier)
>Ultimate Gohan (S-)
>SSG (A++)
>Dypso (A, but technique is S tier)
>Legendary Kale (A)
>SS3 Goku (A-)
>SS2 Goku (B+)
>SS2 Caulifla (B+)
>SS2 Vegeta (B+)
>SS2 Cabba (B+)
>Final Form Freeza (B)
>Super Saiyan (B)
>No. 18 (B-)
>Frost (C+)
>Piccolo (C-)

Rate my Tournament of Power rankings boys. I tried to make it as legitimate as possible. I'll update it tomorrow with the fusions when we see more of Kefla. Let me know if I'm missing anything. Also, I have no idea where to put Ribrianne, Rozie, and Kakunsa, so I'll figure that out later.

I'll make a shitty meme pic for this later.

The difference here is that he didn't train specifically to cover that cocky weakness of his.

Caulifla is love
Caulifla is life
Caulifla a cute
I want to hold hands with her and have consensual sex in the missionary position for the sole purpose of procreation

"MUH FAVOURITE CHARACTER NOT STRONG REEEE". Don't do it man you'll only face retards.

Reminder base caulifla > gotenks

She will be deleted once Gohan outs her

> Freeza goes god-tier after only months of training
> Vegeta attains SSB without ever doing the SSG Ritual
> Cabba goes SS when he's mad for the first time. Because apparently he's never been mad before
> Black's zenkai is haxed
> Jiren beats time itself against Hit's Time Cage attack
> Kefla is able to fight SSG Goku

The absolute STATE of DBS

If Shithan was as smart as his fanboys make him out to be, he would have learned his lesson the first time.

Goku: Gohan, now's your chance! Ring Kefla out!
Gohan: No way! I think I'll torture her for a bit.
EVERYBODY: *Facepalms*

You mean the Vegeta titled and Cabba ryona by frieza episode.

gohan is getting his ass kicked by the u6 nameks
he won't be doing shit


Holy fuck those tits

Didn't buu kill all of humanity except for Hercule?

Tien somehow survived

This animator was pretty cool, hope he comes back soon.

he dodged


tien and his fuck doll also survived.
buu had killed everyone, turned his mother into an egg and stomped it to pieces. ate his friends.
and what does mr genius scholar do.
oh i'll let him recover for an hour, and then allow gotenks to fight him again.
oh shit he tricked me and is stronger and smarter then me now. save me dad

Does Jiren have a bigger vocabulary than Broly?


I thought he died when the planet popped

Jiren started showing some shreds of character during his fight against Hit, for what it's worth.


> Jiren: "..."
> Broly: "Kakarot"
> Jiren: "Kiero"
> Broly: "KAKAROT!!"

I'd love to see a conversation with them

What would a jiren and you fusion be called?

What did he mean by this?

UI Goku should spare Kefla

She might be useful later on to take down a certain fighter who's stronger than a GoD


some of you people are genuinely retarded just repeating words until they lose all meaning

go die in a fire

Reminder Videl is a Shotacon.

you people seem to forget that broly even in the legendary form in movie 8 talked normal
movie 10 turned broly in the KAKAROT only screaming lunatic.

yeah they died when kid buu blew up the planet, but when super buu did his human extinction beam attack to kill everyone on earth, tien and chaozu dodged the beams.


Where did this come from?
Why are people trying to force this?

Why do people forget that the gang only looks like that in other world because Kami lets them keep their original bodies? Is it different in the anime? Raditz went to hell as a regular looking soul.

B-B-B-B-B-B-B-B-but I'M the chad, not my brother


If he does, Caulifla's dumb ass will probably just come after him again, and we'll have to have 5 more episodes of the same shit.

Gohan is the worst

I'd like to see your reasoning for the androids getting ranked so high.
Also posting my own powerscale.

That's not how you spell Caulifla

To be honest, I would've given super a chance if it wasn't for the multiverse shit and the edgy DONUT STEEL evil goku. I"m sticking to Z

Black wasn't edgy and multiverse isn't as autistic as you think

It's one Gotenfag. Reminder that Goten isn't a mini-Goku at all, he only looked like him. He's actually a complete pussy, a total crybaby, he's never been on an adventure, and he grows up to be a complete fag that doesn't even look like his dad.


He gets with trunks in the end so I'd call that a win.

Was meant for you, my my apologies.
Also I don't see a reason why Champa should be ranked 2 tiers below Beerus.

Yet he still has a million times more potential than Shithan. It's just that Toriyama saw how badly Shithan's "potential" flopped, so he won't dare try it again on CHADten

gohan should be lower on that list.
and why is 18 so low on the list compared to 17?

>for the androids getting ranked so high.
Not that user, and to be honest the objective answer is that we haven't seen enough to properly judge yet
but the usual line of logic is that both Frieza and 17 have gotten absurd power boosts and 17 was already stronger than DB Frieza by default to begin with

Mojito is the best and U9 doesn't deserve him.