Sup Forums Sings Berserk op

Alright faggos, it's winter and I haven't gotten any new entries:
Do it for Christmas, user.

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We're doing the full song and not the cut opening?

Bump for Miura is a faggot.

So do I post a vocaroo here or what? How are we gonna do this?


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Post the vocaroo anyway desu


Even mother will show you

Alright new fag here, do we just autistically record the whole song with no music on vocaroo ?

This retarded enough for you guys ?

Is Sup Forums better than Sup Forums at singing?

Even Sup Forums > /nu/

You tell me. Watamote and Code Geass are masterpieces.

That was great user
The PEAK Performance of Sup Forums

Haha so awful it's good, my favorite is still the al capella version of tank from bebop

Thanks !

kys faggot


Reminder that people are currently working on Sup Forums draws Daicon, so if you see a thread get in there and join!

isn't Sup Forums sings one of the raildex song? is there any video of it?

I really liked this one.

lol jibun wo

I'll sing this. When's the deadline



That Jibun Wo is smooth as fuck.

you're the cutest boy l've ever heard

Y-you too

for real it's a wonderful voice can you upload to youtube maybe ?

Is Sup Forums sings cromartie still a thing too?

Looking forward to hearing this one.

Thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed it but I really did it in a hurry and its pretty bad. Here you go though


Im happy to do it but can we be a bit clearer ? You need a vocaroo of just us singing the whole song ? Is the music in the background alright ?

I don't suppose there's a saved verson of Born to be Wyald anywhere?

Don't die on me, I already recorded.
I'm going to upload it.

wait, there're females on Sup Forums?

Worst case scenario you do another thread later. I'll try to upload mine tomorrow, its too late to record now

The pizza bit gets me every time.

I tried my best, but I was nervous, there is some noise I hope you can remove it.

Here it's, hope you guys like it:


if you weren't so nervous this wouldn't be half bad lad

I can hear how dry your mouth got from nerves in this, just stop holding back. Unless you live with parents/roomates and are too scared to go all in.

Sorry guys, I will record it again, but I can't right now, too much noise.