Make or request Sup Forums related art.

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Requesting Kei Kurono from Gantz parodying Back to the Future movie poster.

Requesting Fuwa and Galvantula tuning up Genos

Requesting Chiya tied up and being forced to get a haircut (for her own good) by the other girls.

Requesting Paper Saki

Requesting a Blazblue girl band with Noel Vermillion as the bassist, Tsubaki Yayoi as the guitarist, Mai Natsume as the vocalist and Makoto Nanaya as the drummer.

Requesting Ultimate Columbine Ursula and Yunyun with psychotic grins on their faces wreaking havoc, shooting people with magic enhanced bullets.

Requesting Yuma Kusanagi and Clarus Tonitrus trying to hide from people and covering their naked bodies.

Requesting Grey Wolf in a dog kigurumi

Posting my Megumi request. Sorry OR for being late.

Requesting a POV shot of Mina Ashido holding the viewer's hand, leading the viewer happily to meet the other students.

Requesting extremely perturbed Sophia Dangerous Beast

Mikasa, Annie, Sasha and Historia transforming into Ohrangers.

Anyone interested in doing this one?

Higushi Setsuna transforming into Cure Passion Yes Pretty Cure 5 style.

Requesting Ursula getting sexy spankings. Would prefer Shiny Ursula in her skintight suit getting spanked.

For November, requesting Annie dressed as Shania from Shadow Hearts: From the New World.

You mean your art? Amazing drawing.

Requesting the Simpsons screenshot with Ten (from Urusei Yatsura) and a half-eaten star.

She has a small face.

Requesting Lalaco and Shiny Chariot on a JAV cover

Cover Ref/Style: i.imgur.com/ljmUhkY.png

too wide, have an improved one

Thank you for drawing Megumi and offering to draw Saekano in he first place. I really love this outfit of hers, she is beautiful like an angel. You did outstanding work yet again. Waiting a little for this beauty was nothing.

Requesting Jack from Fate Apocrypha making this pose.
That looks better than OP's and is really cute. Great job assuming you're the artist.

You're welcome! It was fun to draw.


Requesting Rei in Asuka's plugsuit and Shinji crossdressing in Rei's plugsuit. They're already tittilated at each other.

Preferably full body, but down to the thighs will do.


Requesting different stupid versions of Guts replacing his sword with a giant tool/element of that activity.
>amish + giant rake
>chef + giant spatula
>otaku + giant rolled poster/figure
>cowboy + giant gun
>rad 90s kid + giant longboard
Better Guts ref: i.imgur.com/vuu3rAC.jpg

Requesting Frenda begging for her life with her body, promising to carry the baby to full term if you don't kill her

I'm glad to hear that. I admit I was a little afraid drawing such a frilly outfit might be more of an annoyance. So I'm glad it was actually still fun to go about.

Requesting Tamotsu from Akiba's Trip: The Animation playing an otamatone as Epic Sax Guy or like in one of those "Jazz for your soul" images.
Or him doing the reaction image in the ref.

Requesting Yoshiko and her dog chasing Pitz and Lappa up a tree thinking/saying "if I catch and befriend these squirrels I will totally be /m/!". Bonus points if she is dressed like Kamen Rider Fourze.

Requesting DO NOT AVERT YOUR GAZE with Martha as Mozgus

Requesting Mirai from Itsuka Tenma No Kuro Usagi and Dengekiko from Neptunia swapping outfits, or interacting in a cute electric way (both have electric powers).
Dengekiko: i.imgur.com/b8DeeVB.jpg

Requesting Strike Freedom Gundam (left) standing triumphant over Barbatos Gundam (center) like Michael over Lucifer (right).

chair_tied or hand_cuffed

Maybe have them suspended in glass cases like this Batman Forever scene: youtube.com/watch?v=sXZP-xRjhT4

Requesting Oboro and Asagi in normal clothes having a catfight over a popular trendy item while the orc security guard blankly stares at it in mild annoyance

Requesting Kurumi finding the Bear Bear Village

Accidentally posted this in the WWD by mistake, does that happen to anyone else sometimes?

Requesting Hitomi casually defeating one of each type of lesser daemon via card game of the artist's choice.


Requesting Bandou, Gokicha and Nene in the same scenario as the convicts in the top left please. Bonus points for convict clothes (Bandou would still have a glove on his right hand though)

Artist can choose who drives, who rides shotgun with the bat and who's on the .50

I wonder who this could be?

Requesting Youko gagged with duct tape in this outfit please, she doesn't have to be tied up or have her fan otherwise.

I have a request which is slightly off the beaten track.
It is of Kii, from daily life with monster girls, but she would be either in the woods during August with a scarf or some sort of sweater, or in a glass house looking outside at a winter wonderland in awe and wonder, breath visible on the glass. Point is she is a dryad from a warm climate and won't do well out in the cold and snow.

Now with a reference

Requesting Maid Tamamo (or Tamamo Cat Maid)adding milk to a drink, such as pbs.twimg.com/media/Bt6xLfACUAEgC0W.jpg:orig

A Eruru would be nice to celebrate the remake

6 (or 5 depending on where you reside) more days til it is Yuno's birthday. Which is on November 16th.

Requesting anything birthday related with her,

can be kinky, sexy, cute, lewd, ect

Wearing nothing but having whip cream covering her parts that are considered nsfw with a cherry on top.please.

OR here, I'm so sorry I missed this, you did a fantastic job and I absolutely adore it. Your style captures the softness and comfort of the season that I enjoy so much, and his cat-likeness is perfect. The turtleneck covering his small fingers is too cute and the mug is a great bright contrast, it's wonderful. I can't thank you for this enough, it means so much to see him happy.

The fucks wrong with you?

Requesting Shouko from Koe no Katachi wearing slutty clothes and trying to act slutty.


I guess its over.

>drawing semi-autobiographical stories about yourself instead of drawing tamamo

It's an abstract kind of shitposting

>any kind of expression

Requesting what really happens to rico next

> pedo

Patchouli doing a handbra please,

Is that a Jojo reference? Samurai confirmed for bro

If you're still here: If you end up finding someone to commission for the Umineko portrait, could you tell me the artist? I've been wanting to commission the same thing.

I'd draw ursula getting punched a dozen times before I'd draw tamamo.

im sorry user

Requesting a 18 year old girl personification of Hi-Speedroid Hagoita from Yu-gi-oh Arc-v.

This might be a long request but whatever
Requesting a small comic of Ursula sitting at a computer asking "What's a Sup Forums?", then it shows that she somehow found her way to the Sup Forums drawthread, and then it shows her in the fetal position in a corner



Requesting Veronica reading yuri manga while flustered. Alternatively, even though Halloween has passed, her receiving candy would be cute.

Anything cute, spooky, or ecchi of her would be great though.

is that you, Carol?


Requesting the left image but with Terriermon.

Forgot the reference

Requesting Ryuuko and/or Satsuki getting fucked in the ass.

Raphtalia dressed for and playing some basketball, since she likes the Orange ball which is basically a basketball. A nice classic Spalding.

Requesting Chain Sumeragi from Kekkai Sensen as an actual werewolf since she doesn't look anything like an actual werewolf, not even cosplay-tier. Even that dangerous beast costume would work

Nice references dumbass.

Requesting Diana looking at a cabbage that looks just like her face

lewd navels?

you want girls to draw with lewd navels?

being honest. I want to keep drawing doodle tan.
she's so tsundere

Well nothing is stopping you from doing so i guess.

I'm sorry for the late reply, sleepy.
Thank you very much for that super cute Saya, that costume is adorable. And thanks for the alt version too!

Requesting colours for this Kafuka that was drawn in the last thread, thanks!
Reference: i.imgur.com/WUfyhSB.png

Aw. I'm so glad you like him! Holiday stuff is a hit or a miss so I'm glad it was a hit with you.
Take care user!

Requesting a JoJo Kanata from Sora no Woto with a stand named 「Amazing Grace」

that smile

Requesting a lewd and corrupted Hibiki trapping Miku against a wall, grabbing her chin and planting a kiss on her lips.

Requesting anons to draw this....

But with BAKUGO

Doesnt need to be all the pics, maybe just one of the versions, we can do a compilation later from various anons.

Add references for Bakugo, friend.

Not bad.


Requesting Yoshiko (Aho Girl) in her dancer outfit doing the same pose as Geri Halliwell in the right pic.

It's ok to be wide

I agree only if it has to do with wide hips.

Requesting Gabriel doing naked dogeza


Requesting a continuation of this pic with poor Kotori having her tight skirt pulled up, panties pulled down, asscheeks pulled apart, and a thick cock cumming deep in either of her holes.

Requesting outfit swap between these two cool girls!

Requesting Mai Natsume and her mom standing with their breasts pressed together.

More references: imgur.com/Gjt9Gu8

Requesting Noukan/the dandy-voiced dog cornering a nervous Frenda in a dark alleyway.
Frenda is stammering "D-d-down boy" as she backs into some garbage cans.

That's a good one

Thank you very much!

Requesting Koromi Ukari from Twin Angel Break making the bottom expression