Highschool of the Dead

How would Sup Forums give a proper conclusion to this story?

Break the 4th wall and draw the mangaka dying.

Everything was just a prank made by a television show.

Find a true safe place to stay and live, then spend the rest of the days in constant orgies.

Make the obviously main girl win the MC so Sup Forums will rage again.

Why does Sup Forums hate her so much?


>and everyone died. The End.
How else do they plan to finish this shit? Every country activated their nukes and either nuked or EMPed the shit out of each other.

everyone gets lodesaguns
billions upon billions of ammunition
find a horde
fortify a defensible position
repeat ad nauseam

But who is getting NTR'd?

user shows up and has lots of sex with the loli.
The End

They find Papa Nurgle to be the source of the zombones.
Fatty and Cockroach dies
They defeat him through awaking Slaanesh through days long orgies.
Repopulate the earth.

The team finds other survivors and try and unite to kill the zombies through tactics and weaponry. Factions spring up with those with access to weapons and some are lead by previous government officials. Constant battles with factions and zombies. A vaccine might or might not be created. Some characters die and some live while a new government emerging for those that survived. World War 3 begins and ends with new world powers. It might even be unrealistic, but it needs to be fun.

She's a manipulative cunt who deserves to be raped by the horde

Best girl

That actually does sound pretty fun desu

Who cares, there's nothing can be done at this point, that's why he's not releasing new chapters. Just give me S2 with Sawashiro moaning for 23 minutes straight each week and call it a deal.

>lots of sex with the loli
Why her when there are literal semen demons around?

Everyone by the zombies

Well the schoolhouse has to fail because that rat of a teacher is now there. I'd say that the best option after that is to go for the "get to the abandonded military bunker" route since Rika is still looking for the titty nurse. Don't think that true safetly will be achieved since the entire world is overrun, but maybe they can make it to some small island where the infection hasn't spread and end with everyone settling down for the long haul and trying to hack out normalcy on some tropical beach.

Probably because she's a believable woman/human character. She was dating MC's friend and they were all close, then boyfriend gets turned and MC has to bash his brains in. She's mad, emotional, and petty at this point because the reality of the apocalypse is sinking in and she's just lost her high school crush so she spites MC. Takashi rightfully calls her out for being a petty bitch in that moment and she does try and patch things up later, but people didn't like seeing that so she's been the punching bag of the series fandom ever since. She's a believable girl and not just the demure/crazed Saeko.

>trying to hack out normalcy on some tropical beach
Wasn't there an OVA with something like that? I don't think I've ever watched it though

I believe there is, it's the best case resolution for the plot since there shouldn't be a way to revert the zombies or destroy them en-masse now that the nukes have flown. Better to just wait for their inevitable decomposition and try and scavange cities once their numbers have thinned out in a couple years.

No, it was because she didn't stay loyal to get crush.
Then when MC has a chance with another girl she spergs that isn't her.

The group went to a safe zone in another country. The more combat oriented members volunteered for missions in infected zone ala STARS.

A vaccine was discovered. The zombies can't return to human but human wouldn't turn even if bitten.

The world rebuilds itself. So basically a happy ending.

So, World War Z?

>No, it was because she didn't stay loyal to get crush.
She was already close friends with him. He's saved her life multiple times leading up to the first safe house, and dude has promised her the world. I think it's more than fair to say she'd develop some affection for him in the vaccum of her former boyfriend dying.

>Then when MC has a chance with another girl she spergs that isn't her.
Shockingly people don't like to share, Saeko included.

By that time was too late for her and people were already into Saeko.

The school Rei's mom works at goes to shit because bastard teacher n' the rape bus. They make contact with Rika and get to the military as a result.

Or, they do a Drifters of the Dead OVA situation on an actual uninhabited island and pull a Day of the Dead ending.

Hard to get vaccine last arc with an epilogue (at least) 60 pages long with a lot of scenes of the KOTD doujin.

Oh I know, I just never got on the bandwagon with hating on her from the beginning. Even though I understand her character I still think Saeko is a far more compelling love interest