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Enjoy these threads while you can.

Idol/Band Arc

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Optimistically speaking, maybe anime-only fags will stay away from manga threads because spoilers and stuff.

I'm not sure how long Sagiri can take this.




Literally worst chapter.


End of chapter.

Maybe it'll explode into a sexual orgy next chapter.

Sagiri a cute!

>Anime confirmed
>tfw forgot
oh man I'll miss the comfy threads friends

Who's going to get scouted by the end of the festival?


How can the ghost even be an idol shes invisible

Honestly speaking though that's it, pack it up boys, I'll miss you all

Left > Right > Middle

>Enjoy these threads while you can.
Planning on stopping translations once anime comes out?

Who gives a fuck about these threads? I want some fapping material already and it's cumming up soon.

Oh my gawd. I don't speak nip but just looking at the images and knowing this is gonna be a Idol/Band Arc really kills my interest in this series. This is also a battle shonen series so why can't the author make some more cool fights/ threatening villains happen and write decent arcs with bad guys just like he did with the Black Dragon God arc or that school trip arc where they were in the woods and did the test of courage with that huge monster at the end. This series is losing it's original touch and is lately becoming the typical harem series.

>Idol/Band Arc
Fuck you editor.

I don't think he's TL user.

Blame the editor. It's been this way since the editor switch.

Excellent taste.

People said it was losing its touch during the consecutive romance chapters too (46-49). Some even said that about the Kyoto arc, which would have been the best arc by far with more chapters and better pacing.
I don't see how the test of courage was that good either. The author can still write very well (ch 82), but its not as consistent and chapters feel more fillery with this editor for some reason.

>I don't see how the test of courage was that good either
I wasn't saying the arc was good. I just loved how the author included strong monster(s) at an arc that's suppose to be comfy and not dangerous since this is a super natural series with ghost/ spirits, etc so monsters frequently appearing should happen a lot but we don't see that much anymore.

>I don't speak nip

Thats not even nip, its Korean shit hieroglyphics, so you're useless either way.

Koyuzu can create a physical body for Yuuna.

Well said my bro!

Sweet, sweet idol arc!!

So some jackass and his bitches dissed the girls. Who wants to bet by the end of the arc he gets a Kogarashi punch?

>Idol arc
The author didn't want to let his idol designs go to waste.

I just hope they don't overly censor the anime like they do in the manga.

Half of why I started reading it is ruined by steam/bubbles/clothing scraps/etc.


So where will S1 get up to? Tengu wife arc?

Sagiri really knows her idols.

I hate how they censor the nipples like that.

If they take it slow and the anime is 12 episodes maybe up to the end of the dragon god arc. If we get 24 episodes the best stopping point would be where everyone admits that they like Kogarashi

>No lewd today

There's always the BDs.

have we had TLkun come through yet? or does he work from the raws and not gook scans?

Hopefully it's good.

It depends on if they do 1 cour or 2 cour. Either way, probably not to the Karura arc. If it's 1 cour, to chapter 26 would be my bet. If it's 2 cour, chapter 53 or 56 would be my bet.

He works from the raws that'll come in a couple days. These scans are just for spoiler purposes

alright, then. see y'all in what may be the last comfy TL thread o7

Is this manga worth reading? I read a little bit in the beginning but didn't really care about it that much back then. I like the artstyle but what kind of plot does it exactly have?

An anime announcement wouldn't be enough to disrupt the thread. I think the chapter before the first episode airs will be the last one.

Gotta praise the author's continuity.


animated tiddies


Ever read To Love Ru? Imagine that, but with supernatural shit.

He really wanted an idol arc to happen.

Threads are already getting worse with more people dissing the series for whatever reason, so its not like they're comfy anymore either.

The only realistic way to keep these threads' status quo would be if the anime adaptation sucks balls.

The series has gotten worse though. There's no more plotline, it's whatever random act of the week the writer can come up with.

That's assuming they follow the source. They could switch everything around for all we know

There was literally a chapter 5 chaps ago that was about the plot. And that author shows he will still do arc stories too with this chapter, which I really don't see why people are complaining about it given that it was going to happen since the author aluded to it already.
It also really wasn't focusing much on the main plotline either (people complained about this, guess you were too blind to see it) before the editor change. I would like more combat arcs and good episodic content too, just saying that it wasn't exactly focused totally on the plot before.

It must be a more serious arc then.

It certainly was more plot focused before than it is now even if it the plot was minimal. Again, every chapter nowadays has no relevance to the previous chapter (unless it's a 2pt) which means every week contains a new and completely random story. It doesn't feel like i'm reading a series anymore.

Tsugumomo threads entered over defensive mode and managed to implode despite the fact that literally no one watched that shitty anime adaptation. The best way to go unscathed is go along with everyone for 3 months instead of picking pointless fights and possibly ruining the threads forever.

Color chapters are unranked + Anime announcement = Safety Net

Pretty sure that's a girl

And Kogarashi doesn't punch women.

>idol girls and manager are sirens
>girls have to deal with it themselves because koga's either under their spell or refuses to fight them
Make this happen Miura

So what will be the studio? Xebec? They did TLR right?

explain further

We'll find out next month probably.

Here's the color version of chapter 86.













How come?
Manga threads are almost the same pre-anime. There's that one user that keeps baiting but nothing else.

say, you think you can post download links to the chapters you have done, since the announcement for English release for next year some sites like Baoto had already taken down the older chapters.




I didn't notice she still had those Kogarashi photos in her room.