So when is that Haifuri S2 coming?

So when is that Haifuri S2 coming?

fuck, dem koukos



I hope Mina makes good use of them regularly.


Hopefully very soon, I need more Mei.

>S2 comes out
>it has a new oversized cast
>Shiro makes a two-second cameo


You posted the three best girls.

Why did Haifuri threads become so everyday? Nit complaining at al.

Well, she doesn't.

Remind me who best girl was?


Maybe not best girl but sure as hell best girl parts.

Those Blue Mermaid swimsuits are wonderful.

They truly are.


Why did Torpedo-chan want to see the world in flames?

Deutsche paizuri please.

It's more fun that way.

Please keep posting more cute haifuri pictures im going to keep watch over this thread, dont mind me

Because she doesn't know if we have started the fire yet.

No op here. but i need more of that trio.


nice mashiro without ponytail.


I would whip out my blåhaj.

I want them to "dock" on my "pier".

Haifuri sucked, but if we don't get a season 2, I will kill myself.

>You will never be the shark Munetani is holding

How does it feel?

Agree. More SoL, actual naval battles without evil hamsters, more gay shit and it will be 21/10 AOTYAY

I want a hajfu.

Captain Mike just left the bridge for an outside mission.

When will Mike get promoted to Admiral?


Wilhelmina and Kouko together

No, there will be cute Submaruner boys and you're gonna like it.


Their friendship was a beautiful thing. I was legit sad when they departed.

Don't know what that is but those are really nice saggy titties. They look soft and real unlike the usual 2D breasts that looks like silicone. Only true breasts lovers knows what I'm talking about here. Also, the blonde one looks like best girl. I want to fuck her.

This is our captain.

Rin is my captain.

Threadly reminder that Mike a shit captain.

I have permission to switch allegiance to the German ship, yes?

She did it for her.


>anime Star Trek with cute girls

Jesus fuck, why is this not a thing yet?

While the series as a whole was a lot of fun, the first few episodes were fucking god tier. If we get a season 2 I really hope they deliver something like that again and no fucking hamsters.

>mfw IKEA finally got blåhaj back in stock

The hamsters would have been fine if they actually did anything with them. Alien parasite invasion, ancient corrupting evil from beneath the waves, shadowy geneti engineering conspiracy, anything but a random escaped science project that gets cured practically offscreen.

Alien parasites exploiting the world's military to wipe one another out so they make it easier to invade would've been thousands of times better.

Hamsters were just the host. It was some ancient microbes from the bottom of the sea.