Oh no you've made Caster upset, what do you do?

Oh no you've made Caster upset, what do you do?

Spill spaghetti and run away.

Poke her pouty cheek.

Do the safety dance

Caster belongs to Teacher. I do nothing.

Head pat is the correct answer

She looks friendly enough to me.

>Spill spaghetti and run away.
Why would you spill it when she's got such a flat chest?

nibble on her ears



Tell sensei is behind her and run away

no hairy ears!

I want to commit illicit acts with this fox

Cheat on her with the youngest, prettiest, wealthiest princess I can find.

This is your god tonight!

Touch fluffy ears.

Pretend I only did it to turn her on, like I always do when I fuck something up.


Summon a better caster.

Try and get some other asshole to summon Jason as their Servant so that Medea can take her anger out on him.

>lancer not hitting on cute girls

Throw her a Saber figure and run away.

chose one

>with larger mana reserves.


Instant diamonds.

God why?
10/10 Body
1/10 face
Does she come with bag?

Excuse me?

This is going to be another FGO thread isn't it?

>NTRing anyone

I want to win the grail war for Medea!


Why choose one when you can have both?

Isn't Cu a rapist?
Like in his myth I'm fairly certain he rapes somebody.
What an awful person.

He was about ready to until Shirou showed him his balls and Lancer's Gae Bolg wilted at the sight

To hide that ugly face?

You've done it now user. I can't take pity on guys like you. Have fun with

i want nobu to step on my balls

Hopefully not I'm sick of any Fate-related thread getting ruined by their shitty mobile game that no one but them cares about.

shes just below nero


user, it's about time for you and the rest of the holdouts on Sup Forums to move on and accept that GO is, and from this point on, always will be, the new core of the Fate franchise and of Type Moon in general.

Is this witch evil?


hug her

tell her everything is going to be okay from now on

the evilest

What the fuck Takeuchi

I think it's more of casual flirting rather than actual NTR.


He wrestles with a redhead that wants him, and then he ends up NTRing her with her sister as far as I know. Not sure if it counts as rape, in the myth the only things they let out were screams. I'm no expert, it's open to interpretation.

she wears really modest clothing

or something


>in the myth the only things they let out were screams

There you have it

what a proper lady



This is the person that thinks Saber is muscular.

GO is the most popular Fate work, stay cucked

>popularity is a metric of quality

objectively best girl!

then you must have posted the wrong picture

The was a whole buildup, too. The original sister tried to get him fit to get his attention, and he was oblivious to her advances until the other sister took advantage of him. The original Cu was MC as fuck.

We can't be sure what she's got under it.

>she's got under it.
big fat witch tits

that or saber pattern underwear

yissss. need.

GGGGG is the artist

How did Kuzuki not make her pregnant?

in fate? because wait until marriage

in general? he did

take her saber figs hostage with a lit fireplace

Prostrate myself.

>mobile game that no one but them cares about
More people care about FGO then any other Fate work user.

You monster.


Ask me about my 37 chapter fanfiction shipping caster and fujimaru ritsuka (female).

Uh can I ask you about your 37 chapter fanfiction shipping caster and fujimaru ritsuka (female)?

There's better stuff to do in front of the fireplace.

cuddle and drink hot cocoa?

It's coming along pretty alright.

Yes. Maybe add just one or two drops of bourbon to it.


Medea is objectively best caster

>Medea is objectively best girl*

Healthy for the throat and all that.

huh, the more you know

I buy her some more Saber figurines.

Its smell can fill the whole room too. Even if it's just a few drops.

Is bourbon good as cologne?

Only if you're waifu's last name is Katsuragi.

wouldnt try it

What about trying it second-hand? From someone?

win her heart


this is a good choice

Tell her she is evil. And that she should wear a witch hat for next halloween.

>eight Seibas in a row

>implying that Souijirou loved Caster back

>literally fixed his autism
sure he did

Invite her to a gangbang party.

ara ara buoiya

Is Carnival Phantasm the pinnacle of Fate?