Show is called "two car"

>show is called "two car"
>90% of each episode is a shitty drama of the week with the remaining 10% consisting of powerpoint races.
Who the fuck thought it was a good idea?

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Because it's actually a yuri romcom drama first and a motorsport racing show third.

Misaki a best.

Isnt this show being made by Silver Link?

Twins next episode

I'm mostly watching for Tiv's designs. Her designs are very boner inducing.

Yes. I am ready.

Finally time for twincest.

>show is called "two car"
>MCs are straight
Who the fuck thought it was a good idea?

>MCs are straight
For now.

Someone with a realistic mind

>Someone with a realistic mind

Well, if you want to decimate any future sales of your own pet project, I guess that's realistic

Oh, a salesfag, time to move on.

You shouldn't expect X when watching JK doing X: the show.

Well, I don't think the problem is that they are straight, it's that they are the only two straight girls in a cast where everyone is gay. And they are not even remotely likable.

Just make it a full blown harem or full blown yuri bait, stick to 1 and commit to it.

They have a freakin' smartphone game lineup for this. They want this to be a franchise

>full blown yuri bait, stick to 1 and commit to it.
They did in Ange Vierge and it also flopped hard.

Everything gets a mobage these days. Nothing special.

>show is called Two Car
>there are more than two cars

Women's "sports" is shit, more news at 11.

>show is called "Two Automobile"
>no motorised carriages
Who the fuck thought it was a good idea?

Listen, I get it. I love lesbian antics too. But I please have a race? They can do gutter runs like nobody's business with the way they can shift weight. They can put the passenger's body over a chasm while cornering.

Reminder that the MC team are by far the best girls, despite what the threads will tell you.
>By far the most competent team
>Constantly bantering but they never lose sight of their endgame
>Hatesex appeal

Hatesex is a shit tier kink.

You should only be watching this show for the cute girls.

Their "banter" is garbage just like the rest of the show

Blatantly false.

Will they have a drama episode or just remain in little gay segments like the baka sisters?

I mean, what would you expect from an anime called two car? Racing stuff?

>our previous show flopped and no one gave a fuck about it, what do we do?
>I know, let's make almost exactly the same show with different setting, it will sure catch fire!

What could possibly go wrong

>show is called Two Car
>the cars have a driver and a passenger
Picked up.

>no eurobeat

I dropped it after making sparkes in the dark episode. Did it get any better?


better main characters than the actual main characters

I agree. They are cuter too.

>being a salesfag

>Two Car mobage game
[citation needed]

Lightning Tornade deserves a spinoff

Misaki & Chiyuki are a sweet couple

Lightning Tornade are the best girls and I feel like they are carrying the show entirely.

Also I do hope we get a S2 after this.

It''s floppping, it won't get a second season.

Hopefully their boyfriends will show up soon.

The boyfriend of Mao would be a huge faggot.

Bakuon did the whole "x obsessed girls do x related things" thing right, this is just sad in comparison.

I want to touch her hair.

Why the fuck did the worst team get 2 (TWO) episodes?

Written by the guy who wrote boku no pico

t. Salesfag

SliverLink is dedicated to this anime, I expect a couple OVA's, mobage games and video game when popularity increases.


Hands off my merchandise you bitch

What it baffles me is that this must be the most yuribait show ever made yet the two MC are literally fighting over a dick, makes you think.

We've been saying this for a long time user, the two MCs are the gayest of them all. They only need a tiny push.

You idolfags deserve to die in a fire

doujins when?

Coach will give them a good push from behind, don't worry

>doujins for a character who is basically doing enjo kosai
I hope you're not anticipating any heartwarming yuri or something.

Not really.

Picked up.

which pair do you want to coach?

>I hope you're not anticipating any heartwarming yuri or something.

You expect some faceless old men trying NTR Misaki right?

The commentators

Definitely the chuunis. They're the cutest and smartest team.

>make show about girls racing
>except there's no racing
One. Fucking. Job.


There is racing right now it's trials

Either the twins or the chuunis.

You mean free practice

Are we talking about Lesbian NTR here

I guess the faceless old man in question is going to NTR Misaki by fucking the coach

faceless old ladies will be the new NTR craze when Chiyuki and Miyuki get fucked hard.

Lighting Tornade

Nagisa now is so hardcore, she pushes Izumi to do things to her that even Izumi herself isn't comfortable with doing. Truly, we were BDSM all along.

What exactly was the lesson we were supposed to learn from the S&M arc?

>non-sexual bdsm reversal
This anime is too advanced. Truly the Ange Vierge of our era.

Lesbians are fucking crazy.

Don't hit your sub wife because there can be a time where you could become her bitch instead.

>mobage game announced

Two Car is going to be the Initial D of this generation

It's like when you take your whip and your partner is like, "nah man, that's old news. you should instead take these metal hooks, put them in my back and make me hang from the ceiling" and you're like "uuuh, I don't know about that".

The abused became the abuser.

It's going to die just like the Ange Vierge mobage did.

Lesbians are fucking awesome

Lesbian are taking over the world ain't taking no show from everyone

Nah, it's gonna flourish Nips love Motorcycles and this game will bring good business into the racing field. If the mobage game is successful then expect to have it in consoles and other shit coming soon.


I'm not surprised, a cast this big is begging for the mobage cash in. If they somehow make something interesting it could help out the show I guess, but it's unlikely.

Fake news
Nothing on their twitter

You can never push yourself as far as another person can push you. Together, we are the Two Car.

That's completely surface-level.

>twincest episode

Don't play sadism games with someone who can easily kill you.

>Dual Purpose
fucking lewd as fuck episode name

Probably before S1 ends. I hope the mobage is successful enough to get fans interested of Two Car sport.

>mobage game
>mobile game game

>gets rid of their twintails


Nice character development.

I want to ride with Misaki

I want to ride Misaki.

>I want to trib with Misaki

My friend, Elel, is so cute!

Elel is disgusting

They are so fed up with the weekly bullshit.

Just look at their faces.
>What a surprise deadeyes-chan, it's happening again.