This is actually a good anime

This is actually a good anime

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No it isn't.

How could this have been saved? Maybe if they stayed in the game until they cleared all 100 floors?


What is this list trying to convey?

It does a lot right. I really dig the choice to use a seinen color palette instead of your standard rainbow hairs. I really wish it was better than it was but it's original at least. In terms of animation and soundtrack it's solid too.

I thoroughly enjoyed SAO. It also got me back into playing MMOs, which I forgot how fun they are. If you take it for what it is and don't compare it to others then it's a good anima

More in game adventures with his party.
Fighting bosses and minibosses here and there
Discovering magic or some kind of alchemy
Kirito is basically the guy who writes the in world guide book that everyone uses to keep themselves safe.
Finding glitches in the program that can be used.
I actually wanted his dual wielding to be a feature that was not implemented that he discovered while he was out gathering information.

dunno but it has /m/echa shit so I can't fathom it being anything but bait

>80s shit
gee grandpa, get with the times

>If you take it for what it is
>it's supposed to be bad

>tfw a parody is better than original


I swear, this is the bait everyone tries at least once.

Yeah. Just like Miyazaki makes actual good movies and boku no pico is bad. It's all bait!

Dead meme

I've watched this (only SAO) like two years ago and to be honest, it was okay. I don't remember much about it but Kirito's "invincible" hero thing wasn't as bad as everyone says. That said, I think the way the characters act and some of their motives are really strange even when I try not to pay much attention.

Probably the most jarring thing for me is the comical scenes being animated in the same serious art style as all the other scenes.

The story was promising, but it felt very average in the end. All in all, it's an okay anime that got very popular in it's time.

A bit of digressing, I didn't follow through season two and all that just because LiSA didn't make the OPs anymore. I don't know why, but Eir Aoi sounds horrible to me. It's happened in ufotable Fate too but at least Kalafina and Aimer are pretty good in my opinion.

I saw some of it and fucking hated it

>because LiSA didn't make the OPs anymore
Dunno, the Mother's Rosario OP, courage, was my favorite.

>Kirito is now less of an edgy faggot and more of just a quiet guy
>No longer the chosen one or the best player, just one of many people in the game
>All haremettes besides Glop Glop removed
>more focus on Klein and BLACKEDsmith
>Show is about Kirito slowly losing faith in whether or not there's an actual world outside of SAO or if it's just an illusion and he's a computer program
>death (permanently) of computer loli speeds up this process
>eventually he fights up to the end of SAO, wins
>show fades to black before he enters the real world, leaving it unknown whether he survived or died
>not animated by A-1 pictures

>writer admitted he had never played an MMO and was based off of his perception of them
>got you back into MMOs

I want to kick Kirito in the face with a steel-toed boot.

Better than what we get now for sure

I have actually never heard of a single one of these. Is this just bait or are these genuinely good shows?
Respect your elderly, chick.

I never understood this. How is Kirito edgy, other than black being his favorite color?

>best player
Chosen one, yes. Best player? Never really clear one way or the other; Asuna was supposedly faster than him, and without the cheaty skill "Dual Blades", he's just another one of the many players at the top of the game.

>death (permanently) of computer loli
Yes please, she's fucking annoying.

>writer admitted he had never played an MMO
What? He's had several interviews where he reminiced about his days playing Ultima Online back in the late 90s, and how he often plays on English MMO servers whenever he has time nowadays (which isn't often).
Why are people spreading this kind of fanfiction about what the author has and hasn't said?

Shit, here's a whole interview where the Kawahara and Katsuhiro Harada (some game producer with Bamco) just talk about their time playing old video games, especially MMOs.

>I have actually never heard of a single one of these. Is this just bait or are these genuinely good shows?
>neo-Sup Forums

You did nothing wrong. Have fun with your waifu.


>Miyazaki makes actual good movies
Literal retard detected.

What is wrong with you

>watching butchered anime
>not reading LN
you done fucked up

pls rate fan fiction

Kirito defeats Spike Spiegel, adds Senjogahara, Holo, and Astolfo to his harem, and in the final scene he just walks into random workshop and receives a new shiny longsword ordered for "the Black Swordsman", with after-credits scene showing Guts, with no weapon nor money, wondering who the heck received his sword.

The most annoying thing about it was the second half of the first season. Fairyworld had no build up that got stuck and it was basically imouto-fest with Asuna-NTR/rapefetish. Hell half of the series is bascially about how to torture Asuna:
>Being afraid of death
>dying/sacrificing herself for her lover
>NTR/rape/sexslave/memory alteration
>being pimped out by mother
>memory loss

If i didn´t know any better i´d say they tried to generate as many doujins as possible.

Legitimately sounds better than SAO