Houseki no Kuni

>it's not saturaday yet

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Is she ok?


Just a rock wound.

>you'll never be as smug as Lapis


>posting in a thread that will get deleted at any minute

That thread is cursed.
It has PLEASE MODS DELETE ME written all over it.

Don't shill my thread please.

i buzz your thread...arent you happy?

C a i r n g o r m

Can i have all the webms/Banners/BINGO from the previous thread? thanks

Maybe I can be your Lapis for tonight~








Thanks 2

Thanks 3

We still need to make a banner of this, please do not forget!

Can't wait for s2 to see animated Lapis.

no way fag

Cant wait to see her ground to dust.

>asking every thread for identical reposts from the previous thread.
It's literally in the catalog, user. Go look at them yourself instead of wasting the bump limit on regurgitating used-up memes like a stale general.


That's the point, user, we are not a general, and new people coming to the thread will be able to get them too.

>that dumb smile
I want to spoil this rock

>inb4 phos get so augmented she go demented

I love Onii-sama

>implying she isn't already


btw, what even is that thing behind Phos? A landing pad? A ship itself?

lain reference?

Pee rock is cute.

ewww ugly

The face of pure suffering.

*Just a little bit

To think Lapis never even said his name. Poor third wheel Cairn.

Well, he didn't have a name back then, it was only given to him after Phos suggested so

Or, rather, he was also named Ghost, and interacted with Lapis then his personality took precedent over Ghost's


Phossy did
[] Everything wrong
[] Everything right
[] Something wrong





Is this /u/?

I actually laughed.

It's as much /u/ as it is /y/.


no cunny

I want Bortz and Neo-Phos to 2-turn me between them.

Simultaneously /u/, /y/, and /h/

you done gud

This show is truly an underrated BS_

Would this horny bastard fuck a gem?

I'm pretty sure that if it walks, an Admirabilis would fuck it.

HnK + MGS memes when?

Someone post that cheating meme image with Phos, Cinnabar and Lapis shopped on it


Thank you

i turned myself into a snail shell Diamond!


These Amethysts are too lewd.

What does this trumpet mean?

Shinsha doesn't deserve this.

VA joke.


Damn, Pixiv just keeps churning out more and more art.
Oh look, its Shinsha. And she's crying.

And another one!
How many crying Cinnamons is this now?

But she isn't.

How long 'til Phos totally breaks her?

I love all the art this series gets.


The best gemship.

Is it just me, or is Phos packin' here.


Diamond a cute

This smug gem slaps your ass and proudly displays it's rock formation, what do you do?



One of these days, the combined prayers of a thousand nip artists will cause Diamond to spontaneously develop tits.

Heresy, Dia is perfect as she is.

What would even be the purpose of rock boobs? They wouldn't even feel good to grope.

Ok, that's pretty good.

They've already started trying to meme a gempussy onto her.

He definitely is.

>we'll never see Self-Blame animated

Literally diamonds.
Why is Bort so pretty?

[x] Genuflect

You would grope them until they shattered, some serious SM play.


I want to tenderly love old Phos, and then have neo-phos forcefully instill submission into me.

Are you ready for moon trip?


I actually have no idea how dark can it get. Imagine a panel where Dia is being ground while conscious, yeling something about Bort.

Yiz, gemboobs.

>The comrades I've lost

That's my fetish!