Why is this show censoring all the panty shots on funimation streaming?

Why is this show censoring all the panty shots on funimation streaming?

Snake was the only good thing.

I can't believe I'm saying this, the dub is so good


>Funimation streaming

The dub changed a bit of the original script. Some scenes don't even make sense anymore.


>buy the bluray

The dub for this is actually pretty good.
Not even baiting here.

Dubbing hasn't been that bad for more than 15 years. There's a smaller core of professional voice actors, compared to Japan. So there's just fewer total voices and less that really stand out as amazing, but the actual average performances are easily comparable. You're literally being mad about something that hasn't been true for longer than most people here have even been able to watch these shows.


>the dub is so good
>hasn't been that bad
I don't see why you are arguing when you just admitted dubs are bad.

You literally mentioned one (1) of the reasons why dubs are inferior and concluded that they are in fact inferior. If this is the dubfag's idea of an argument I'd honestly prefer the good old "weeeeeb" posts.

Ddin't one of the VAs quit because he hated the source material?

He quit because he didn't want to voice pic related.

Shut the fuck up.

What's the proper translation of "gal"?

Because of the patriarchy dub

I watched the "uncensored version" on KissAnime and they STILL censored some things.

Like what? I only remember the disco being scene. nothing more.

Either instathot or valley girl.

I think there was another scene other than that, but maybe it was intended.


This show was made barely watchable by the dub.


A good dub?

what is this heresy?!

The girls were bitches, but Nene was a miracle.

Those tits are bigger than her head.

I wouldn't want to be associated with a literal pedophile either.

What the hell is up with the title though?

Would YOU voice a pedo and have your real name listed in the credits?

its just a job. Actors who play pedophiles on TV series still do the job so why wont he?

I have yet to watch the show. What did he do?

>8 weeks of fun harem hijinx
>9th episode, Yame's true nature is revealed

Fucking cunt.

yeah but I woudn't work for funi, that place is bizzaro

because american voice "actors" are giant babies.


The fuck?


Is that a problem?