Hero academia 159

This arc was so bad

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This arc was the best fuck you you contrarian faggot

>Chapter is out
>Nobody gives a shit
What killed the hype?

>The fucking frog is against saving a friend kidnapped by the enemy because muh rules
>But goes out of her way to save her crush even when she isn't needed there

This proves once again that mutants are the scum of society

>Villains took Overhaul, his goons, the finished product AND the serum that reverses the darts.

Based Shiggy. I bet he's going to make Overhaul fix Magne with the promise of sparing him and then just murder him.

for ants


Seriously? Shogi not chess? can hori make it more apparent he is ripping of hxh with shogi and the king? fucking say chess not shogi

Yet you still knew what it was. We Naruto now.

Nah he's going to kill him and take his goons , besides overhaul can only bring someone back if they died at the moment recently, magne been died for days

If he knows what it is, it's because someone is spamming it.

Should've dropped it forever ago.

Reminder to ignore and Report shitposter-kun aka grapefag aka HxHfag

Are you retarded?

Don't fall for bait

How will we look back at this moment? Will it be
Or something else?

Also, new Vigilante chapter (raw).
Iida the greater is back


This is the dumbest shit I ever read, congrats.

Shogi and king? why didn't hori use chess as a metaphor? it's obviously trying to copy hxh but atleast hxh had meaning behind it

Can't wait for Eri to completely heal All Might!

>last arcs asspulls
le madman xDDDD
>this arc
"Hori is literally Hitler, he has gone to far and has to be stopped"

what changed your attitude Sup Forums?

I personally find this manga shit the wholeway through

>Not escorting the truck containing the boss guy for possible interceptions

they must secretly hope the villains die on the way to the hospital

I can't believe they're giving Aizawa/Tsuyu fans bait at this point.

The police are with them.
They'll be fine.

Only good thing about this arc will be the eri lewds and doujins

The arc over, we can hopefully move on to better things.

Wait, so what's stopping Eri from rewinding All Might to his original stronger state?

i'll consider this arc a success if we don't get another rescue eri arc.
ANYTHING but more rescue arcs.

It would kill him.

Well Eri is rescued. I don't know if anyone knows that the VA is now in possession of the serum and bullets.

didn't kill Deku

you're the contrarian

Why would those be in the van going to the hospital? Also, they can't make more bullets without Eri

Frog and Uraraka did NOTHING this arc

Frog is the biggest teachers pet and she more than likely wants to fuck him.

They'll need Eri if they want to make more.

Seems Nighteye should have put in a bit more effort, instead of yapping on about how the future he sees can't be changed.

They were with the personal possessions of the Yakuza.

>the future can't be changed never ever
>except this once, because you're special xDDDD
What was the point of Nighteye, seriously? You guys shit on Eri and Chisaki, but he's the most fucking retarded character in the manga by a landslide.

>take Eri blood
>feed it to toga
>toga becomes Eri
>Twice takes measurements
>Twice can now copy Eri
>take EgiTwices and melt them into bullets

doesn't Nighteye change the future every time he use his quirk to dodge an atack?

No he sees the attack and sees himself evading. He doesn't change it after observation.

how does that even work? Nighteye was a mistake

what do you mean? she subdued an unconscious chisaki.

what's the point of seeing the future to dodge attacks then? He'll definitely dodge it anyway from what you're saying. Face it, Hori fucked up

Absolutely nothing! Just have her give him a back rub for a few minutes until he's back at pre-injury health, then have Eraserhead glance at her to stop her from turning him into a fetus. Done and done!

Why the fuck are the cops transporting 11 super-villains without a single hero for protection?

>cat turns into a bus

wait what?

From what I got, he can put additional events inbetween but people will always die the way he saw in his precognition, except Deku of course

If it weren't for Uraraka, Ryukyu wouldn't have been able to crash Bane through the roof and Chisaki would have killed Deku.

because the police secretly hates heroes and collaborates with them out of necessity. wouldn't be surprised if ''villain hospital'' is actually auschwitz.

Such is the fate of female characters in Shonen. Or maybe Hori is just being faithful to 1960s Stan Lee-written female characters.

stop using "we" when you are the only lunatic trying to shitpost about this arc like a fanatical faggot.

Tell me they did not just stuff all 11 guys in one vehicle and transport them without any security

From earlier chapter it seems that Nighteye's future vision ending was absolute.

You can change what happens in the middle of the vision but eventually time will correct it and you'll always get the ending.

For whatever reason Deku was able to change the ending for the first time.


>what's the point of seeing the future to dodge attacks then?
To dodge them. He sees himself dodging the attack.
He dodges them through his quirk but right on the activation. After he sees himself dodging them there is no way around it.
>Face it, Hori fucked up
As far as deku changing it yes there needs to be further explanation.

So is nobody gonna point out the fact that Shigaraki has all of his hands attached to his body again? It's been a while.

Guns are still dangerous in bnh.

The best explanation one can give is that Eri "erased" Nighteye's prediction.

>why are the main character of a story special? It should be realistic and they should be dead because only me is intelligent enough to defeat everybody with my reader logic and superior prediction of teenager comics plots.



This is Eri AKA the banshee loli of doom. everyone wanted her dead and/or dequirked out of this arc, but she survived despite that
say something nice about her

So that's why Hori took an extra week for this chapter, to draw all those fucking hands

>After he sees himself dodging them there is no way around it.
Or he could just not dodge. Like in his no-stakes fight with Deku. He could have seen himself dodge and declared "fuck you destiny" and taken a kick to the face, or maybe even dodged in a different direction.

Aren't the clones made up of goo?

You can't get the blood/plasma from clones. They'll need to operate on the real Eri.

more like she rewound Deku's fate before the point of the vision.

More like Boku no one dies Academia.

this chick is in shonen jump so she's 100% guaranteed to turn into an useless fodder character

>To dodge them. He sees himself dodging the attack.
The future says he will 100% dodge the attack and you think he has to see the future to dodge it? That makes no sense. He will dodge it 100% whether he sees the future or not but the way Nighteye said it, it was that he needed to see the future to see the attacks and dodge but his quirk shouldn't work this way cause he can't change the future. This quirk was a mistake

But the clones can activate their quirks. Dabi clones can shoot fire and so on.
That means they have to have the blood right?
Quirks are genetic.

>Shiggy actually going out on the field to assist his members
About fucking time. I can't remember the last time he did that since the first time he was introduced.

Most quirks seem like they'd lose to bullets.

Is that a persona refrence?

she's cute

>The future says he will 100% dodge the attack and you think he has to see the future to dodge it?
Yes. It happens during the observation. But afterwards it can't be changed.

>That means they have to have the blood right?
>Quirks are genetic.
see also : half the Xmen characters.

so all the attacks he dodged from deku during his mini-test will come back to him eventually in the future? Not gonna happen and you know it.

What's the fucking point of going to an acadamy to get a licence when they just send out the students to arrest hardened criminals?

I think we've had what, 2-3 chapters at most of the students actually getting taught shit.

>any asspull is fine because the MC isn't going to die anyway
Are you retarded? everyone knew Deku the shonen MC would not die, but it doesn't make Nighteye's absolute future visions any less retarded.

>>Quirks are genetic.


If they had blood then they would explode in a bloody gory mess instead of piles of goo.

she's actually really useful and gets a ton of screentime. 2nd most screentime in the series after Asta

>his face is normal

why the fuck was he wearing the mask then?

They had the quirkless police security guarding it, no worries.

>>Quirks are genetic.
now this is speedreading

Reminder that Eri is officially Deku's side kick.

Deku, the new Symbol of Peace, will only ever take one adorable loli side kick.

Since she can rewind herself she can stay pure as a loli forever. Truly, this was their Hero Academia.

>muhhh asssspullllll I wanted MY story instead!
Fuck of, Jesus christ. Every week you come in that thread ordering us to hate a manga you apparently don't read and hate, over and over. And everytime your argument is "there's MY version of how this story must be written. Don't like it? you are just a muh fanboy liking asspulls"

> It happens during the observation. But afterwards it can't be changed.
So the future can be changed during the observation but not afterwards. do u have any proof of this or is this just your headcanon?

that manga is fairly new user, give it time

Looks like it takes control of it or somehow fuse with it. There is a textbox that i think says what the cats quirk is

get a load of this speedreader

He has germ phobia and doesn't want to breathe the contaminated air of normalfags

Just because they say it doesn't mean that's how it works, since by definition DNA can't allow any of hteir power except maybe ugliness. It's magic with a fancy name so mouthbreather that want to feel special can say it's not magic but science instead.

>133 chapters and over 2 years

That's because he's only fighting cops. He doesn't stand a chance against real Pro Heroes and he knows it.

Well that is how it is explained. He specifically said it can't be changed after. But he uses his quirk to evade deku getting the stamp for example.
So that only leaves out that it happens right then during the activation.

She is great.

>be villain in 20XX
>Symbol of Peace shows up to stop me
>looks like this
would shit my pants and surrender honestly