Stupid sexy 12 year olds

Stupid sexy 12 year olds


Wait shit I thought the cast was like 15.


>Saten is a 12 year old
No wonder she's not slobbering over Touma's dick

For some reason this thread made me automatically replace Spooky Scary Skeletons in the song of the same name with "stupid sexy 12 year olds". But I will not post the results. I just want to thank you for making my evening.

I'd water her flowers if you know what I mean

More like 13-14. I think Mikoto might be 15.

They aren't all in the same year.

Satan is cute in that pic!

Mikoto is 14, Uiharu, Saten and Kuroko are 13. Touma and Accel are 15.



Imagine how fun it would be to manhandle their tiny bodies

Railgun is that rare case in anime where the main cast looks older than their actual age.

Ouma suits you, phonyposter.


Pretty sure they're 13. Also, disgusting JC Staff sameface

They’re listed as 12-13

I always assume Saten was 16, I even read the Railgun manga and never realised this. Now I feel like a pedophile for fapping to Saten.

When does she even meet Touma? LN's?
Because I just started watching and they love not introducing Touma to any of Misaka's friends.

Pedophilia has nothing to do with age. A pedophile is someone who is sexually attracted to prepubescent children.

Saten always struck me as an onee-san type character even if she wasn't older than Misaka.
A dumb, but well meaning onee-san character. Didn't realize she was so young.

Saten has a spade tattoo!


Why did you say two statements that completely contradict eachother?

I did not, puberty and age are roughly correlated, but there is no direct link between Pedophilia and age.

Why do I like the Uiharu here?
I should be outraged, but I'm not.

>got Mikoto two times in a row
Now I just need dubs to verify.

that's my kind of itty bitty titty

Too bad.

And carry them out of the combat zone.