Manga or anime?

Manga or anime?

Don't you fucking say both you stupid subhumans, holy shit how fucking retarded do you have to be to suggest someone sit through the same story twice in a row.



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>how fucking retarded do you have to be to suggest someone sit through the same story twice in a row.
It's that good to be honest. You should check out the manga first then the anime a few months later.

How about you watch/read both and tell us, faggot?

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Unless you're gonna read and watch simultaneously, you still need to pick one to go first.

So then how about the one that was created first????


Honestly, neither version is really superior to the other in my opinion, they both have their ups and downs.

The manga is shorter, you don't have to stand bad animation like you have to for the first season of the anime, and it's the original work.
On the other hand it feels like it goes by a bit too quick with some of the characters being simply glossed by and underdeveloped in the manga and while the art is never bad, it's also rarely ever great.

The anime on the other hand takes its time to develop and mostly flesh out the side characters, the second season looks pretty good for being from 1980, the directing is superb, and the anime original content is mostly good supplemental content interwoven into the source well.
Problems with it is that it's 126 episodes long, and that's mostly because of the aforementioned fleshing out of characters and anime original content, but also because the show in areas is paced badly. The first season of the anime has some really bad animation, and the second season falters a bit in the second half as well.

So they both have their good and their bad, pick based on that. If you prefer manga, chances are go with the manga version. If you prefer anime, go with the anime version.
Also, it's recommended that you skip the last 26 episodes of the first season since they're pretty bad and re-done much better in the first 12 episodes of Ashita no Joe 2.

>that ending

wtf was the author thinking? literally the most depressing ending also i hope hajime no ippo autor doesn't pull this shit ever.


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I haven't read the manga, but the first season of the anime is a poorly paced slog that aged like milk and one of Dezaki's weakest works. AnJ2 however, is a masterpiece and is easily in Dezaki's top 5 best.

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I've only seen the anime. It's a classic, even if personally it left me pretty disappointed.

>wtf was the author thinking?
They actually came up with that ending a few minutes before handing it in. Both him, and the artist had no idea how to end the series, but one of them thought back to his "burned to white ash" speech to Noriko. Also Joe didn't really die in the manga; the ending envisioned was one of Yoko watching over Joe. The anime goes for the death ending though.

Waiting for the manga chapters to slowly get translated was torture.
I love it, It's one of my favorite mangas and it's absolutely a classic and Joe is a very tragic character. I for one love the ending and the page of Joe dead on the stool is iconic

wait ,there are people who actually watch and read the manga and anime ?

Manga, fool