Who needs little sisters when you've got this?

Who needs little sisters when you've got this?

Just the tip.
Inferiority complex.

Best animated scene in this anime so far.
Need more in future episodes.

who the fuck salivates so much over their chopsticks
this little lady looks like she's in need of some serious education regarding table manners

Ridiculous, next thing you'll tell me is that this innocent highschool girl isn't eating ice cream right.

A little sister actually loves her brother for who he is. She doesn't love him, she only loves the concept of him and what he represents, and he knows that, that's why he can't love her back.

current state of anime, everyone
garbage made for degenerates

Why did she put her hair behind her ear?

lewd animation designed for fan services isn't something new.

these the same series?


>Was gonna ask for sauce
>Decides not to
>Download webm to fap
>Webm says the sauce

Because it's erotic

Have fun. theres a particularly great scene in episode 2.


So she doesn't get spit and semen in her hair. Nips have a thing for cleanliness but western sluts don't care.


It's so the hair doesn't hide stuff from the camera


>she has an involuntary O spasm just from finger sucking


sometimes I think this show was made to advertise beers

Disgusting. Why does Japan cater to shitskins with scenes like this?


I need a brother like this.

What are you talking about. She's pure! Shes 16 and virgin.


Dont say gross to food, dont you know there are starving children in Asia?

I can't find this week anime short, does anyone know the reason?

I need them

What for?
What can she offer that Nayu cant?

I want to take a bath with a brother like this (no homo).

My pervert brother like to wear girlĀ“s pantsu, have muscular chest and really small bulge.
What is wrong with him??