Pre-2000s Anime Thread

Which older titles have you been checking out lately?

Finally got around to watching the Birdy the Mighty OVAs since I dug the TV series. Did not disappoint.

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birdy a cute

I've been watching Ideon. It isn't engaging in the slightest, a whole lot of very basic static shots that last way too long, and then characters having very short exchanges that are always directly relevant to the plot and lack personality. But I wanna know what the hype around the ending and movie is all about, and I wanna finish an old mecha show for the sake of having finished an old mecha show.

That's bizarre, I'm also watching Ideon and was just about to write up my thoughts. What gets me is how everyone seems constantly pissed off with each other. Karala and Bes might be the only likable characters so far, everyone else is just constantly screaming at each other. I am still finding enough moments to keep me engaged, but I'm really just in it for the movie.

Speaking of early mecha I recently finished the 7 episode ova Patlabor: the early days and the first 2 movies. They were fantastic.

I wouldn't mind if there was good drama between them, and the show did a good job of conveying their emotional tension. But there just isn't. Little information is given about the character's pasts or who they are really. Like I said, they only ever talk about things directly related to the plot, and are just aggressive as they do so.

Karala and Bes might as well be the main characters.

Ideon could greatly benefit from a remake. The ending movie was pretty dope at least.

Finished Slayers OVA and some movies. Slayers is always fun to watch. I love the old group but seeing the episodic adventures of Lina and Naga is so much fun I just want more and more.

Ha, I finished Ideon about two weeks ago, and I really loved the character drama and the tension between the people in the ship (although it could have been done better). Actually, aside from the fights (which were okay at best) I really enjoyed almost everything, especially the music, the music of Ideon is fantastic. The ending of course is lovely but I'll let you experience it spoiler free of course.
The gif in the post though was weird as hell, even for Tomino usual antics. Karala was definitely the best character of the show and the most sympathetic one.
Yeah, I wish Bes got more development and fighting moments. Overall I would have preferred if the all series had the light sabers duels instead of the meh mecha fights.

90's fantasy cutie patootie

I fucking love space racism, people on a big ship in space, and Karala is 10/10 so I found Ideon to be fantastic. If those elements don't grab you, I'm not sure.
I'm generally not into mech, but fuck I love 'in space on a giant spaceship' type shows. Even western shit like Stargate Atlantis and Battlestar Galactica.

if any Tomino series will be remade, it would probably be the 79 Gundam with an actual Origins adaptation.

The first Burn Up had good character design and a nice premise. I wonder why they decided to fuck up with those sequels.

Watch Otokojuku if you haven't already

Lodoss War

>mfw I realized Cosmo is angery 24 hours a day but I still like him

Is she cuter than Shion?

Decode was a hot mess.

Sailor Moon is a lot more fun than people give it credit for. Some of the filler is a bit of a slog to fight through, but Ikuhara episodes are excellent and a great fun. Episode 15 is my favorite so far, it brought couple of legitimate smiles to mine face.

I'm about to watch Hana yori Dango. Hope it's just as awful and unintentionally hilarious as the manga.

Currently watching Nadia, why didnt you faggots tell me it had nazi klan members who worship ancient atlantean technology?

this shit was a drag to get through

the real question is why the fuck are you watching it in that fucked up aspect ratio

I started watching Ai shite Knight. The ED is unbearably cute.

For me, original dubbed Sailor Moon is the perfect storm. There's enough genuinely good aspects for it to give genuine enjoyment, but it's also ridiculous and bizarre enough that you can just laugh off the bad aspects like filler and subplots that make no sense

The resolution is laptops default, I did stretch it to window because I like it that way.

The filler isn't a slog. If anything the plot is a slog, or would be if there were a lot of it (see: Crystal). There really aren't many episodes that are actually bad.

I'm a different user but I enjoyed it a lot when i thought of it as a moving-artbook-with-music deal more than something whose plot you were supposed to be surprised and engaged by (because the plot is non metaphorically ripped from the authors' stock-standard DnD campaign.)

It's incredibly fun and good, and I usually think the filler is enjoyable too. I'm glad new people are still looking up and watching it.

i have been watching lupin part II
it isn't as good as part 1 and 4 but its ok so far
maybe i will watch a little of part III to see how it is

i'm picturing Nadia version of that wide homura image that used to get posted

>only the first one to ten episodes of a 40 episode anime is actually subbed
what her name, Sup Forums?

I need more Hibari-kun in my life.


Yeah, Burn Up W was really disappointing. It felt so cynical in comparison to the original which was so fun and energetic.

Still the best fantasy anime I've ever seen that was'nt Berserk. I loved how straight it played everything - and the art and directing were top tiered.

I watched the two Ariel OVAs. The ability to build immense amounts of faux tension for the ridiculous scenarios, along with one of the best anime sound tracks ever, made this extremely enjoyable for me. The directing was top tiered especially. Despite looking a bit cheap it really was a great mecha parody.

Currently working through the original Cutey Honey, which has surprisingly great fight choreography at times, the original Dirty Pair, which lags a bit in the middle when the explosions are lacking, and Tekkaman Blade, which is edgy as fuck in the best way possible.

Tonight I'm going to watch Goshogun: Time Etranger, and maybe watch the Dirty Pair movie with some friends if we decide to do that.

last I heard about Hibari was that most of the work was done the guy needed a translation checker

what's this


Ace wo Nerae 2

Kinda working backwards for some reason, watching the original Dominion Tank Police after having seen the 'New' OVA

I liked New but the original has a lot more charm, plus an absolutely stellar and far more appropriate soundtrack. The dub and English script is also pretty solid, had a few hearty laughs out of it

nice face.

>original dubbed Sailor Moon is the perfect storm
Kill yourself.

I really liked Birdy Decode, is the earlier series just as good/better?

I appreciate the older aesthetic, but I thought the animation in Decode was really fluid.

Nadia is so much better than a lot of other Gainax shows that get more attention if you know what I mean.

The original is way better. That one animator who worked on Decode is overrated as fuck. It's the guy who did that stupid helicopter feet thing in Naruto.
Muh fluid motion doesn't mean shit when each frame looks hilariously bad.

Fair enough, I don't remember any hilariously bad animation like in Naruto in Decode, but I wasn't really looking for it.
I'll definitely give the original Birdy a watch though.

so I'm about to dive into galaxy express 999 movie and I want to know, how does captain harlock fit into this universe? Is it b/c he is made by the same creator that he has a cameo?

Spontaneously bought a Super Atragon tape. Watched half of it because the tape didn't say it was only part one.

The gravity lens idea was cool but it didn't hook me enough to make me seek out the second half.

The world needs more Naga.

Wish they made more if this. Loved the setting/lore in the film.

I say this every thread but I want more fantasy anime that takes itself seriously

Finally watching the beast that is logh. I did watch tekkaman blade which while slow at points had a pretty dang cool theme and sequences/combat at times.

>mfw blaster voltekka
>there is no face


Currently watching Gokudou-kun Manyuuki. This show is pure gold.
Hilarious, anti-hero/villain MC is my jam

this actually looks amazing aside from the looney tunes run

ping pong club

I think they're set in the same universe. I have seen Harlock but not 999.

She's pretty fun but I actually like the group's chemistry more than when it's just her and Lina.

Finally got around to watching the BD of Ninja Scroll last night. It was just as trashy/ridiculous/GAR/awesome as I thought it would be. Also, I now realize just how much the character designs influenced fighting games like Samurai Shodown, Soul Edge & The Last Blade. /spoiler]

>feminists want to take away our right to breed with waifubots

Cute idol show.
Pretty moe but cuter than the blob shit we get now.

I love this show, funniest I've seen in a long while. Almost as good as Slayers

I never got around to finishing this. I loved it, too.

>space racism
>not spacism

Oh my god Armitage I so need to watch this again. I fucking loved her.

If no TLC is available they should just release the shit as-is.

A TL with grammar errors is better than no TL

There seem to be people commenting that on his blog but it's been months now and nothing new

Curently doing Bubblegum Crisis, it seems really bad so far, bad animation and bad sfx.
Am I doing something wrong? I really want to like it.

It has the best fucking song ever written for a Chinese cartoon, though.

First couple of episodes are rough, but stick with it. It really heats up after that and the art and animation improve considerably.

I finished Ideon two months ago, it was hard to swallow at the beginning, the animation was meh, and the story could have been better.
After watching A Contact i felt i could have watched that movie and spare me 39 episodes but then again the series explains some shit that the movie barely touches. Also the TV ending was unsatisfying.
Be Invoked was really something though, took everything the show did to the limit and animation at the end was really good.
I'm still surprised that i only really liked Karala, Bes and Cosmo (sometimes) yet i watched the whole thing. Also the Ideon is a cool concept.

Tonight I'm going to do it. I'm going to finish watching Megazone 23. Twice I have attempted to watch OVA 2, but fell asleep both times. Not tonight, third time's the charm!

I agree with you. I sometimes listen to the OST all night long.
But Bubblegum Crash has more explanations about certain subjects like Largo's backstory. And have you guys watched Tokyo 2040?

Area 88

Watched a few episodes of Ruroni Kenshin(until 5), then read the manga of those episodes and dropped it because it was censored and I didn't like the differences.

I have to say, nice animation and art

True cute girls are timeless.

>Am I doing something wrong?
Yes, the animation is rough at times but I never found the quality to be a deal breaker. You probably just want to dislike it to be a contrarian.

In my opinion the animation is "bad" maybe if you compare it to Akira. But it is pretty damn good by regular standards, even in those slightly rougher first episodes where there is the occasional cheap shot. The climax in episode one especially looks great. To me the art and SFX are amazing all throughout - and it just gets better and better, peaking in it's audio-visual features by episode 7. So yeah, I don't know what to say to you because I'm not seeing what you are here.

I was pretty much hooked on BGC the second Konya Wa Hurricane started playing - it's great how every episode had it's own amazing soundtrack. The background music in the show is great as well.

I just finished Time Etranger, I honestly feel like it may be the better art houseish anime film of that year ( comparing it to Angel's Egg), Remy's whole struggle was incredibly inspiring and the direction and art was on point the whole way through. I'm amazed that this is a sequel to some random super robot show ( who knows maybe it is masterful as well). I'm pretty comfortable calling it a masterpiece, it was just so well put together and evocative.

Great OVA

almost done with super. who will be best sailor senshi?

I rarely see it mentionned though.
Just finished episode 3 like told me and it's still pretty bad.
The animation does get better after episode 1, and I think my problem is more with the direction of the show: characters act like retards and it's full of little things like bad cuts, voice sync, cheesy scenes, and general lack of impact of anything. That and none of the characters are likeable so far. Priss and the little brother are especially punchable.
I guess it's my fault for expecting another Platlabor. Ota looks like a master tactician compared to these girls.

This is the only quality I can find in the show: the insert songs are great.

sage for shit tastes I guess.

Anyone know how the TV anime compares.

It's shit compared to the OVA

This. There's no need for it or the manga past that point. Ending was plenty satisfying.

nip slip

Found this pic related watching Ranma Half. Which is surprisingly funny, and endearing, given I hated Rumiko's other works and I can tell it's fundamentally similar. I guess it's just the right combination of self aware retarded romcom action to be good.

>Want to get into Gundam
>Has everything I want in show from the sounds of it
>Watch the first few episodes of 0079
>It's boring as shit
>Gundam looks goofy
Is it possible to overcome this

Maybe it's not your thing. Watch 08MS, most normalfags like it.

I actually did it. This sounds stupid but you actually have to use your imagination similar to how you read a book. You have to ramp up the intensity in your head. Because the story is good and the events are heavy on the characters. Its just the animation makes combat and defeats trivial.

depends on what your problem is
if it's the pacing just watch the 0079 movie trilogy instead
if it's the art/animation, your eyes will probably adjust to it given a few more episodes
if you just find the entire thing boring (the first episode is a pretty good start IMO) then just don't bother. or maybe watch something newer and flashier like Seed/00/IBO, they're all mediocre in execution though.

The first season of 00 is great though

its good, but the 2nd season + movie makes the whole series feel like a waste of time

I found the first episode of 0079 boring. It s hard to explain, but I didn't enjoy any of it and wasn't invested.

I just like to imagine that they don't exist

I personally find episode 1 to be one of the best first episodes ever. I think the directing and pacing is phenomenal - and it is a fucking brutal start. It may just not be your kind of show.

Or people have different tastes. Don't let that trigger your autism.

If you don't think Konya Wa Hurricane and that entire sequence is the tightest then get outta here

No guys popular thing is actually bad notice my opinions!

Just finished Mahoujin Guruguru and the movie. 8/10, very comfy and fun. Nice designs.
Also just got around to watching Macross II and Macross Plus.
Macross II was pretty bland, but not really horrible in any way. 6/10
Macross Plus was a masterpiece, and one if the best anime I've ever seen. Perfect in almost every way.
Reading Getter Robo G right now, Getter Robo was okay, pretty good ending, and nice designs. Good characters.

Macross Plus is fantastic visually and aurally, but the story is a clusterfuck

Yeah, that's why I put almost every way. The narrative and characters were a bit weak, but the themes of the story were very engaging, and the way they adapted the Macross narrative was much more original than II's glib facsimile.

I'm considering getting into Mahoujin myself. Seems pretty top tier for a show aimed at very young children.