Watched it all, and that was the one of the worst anime I've ever sat through

Watched it all, and that was the one of the worst anime I've ever sat through.
>episode 1 complete shit
>keep watching
>through episode 6, still garbage
>it gets better
>get through episode 12, nothing happening and its still shit
>second half is where it gets better
>finish all eps, the whole thing was shit and meaningless
>end of evangelion redoes the shit ending
>that sucks too
>try rebuilds where they yet again try to make something out of this fucking mess
>still fucking sucks

If something seems shit from the get go, never listen to anyone who tells you it gets better later because it doesn't.

90s mustve been real fucking garbage if this pile of garbage is what was popular.

Fucking need to get this bad taste out of my mouth


Thank you for this insightful analysis. I always thought NGE was good, but now I finally see how bad it is. Thanks for pointing out all the things it does wrong, I've never even thought about them.

You're welcome.

Only by talking with those smarter than you can you be rid of your shit taste

I'm not him but I think that was sarcasm, your post was anything but insightful analysis. "its shit" and "its garbage" arent analysis

You present a lot of good points and have a nuanced argument but no.

>episode 1 complete shit
Stopped reading there. You've clearly never seen a legitimately bad anime in your life or you'd know that EVA - on a budget, no less - is not one.

to be fair, you have to have a very high IQ to understand Neon Genesis Evangelion

no one wants to watch your old VHS shit, gramps

Nice bait

well i guess its ok to say stuff like this here when you're anonymous

you should know thou that saying that NGE is anything but a masterpiece in a conversation is the equivalent to bringing up how the niggers and the jews are responsible for all the worlds ills. You instantly invalidate all of your opinions the second you go there, because the person you're talking to has already come to the conclusion that "yep, this guy is crazy".

I love reddit too

Great thread.

Wow, what a thoughtful and intelligent analysis
I'm in shock.

I'm not him but I think that was sarcasm

Caught in pleb filter

You make some good points, yet my experience was more like
>episode 1 interesting
>keep watching
>through episode 6, really good
>it gets worse
>get through episode 12, things are getting repetive
>becomes interesting again
>finish all eps, the whole thing was well made, unique and entertaining
>end of evangelion expands on the ending
>It's amazing
>try rebuilds where they yet again try to redo the series
>It fucking sucks

I'm not hI'm, but I think THAT was sarcasm.



>Still talking about Eva

I'm half way through episode 26 and I'm giving up. The show was not enjoyable, and the last quarter seems pretentious, as well as spiteful for how little resolution it gives on the story/characters.

I thought the most enjoyable episodes were right after Asuka was introduced, because she provides a counterbalance to Shinji & Rei's mopeyness.

this desu

NGE is iconic among Sup Forumsutists, since Shinji is a bonafide example of one, and it's deserving of its popularity in that sense.

But I agree that it fucking sucks if you don't care about or are a part of hikikomori culture. Shinji irritated me the whole way through and the story is just a coming of age premise for a supervirgin wrapped in an unconventional style.

So many brainlets in this thread

I had a hard time figuring out what the fuss was about. EoE was the best part and technically seperate.
Blows my mind this shit is still even being discussed 21 years later. Holy fuck

you gotta be a pretentious brainlet to enjoy NGE


>not おめでとう
EOP scum.



Congrats, you have an opinion differing from the norm. Feel special yet?