What makes OL so hot?

What makes OL so hot?

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They get to show as much leg as they want and have zero second thoughts about it.

>that soapland VN
Nearly ripped my dick off.

Prim and proper during the day, freak in the sack during the night.


The implication that overwork leaves them undersexed, and that their ever-increasing sexual tension makes them cock-hungry.

they arent in real life.

Maybe, but why bring this up on Sup Forums?

They could be.

because i somehow picked out the only office in my city to work where all the women are over 40 years old.
i'm younger then some of these womens kids.
its painfull.

Not your blog, now fuck off.

they outnumber the men 3 to 1 in our office.
and i know they make jokes about me behind my back.

not your blog faggot, fuck off.

Which one is that?

they start talking about their sons and how they are getting married, jobs, etc..
they keep 1uping each other, but sometimes they focus on me and how i'm a single pencil pusher.

haven't watched enough JAVs.


They're the same age as me and its easier for me to relate to situations that they are put in due to work etc.

>smoking in bed
>coffee cup for ants
>listening to music on player when she could on laptop


That's hella thicc

Its from the early-mid 2000s

Also he gets to fuck his OL boss and a loli at the same time.

Get a job, loser. Hot OLs exist, but they are never single.

So is the guy stuck in his wheelchair forever?

i was actually larping, are you the user that i was messing with?

You're lucky. Mine are convinced I'm a psycho who strangles women.

You would think so right?

The best OL is an idOL.

>caring what old roasties think
user, you aren't a loser. They just look down on you.

I'm not that user, but whenever I larp I always end up saying the truth. It's like some kind of curse.


>femdom in the beginning
>regresses into a passive M

Aspiring idOLs.

Forgotten idOL.

Why does she sit like that?

Ergonomics bro.

Maybe her butt hurts

Sounds like a keeper to me.

Tell that to my boss.

>Older Women

Sounds like fucking trash to me.

You mean progresses.

>dirty fujoshi
>best anything

show proof.

Isn't it great?


So thicc she's got several asscracs

Describe non-trash then. How does perfection look like, according to user?

Oh yeah, sure, I'll just snap some pictures of her ass as she bends over to point to something on somone's monitor.

Of course, what could go wrong?

dont make jokes about these kind of things.


ols are made for paizuri

Correction. Clothed Paizuri.

They can be.








Their desperation for a meaningful relationship away from the stress of work and office rivalries.

You'll never be a stay at home husband for your OL wife.

Don't remind me.

HERENCIA sure makes them hot, I tell you what

I want to bury my face in her dirty fujoshi pussy.

D to the leet this my dude.



>tfw that will never be my body as I lure innocent shotas into lewd times
why live

So he ended up with the loli ?

Skilled artists who draw them.

Just get a job in Hollywood.



nana g's art is so fucking good. especially the femdom. i can't get enough. her big breasted women are also amazing


sweaty butthole that stink slightly of shit on my nose

>tfw love OLs but like them better in dress pants then pencil-skirt and pantyhose

>hosed feet

Ah, yes, we see this from time to time. The diagnosis is simple, though heartbreaking.

It just is, I don't question it.

I know, right?
Why not?

She goes to the gym regularly, so her ass is pretty nice.


Sorry, I couldn't hear you over your incipient AIDS

>OLs on the train to work
>OLs all over the office

Living in Japan has its downsides, but OLs make it worth it.

I'll guess it was this one?

Pantsuits > skirts

Once an OL gets married they stop working and become a housewife.

OLs are fine but OL mothers are the best!!!

*blocks your lunch break*

It's the stockings

I want to be an OL's plaything.



Pencil skirts both emphasize the ass and allow for pantyhose, making them the ultimate OL clothing.

You want to massage their aching feet when they get home.

Depends on your definition of OL.

Delete this, lolis are not meant for this bullshit.

This user is correct. Pantyhose was a gift from god.