Why is this show relatively popular?

Does it pander to a very specific demographic of people who enjoy tits and zombies? Since I just started watching this to satisfy my curiosity and I'm struggling to find out what this anime offers since it's premise seems dumb and really uninspiring. Does it get good later in the series? Should I drop it already?
I mean I get that titties are nice but even the characters themselves look poorly drawn and badly proportioned. Are the action scenes nice at least?

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its fucking good

Because it's a relatively well made show with tits and zombies. What exactly are you looking for here?

You're wrong, it doesn't pander to the very specific demographic that likes tits and zombies. It just panders to the demographic that enjoys tits, otherwise known as males.

So zombies are pretty much a non-factor in this series?

They do play an indirect role. They foster an environment to let those teenagers loose and add a layer of thrill

It's good and the OP is pretty dope.

>later in the series
lolwut? it's 12 episodes

and yeah, it's pretty much a cheap display of tits and zombies. I honestly enjoyed the story, though it was one of my first animes so that may have had to do with it, but if you're not into it in the first 2-3 episodes you won't like it

>tfw HOTD aired 7 years ago
Has it really been that long? Time sure goes fast.

Because zombies are/were a trend and, since most anime fans are mentally around 16 years old, they have a strong desire to fit in.

I mean, they could go for other zombie shows, but no other zombie anime have enough tits to hold their attention.

Is Zombiemania pretty much dead now?

Because Saeko. Men watch anime for the beauty they can't expect out of real women. Saeko is the perfect woman.

Yeah, they could be watching the Walking Pleb.

The artist is famous on the hentai scene.

Zombies were still fresh at the time.

New chapter when?

How can a shit series have such a god tier OP is beyond me.

What I want to know is why triage isn't more popular when it's A) Still running and B) Has better girls who aren't all psycho cunts and yes Im counting the berserker.

The author died, dude.

Faggot detected

It's mindless fun honestly, it was ridiculous at first but some scenes are so crazy it was entertaining, the zombie action isn't bad either, it's like one of those holywood action movies with explosions and sluts, it's good when you need to just chill.