Eromanga Sensei

Fes and hopefully S2 announcement tomorrow.

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No please.

I liked that series - Eromanga Sensei - but I never knew if the brother and step sister were in love with each other or not.

>S2 of ln source
>probably cancer tier misunderstanding and drama
Yeah, no thanks.Dont get me wrong, I really enjoyed the anime.

Sagiri a cute. Would watch another season of this garbage show for her

Yes please.

Did people actually find this thing cute?

That is the dumbest try hard thing I've ever seen in anime. Like even if you are into lolis, there are so many better ones.

To be honest by the end of the show I was watching mainly for Elf.

Summer 2018 at the earliest

I never saw it, just a few clips. I just know most hype up the little perverted girl and she ain't even cute. The only part I found funny was when she closed the door slowly and called her brother a pervert. The rest I've seen is just shit.

yea, Elf turned out to be better than the actual loli

What the show really needed was more megumi

Sounds like you're a fag. Better get yourself tested for aids.

>not even cute

Nigga wut

>not even cute

I think she's adorable, but someone needs to splice beavis grunting noises on that gif

That would be hilarious

Speaking of pic related was this not one of the catchiest EDs ever?

I loved the ska opening but the ED was nice too.

Her dance in the ED was fucking adorable as heck.

Bring back Oreimo

get out

yes it was amazing! great song too. one of the few I never skipped

This show wasn't even that lewd.

Even when it was it was okay because it was the girl doing the lewding intentionally not just giggling clueless school girls

It was ,especially if you are a footfag.