What a shitty arc.

So where can the story go from here now that the arc is over?

The arc isn't even over yet.

Traitor arc.

If we don't get school activities, Hori is a hack.

Somewhere shitty and wishy washy now that every encounter is 100% plot ending, since VA has the quirk bullets.
I want a resting period at the school before setting up the next arc, like Hori has done before.

All Might's death arc, followed by VA arc, which should end with the death of AfO, followed by Deku's rise arc.


>Arc is over
There’s no real “arc”. Shiggs’ going to recruit Overhaul, Nighteye is either out of commision or dead thus forcing us to focus on the school life once more, the implication of VA having the antiquirk bullets, a plan of their own, and a simple rescue op that turned into a disaster is going to be long and profound. Also, insert Togafuckery because Horikoshi

>100% plot ending
Deku powers aren't from his genes so those bullets would do nothing to him.

I hope for some VA fuckery before we go back to the school. They need some more time to outline more of their ambitions past changing society.

Thats too optimistic.

That’s headcanon
You’re a broken record

>Deku wasn't born with OfA
What the fuck? Have you even read this manga ever?

Quirk bullet reverts him to state before he had OfA, done

I liked it. I"m sure any new readers would enjoy the arc much more since they wouldn't have to wait weekly.

That's not what the bullets do. They specifically said they are targeted towards the quirk gene.


I want Deku to adopt Eri as his little sister

Did I miss something, or did Deku just throw overhaul and win instantly and the arc was over

The user was saying that the bullets not having an effect on him was headcannon. Which it is.
We already know that Eri's quirk runs in some time-scale shit. She doesn't just reverse you, she rewinds you entirely, even your own nature. So she could erase OfA.

your headcanon is what the bullets would do to him

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: The VA will only last until they bring down the societal trust to heroism. After that, Shiggs and Dabi-Spinner (also known as Stain adherents although Dabi seems motivated by a more personal reason than an ideological one like Spinner) can’t walk on the same path. Their end goal is literally on the opposite end of the spectrum

And now we bring Overhaul into this mess


The bullets are not Eri. We know what the bullets do, they rewind that one specific gene. How fast do you people read shit?

No, that's exactly what happened. It seems like even Hori wanted to end this disaster.

We still don’t know what it would actually do to OFA, hence saying it won’t do anything is headcanon

Atleast they arent going to lead into yet another rescue arc and jobzawa was rescued right away.

bravo Hori

I wanted to see a fight

I want Deku to marry Eri.

>jobzawa was rescued right away
That was the best thing that happened in this arc. I would've lost it if we got another rescue arc.

Deku does not have the gene the bullets were specifically designed to target. Why would they do anything to him?

you're just gonna have to wait for the anime

You missed a page or two apparently since Deku wasn't the one who beat Overhaul.

Again, we don’t know that and can’t say for sure

But what we do know, is they only have what? 4, 5 bullets? And they have no way of producing more of it even IF Overhaul retrieves Eri

So thats how OH is supposed to escape the situation, like Sir predicted.

Makes the VA and Shigaraki look like a bunch of jokers, desu

Like, if they actually manage to develop him to become the greatest villain of the world (obviously to parallel Deku becoming the greatest hero in the world) then more power to 'em but it's been obvious since day one that he's held up by a house of cards.

Can't wait for the inevitable Stain redemption arc when he dies a hero's death and makes even more waves in society because of it.

Stain’s going to kill AFO in the prison break

>People making a head canon where Eri's quirk alters the flow of time itself in order to justify Nighteye's incorrect prediction.
Just end it, desu.


>we don’t know that and can’t say for sure
We know Deku doesn't have the gene cause he's quirkless. We know the bullets specifically target that gene cause we know that was the one thing affected by the temporary version. So yes, we do know and can say for sure they won't affect Deku.

How the FUCK is Nighteye still alive?

I thought Overhaul accidentally touched Eri's overdrive quirk which recked him

when is the Aizawa goes to court arc?

What the fuck is happening in that panel?

How can Shigaraki become "the greatest villain in the world" when Overhaul is Literally Shiggy: Only Better In Every Way?


To court for what

Shiggy isn't tied down and on the way to prison with his entire organisation also dismantled and captured, so that's one way Shiggy is better.

Just another day, user. Just another day

Is this illegal?

But Shiggy looks like he wants to recruit Overhaul which is dumb because the only way he's still relevant as a threat and as a character is if Overhaul is permanently removed from the picture.


Not having to become Shiggy's bitch in order to survive is also another way Shiggy is better than Overhaul

The only option for Overhaul is to follow Shiggd or get thrown into the shitter

Aizawa's finger moving? Chrono's quirk weakening?

It's not headcannon, desu.
Chisaki said himself that she could turn Deku "back into a monkey". She doesn't alter causality or cause large scale alterations in time, but her quirk is definitely not just physical or genetical. She can rewind the very nature of her target, so it makes sense for it to be able to alter fate itself.
Not to mention, if her quirk was just about reverting someone's body, Chisaki's plan wouldn't make sense, because at best he would erase quirks, but not the quirk gene. To stop quirk-users to be born, he would need something that altered human nature itself to something before this gene appeared, enters Eri.
>First character with a time-related quirk introduced in this arc
>First villain with a time related theme introduce in this arc
>Character with time-ish powers and hinted at being more than just healing or reverting the body also introduce in this chapter

He's twitching his finger to kind of show his intention to do something so that Froppy acts. She gets it and helps him look to Deku and Eri and so stop her from deleting our boi.

Aizawa is still under the effect of cronos quirk, so he moves a finger to signal frog. frog understands and lifts aizawa so he can look at eri and desactivate the timebomb

I see. Why did Tusyu get turned on though?


because AfO is just as much of a fucking idiot as All Might is when it comes to grooming his "successor".

The only difference is the manga doesn't pretend All Might did the right thing. Horikoshi has done a terrible job when it comes to writing Shigaraki as anything other than an entitled brat. Right now he sucks as the main antagonist.

But Overhaul could kill Shigg without even trying, since he has the exact same power set but stronger, and also has literally 0 reason not to do so anymore. Doing anything but putting a bullet between his eyes or deleting his quirk is stupid as fuck.

She's has a fetish for jobbers.

I'm sure she had a massive frog boner the entire time.

Now I get it. Thanks senpais.

Froppy is legal in japan, but still a teacher/student relationship would be shamed a lot.

UA's gonna get destroyed soon, and so they can be together.

TsuyuxAizawa moment saved the arc.

Can't be more shamed than a failure and a mutant.

But the manga also doesn't pretend AfO did a decent job either. Shigaraki is a bad villain right now, but he is going to get better with experience. If anything, he already surpassed Chisaki, since he came on top in this last arc and basically played the player.

>even in doujins, aizawa jobs

>school activities
Am I the only one that likes school activities arcs more than villain fighting missions arcs

The nips will go nuts Monday or whenever

I need the odds that Deku will attempt to give OFA to Mirio in the coming chapters

Why did Eri's power go nuts and why did canceling Dekus quirk instead of hers fix it

infinite 0%

Why are the fights always so disappointing? He hypes up 100% then spends two chapters throwing one punch and finishes just like that.

They are trying to have control over the Yakuza by killing/capturing Overhaul, Shiggy said they are supposed to take the King and that's it, and now that i tought about it, the "other capsule" the guys in the ambulance carrying Overhaul talked about may be a Mr. Compress capsule, maybe Twice or another villian.

>defeated the villain
>saved the girl
Why would he? Mirio failed at both

I believe this fight was used as misdirection to show the power Deku actually holds (And so, All Might as well)

The closest thing we have to All Might now is Deku, and he can't use his power correctly. When he uses it, he destroys enemies quickly. Then what about when he can't do so, or when he's not there?

It kind of says "Bois, without AM you're all fucked and thats why."

I prefer school arcs and comfy SoL chapters to the villain shit too. hopefully we get more Mina after Kirishima's flashback.

But they won't acquire influence over the Yakuza by capturing Overhaul, this arc has made very clear that the majority of the Yakuza rejected Chisaki and told him to fuck off. They won't gain any favor with the Yakuza by bartering with the life of a "leader" that they themselves rejected.

>Why did Eri's power go nuts
As Deku said, she can't control it. It's like having a turn on/off switch, once it goes on, it doesn't stop. The only difference here is that when this happened to Deku it would fuck his body up, which forced him to stop, but Eri doesn't have that limitation.

>why did canceling Dekus quirk instead of hers fix it
That bit felt weird, but I think he looked at Eri.

It's not just this fight. The Muscular fight was awful too.

>normal hands

>Half of Overhaul's backstory was muh shitty heroes
>Shiggy's whole goal is to destroy hero society
>Overhaul can either go to jail or be offered revenge by Shiggy
>Overhaul has nothing left to lose now because the Yakuza are done for.

Can't wait for Shiggy to give Overhaul the same speech he tried to give him before this arc with the same pose for maximum poetry.

>the entirety of this arc
Hori clearly wants this shit over because it's godawful. What the fuck my fellow boku no pissfriends, the series had so much promise but this arc puts it into firmly droppable territory. Can he recover?

Eri was a mistake, she ruined an entire arc.

Yes and no. It was to show an end game Deku, but not that they would be fucked without All Might. Chisaki, even drugged, is quite weak compared to the top heroes. You have to remember that the strongest ones in that team were mostly students, and they still beat the shit out of Chisaki and his gang for quite awhile.
Basically, Chisaki only looked powerful because no one actually powerful was around.

The only thing that can salvage this arc is if Nighteye dies in the hospital.

He was looking at Eri, who was riding on Deku's back

That was the beginning when he hurt himself doing it, and it had more tension and was all-around better. It's got old a while ago, and the flashbacks aren't helping.

>The public doesn't completely turn on UA because of the villain attacks but because of the Aizawa scandal

Only Rappa did say that, and he isn't even a full fledged Yakuza, the others are rather loyal, Mimic, Chrono, Nemoto and Bane seem to be very loyal to Chisaki,

Nah, you should drop it and never come back into these threads again.

Ohohoho, now that's something I'd love to see. Maximum butthurt Chisaki would be glorious to witness.