New manga FAT WOMAN

In this manga the main character girl Haruka, becomes morbidly obese about 200 kg! Do you like this story plot?

Do you like getting your ass sewn shut and then binging laxatives?
(Somehow i wouldnt be wondered if that happened in that manga)

What’s the plot?

A sexy office lady becomes morbidly obese due to an evil lady jealous of her!

very obese! She also works as an obese playamate bunny model in a fat fetish bar!

American culture is finally taking root in Japan, I see.

Manga with obese girls and weight gain are the best!

wt dude

you don't like fat girls in manga?

Damn son, what a cunt.Post more or dump the chapter.



she can't jump so well, too fat!

No, I like
male: crossdressing, dickgirl on male, feminization, gender bender, impregnation

Pretty athletic for a fatass.

>clapping americans

in the last chapter she has becomed near immobile to to her weight, i think will be less athletic! a very super sized big beautiful woman

>in the last chapter she has becomed near immobile to to her weight, i think will be less athletic! a very super sized big beautiful woman


but the manga is not ended! she will be more fat in next chapter!

Holy shit, so the "curse" doesnt stop at a defined weight?

she is fattened up by an evil co-worker of her! Is a monthly manga , each month a new episode!

Bring me Solo.

>not a magical curse
>fattened up the normal way
Any heart attack or diabetes arc?

In the first chapter she is very sexy and athletic, the funny thing of this manga is that the weight gain is very realistic in each episode! In the next episode she will be about 600 pounds!

>thinking she would become a super hero saving the world with her fatness.

So much for that.

maybe she will use her fatness for something of good! in the next chapter her biggest is going to the bathroom for cleaning her fat rolls! and i'm not joking

>weird shitty fetish manga
>bad grammar and broken english
>knowledge of what is in the coming chapters
Holy fuck this is a jap shill senpai

this is the scene where she arrives at her evil feeder house!

godlike taste user

You too

Mangaka sure knows where to sell the lard.

I want a link or the actual name of the manga.

You would watch an anime about this manga?

She can sell lard so well! The manga name is really "FAT WOMAN"! the hell am I supposed to find such a generic name for a manga of such an obscure topic?

>Niku Ringo
Excellent taste.

the best sexy manga are always about fat fetish!

They don't lewd the fatties. What the fuck?

so is this a doujinshi or this a "regular" manga unaware that it's a fetish manga?
I'll jack it to it regardless but I just want to know.


I'm not arguing that, I'm trying to find a way to read this manga

is a regular manga, also very famous on women magazine in japan! has many chapters!

who asked for this??

it is on ebook , you will find much more informations on bbwchan! maybe you can translate it? is only on japanase

Damn, can I not wait for the new one to be scanlated

the lard fans!

Always a coin toss what that will be like but yeah I guess I'll check the bbwdrawn section for it.

Being obese in Japan sounds horrifying.

That looks just like white americans. Not cute at all.

literally who is the target audience for this?

very well! The manga is very famous in japan, but not in america and europe! But it will have many more chapters! With the main character girl struggling with morbid obesity!

Haruka in obese form is so cute! A manga about morbid obesity and weight gain is a very new idea! in japan is the first of this kind of story!

Begone shill

Found the fatty

>Do you like this story plot?

this sounds as fun as grinding your urethra on the edge of a paper sheet

the first obese girl in manga was Emi Isuzu in Tenjou Tenge!

what the fuck user

Isuzu is sexy in both slim and 200 kg obese form! you don't think?

can confirm

A manga about a sexy lady becoming morbidly obese in japan is a funny idea, you don't think?

Why do you talk in stock lines of awkward english

at the begin of the manga she was very thin!

user ........this is too far you degenerate

don't mix "unusual" or "original" with "funny"


is a very innovative story! in this era there are so many obese people, is important to see manga with also this kind of stories!

Are you getting paid for this user?

These replies have nothing to do with the context of those posts
Are you a bot?

OP you're the mangaka shilling your own shit, aren't you?

I read and touched a lot! We must support such manga!

Jokes on him shilling here won't work unless it's translated.

I only like this kind of female obesity in manga very much! Fat girls are better than slim anime girls!

Don't they have a /d/ thread for this sort of thing

user the only posts in the thread with exclamation marks are yours. don't you think samefagging would be more effective if it wasn't immediately obvious that all the posts are yours?

i am obese (not on that level) and it fucking sucks, you are a fucking degenerate

nah man, not even /d/egenerates like this shit, inflation is a whole other thing to straight up landawhales

who would watch an anime adaption of this manga?

You and everyone in this thread!

There are threads of people inflating into giant blueberries I think this manga would fit in

No fucking way.

What is “fat of she” user doing on Sup Forums ?

yes very much

You think /d/ want watch an anime adaptation of this manga?

accept your desire, you watch it now!

>Imagine having an insecure fat wife that would do anything to be with you.
>She agrees to exercise and get thiner
>Spend multiple afternoons excercising with her slowly scupulting her body into perfection along the way....

The person posting the pages is trying too hard to get responses with his "fat girls are better" statement that he obviously doesn't believe himself. Stop falling for the bait.

I am 100% convinced every post in this thread is bait for someone else in the thread

but fat girls are the best!

i thought /d/ stood for degenerates anyway

Don't forget
>Constipation leading to hospitalisation arc
>Leg Amputation arc