Why are male anime characters so bland and forgettable...

why are male anime characters so bland and forgettable? I frequently get them all mixed up in my head and forget who is who in which series. They all look alike, talk alike, think and act alike.

The girls characters are different and unique and interesting, though.

Watch more fujoshit.

Tomoya is ok.


Too much harem maybe?

Of course if you're watching Keyshit the male characters are going to be forgettable, they're based on VNs so they're as bland as possible for self insert purposes.

they're bland so that the nips can self insert easily in order to pretend they aren't equally bland and forgettable

Easy to relate to. And a way for side characters to stand out even more.

>Bland and forgettable
Maybe Kamina

>tfw the most memorable and endearing character in your harem is a male



They're bland and forgettable in shows people watch for the girls specifically. And that only really applies to those protagonists. It can apply to shows aimed at women too, only in reverse.
>The girls characters are different and unique and interesting
Not really, anything will look good in comparison to an everyman blatantly designed to not stand out much.


Brainlet detected.

Pic unrelated

>why are male anime characters so bland and forgettable?
easier for their target audience to self-insert into

Nobody other than fujo's watches anime for the fucking dudes, so creators don't exert more than the bare minimum amount of effort to create male characters, and that's only if they actually bother to add them to their shows.

Reg is memorable for me, he is best girl after all.

No memes, I forgot who is this faggot.
Wasn't he the governor or something?

Yeah sure whatever.

>The girls characters are different and unique

Are you new to anime?

Watch better shows

>ikemen Reg
My body isn't ready

Male characters are almost always better written than female characters, people don't feel so inclined to make them perfect and attractive the way they do with girls. I'm sure you find the rainbow coloured harem archetypes very unique but if you bothered to watch non garbage anime you might feel differently.

Dont use best boy as your thread pic, faggot

he was literally a background character shoehorned into the plot

>using Tomoya as your example

Did you watch the series in its entirety? I always remembered this character because he seemed unmotivated in school, but in the end ended up as a single Dad supporting his daughter by being an electrician. I thought it was cool how he became a responsible adult after being your standard unawares high schooler. It's been a long while since I watched the series though.

>The girls characters are different and unique and interesting, though.

self insertion purposes.