Why doesn't Sup Forums love her anymore?

Why doesn't Sup Forums love her anymore?

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I do

What are you talking about? I love her.

She gets a lot of love though.

its known that Sup Forums has trash taste

Why do you lie

Sup Forums don't like sluts.

>Why doesn't Sup Forums love her anymore?

she's used goods.

You're not sweet.


I love her butt

I want to make love to her butt with my face.


>ever not loving her

Her best feature is her butt, though

Because Juju is better

Juju is perfect.

I want to worship their butts and cunnies so badly.

>not their flat chests

Is this what they call making babies!?

We're all fapping to that fun fun pharmacy whore instead


I need NEW h-doujins now

I was sleeping, but I was loving her in my sleep so your claim is still innocuous

I do hope that's nike.

Why does this show seemingly want to turn it's audience into pedophiles?


Because it's a good show.

What makes you think that normalfag-kun?


Sexualizing underage child characters in the show

I'm not seeing it.

It's not their fault, they're just sexy.

wtf i love lovely lolitas now

lies and slander


Of course it's Nike, who else would Kukuri stares at with such loving eyes.

I wanna fuck this hag

I'll be claiming the toddler, then. It's awright.

It literally does not matter one bit how many people like her as long as her Yuusha-sama loves her.

Her toddler version is a lot sexier.

Hear hear. I don't want her to grow up.

Hot damn that angle

>you'll never insert one of these feet into your mouth

>that uncontrollable love for sweets
No wonder she's so fucking fat. I kid of course, she's deliciously built like a Zankuro character. So is Juju.

I'm surprised there haven't been any scenes where she gets her chub pinched.

>love handles within love handles
>deliciously built
Maybe, if you were attracted to avalanches.

I'm fairly certain not wanting to break off a nice big piece of this disqualifies you from having an opinion in these threads. Fat thighs and wide hips on lolis, hebes and dfc's is the brightest future and we walk towards its radiant glow, accept it.

Oh, and big butts. I would be dreadfully remiss to overlook ample booty on a petite frame.

I love butts more than literally everything else in life.

If you sexualize those diaper like panties I have bad news for you.

Does the original series have as much fanservice too?

Nike stop posting and go sleep.

Juju is perfection.

I'm not Nike but I do love his butt.

No, the original was a lot more censored to make it kid friendly.

This picture gets me everytime, just look at those thighs.



Sad. Guess I have no real reason to watch it then.

Dragonball did the same thing.

I'd love one of both Ku-chans pressing their fat butts together and comparing booty size, be a great way of comparing thigh thickness too.

Just thinking about them going ass-to-ass is enough to make my dick explode.

Who knew that Guruguru threads would become this lewd, I sure am glad they did.

>Anime with plump loli fanservice
>Ever thinking the threads wouldn't be lewd

Doujin where Nike fucks Nanacona in the Nanacunny when?

He'll fuck the Kukunny before that.



>giving tits to kukuri

What's his Z Move?



The audience was already made of pedophiles

But yusha sama doesnt like her in that way


Does this Kukuri hunger for blood?