Is Rom supposed to be dumb? I know that she's supposed to be cute and sweet, but she also seems mildly brain damaged to me, and I don't know if that was the intention.

You should ask Nintentoddlers that

Is the anime a spin-off and is it worth it?

Why so many nep threads in one day?

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She gets the best Neptunia yuri doujins.

I think the joke is that she's dense because her name means Read Only Memory, i.e. she's learning disabled. Whereas I would expect Random Access Memory to have ADHD or something.

Neptune has Nepgear which is Sega game gear.
Noire has Uni which is the PsP.
Vert has no sister because microsoft never made a portable console.

So who are ROM and RAM supposed to be?

Rom is the GameBoy series, and Ram is the DS series.

This should be obvious, no?

They're both supposed to be the DS, due to the dual screen factor.

Rom/Ram is the DS/3DS's dual screen
Uni is both PSP and Vita

Vert game soon.

The Vita didn't come out until a year after the release of Hyperdimension Neptunia. Uni is solely the PSP. Nintendo gets two imoutos because it had sold two different portable console lines by 2010 (the 3DS wouldn't come out until the year after as well).

They're both the DS/3DS. They're twins and their square emblem is basically the DS' logo split in half.

That might have been a later development, just like Peashy was originally intended to be the Famicon, but later got retooled into an allegory for PC gaming.

>Peashy was originally intended to be the Famicon, but later got retooled into an allegory for PC gaming.
You're just making shit up now.

Both wrong. Peashy is the PC Engine, not actually PC gaming.

Rom and Ram are the DS/3DS.

play the rebirth games first and you'll appreciate it more

Nothing you've said is accurate.

The Famicom is Blanc of that dimension

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I know what Peashy stood for ORIGINALLY, but certain plots like the second half of the anime only make sense if CH is punning to make it mean PCs as well.

PC Continent doesn't have a patron goddess. That's been the case with all lore

She is dumb as a rock. And her forced cutesy irritating voice doesn't help either.

Which means nothing because they're all crap.