Scanlation thread times

Scanlation thread times.

does anybody know if there's a way to get rid of .jpg compression on raws without damaging the details? Getting rid of it with normal leveling is kind eh.

So re-haruka really is dead, raws keep on appearing though

Google it you lazy shitstain.

Where are they hosting now or is it all scrambled at the moment? and shobonnexus (seems to be owned by re-haruka admin) look like the main sites now, but I don't know if there's any way to post links on these

>google it you lazy shitstain
how the fuck would you google a question like this, is this a way of telling me to use a topaz denoise filter?

By the way shobon admin wants people for some kind of secret club?

>Closed forum member wanted,e-mail:loadercomi[at]

I came here to inquire along these lines, too.

Before taking down the site, the administrator made a post asking us to email him/her (at the same email) if we wanted to be part of "the other site", or something to that effect. Not knowing which language would be most comprehensible to them, I wrote an email to the given address in English and in Japanese asking if they would be so kind as to allow me to be part of their new/other site. I appended an apology for being unable to write a version of the letter in Chinese as well, as it seemed that re-haruka had been made by Chinese people. It has been about one week, and I have not received a reply. Has anyone else been invited to the 'other site' and, if so, is there any way to get in there now? Or am I supposed to wait longer, or?

waifu2x works, but if the compression is really bad then not even that can save it

I didn't email them, try writing another one from a protonmail box

>waifu2x works
No it doesn't, and fuck you for recommending anyone to use that garbage.

yes it does, much better than filters which either destroy detail or make it look like blurry garbage

Except that waifu2x does exactly that you fucking retard.

waifu2x is a filter you tech-illiterate retard.

So nice when H material actually has quality dialogue.

only if your using high settings like a dumbass, I've tested it myself and it always preserves detail better than ps filters

>only if your using high settings like a dumbass
So what you're saying is that it's exactly the same as photoshop filters. Your retardation is amazing.

Because, surprise, you don't know what you're doing. Do you think waifu2x is some secret upscaling algorithm that he came across?

even low settings on ps look worse though

That actually worked pretty well, I'll run a couple of tests comparing it to topaz and see which works better, thanks.

Thanks for proving further just how retarded you are.

What would you recommend (doing)?

very nice argument, you sure got me

Learning how to clean.

Thanks, I'll start by getting rid of all my tools and learn computing from scratch and build my own program to use to replace Photoshop.

At the very least understand what it does so you don't have to ask "what should I do instead."

What other artists have reacted to scanlations?

>you'll have to stop
Loving every laugh.

Well, the TL did stop after all. Plus he specified if it was a Jap trying to make his work more popular in that case.

>It wouldn't be fair to the readers who purchased it legally.
How does that statement line up with literally any line he'd written prior to that?

1. The TL is posting the paywall chapters online. This is his main concern -- worried that basic piracy is cutting into his income.
2. He then goes off on a semi-related tangent since it's an English scanlation. He wants an English release but is maximum poorfag because he's an obscure artist. So he's wanting to see if his English fans would be willing to buy his chapters instead of reading them on Batoto (I think he clarifies "not typeset" because he thinks the TL will ask for a license fee, and whatever other trouble comes with selling translations). This is where piracy being a service problem comes into play. He wants an English release but can't afford it. The TL is probably willing to give him the scripts anyway, so that's not really a concern. The artist seems to suck at marketing though.

Not saying the artist isn't justified in this, but really he just wants more money. He's not losing anything from the TL. What market is he losing, the "can read both english and japanese and was willing to buy his stuff" audience? The "can't read japanese but would still buy his stuff" audience?

I mean, I would give him the scripts in this case, but like, I think some of the artists really just can't wrap their heads around the fact that scanlating is pretty much free advertising.

Are there any consumer-level scanners that can produce actual raw files, as in DNGs or similar, the same way DSLR cameras do?

Well yeah, all artists want money from their work. He's just saying that paywall chapters are being posted online, which he thinks isn't fair to people who've paid for the work. I think the TL is a secondary concern for him. The message suggests that he thinks a Japanese person is posting his paywall manga to make it more popular, but it's not doing much good since piracy is still piracy.

>scanlating is pretty much free advertising

The problem is when those enjoy your product don't buy it. However as it's commonly said, piracy is a service problem. He wants people to buy his work. Understandable. But the site people would be buying from is some literal who that you have to sign up for and navigate to buy your chapter from. Also he probably isn't making any effort to provide an English service for people to buy in the first place because he's a poorfag, and I doubt TLs take percentage of sales rather than upfront money.

>The "can't read japanese but would still buy his stuff" audience?

You'd be surprised as how large this market actually is, some buyfags do it solely to support their favorite works. It still surprises me that Pandemonium hasn't been published in English yet when it got an official translation. The license would probably be cheap too since Pandemonium isn't that popular and IKKI/Hibana straight up died.

tl;dr He has a marketing problem and needs to take a better approach to this. He has an English fanbase and probably free TL scripts from a fan, but looks like a shitty site to buy from. Is it a doujinshi self-published site? I don't even know. Can't he just self-publish on Kindle? Even if Kindle would probably take like 50%.

Where can I find translators?


dump and try to lure them

is this fine or should I resize a bit?

There would be a ton of legal bs involved. He would definitely lose money trying to publish a second version in english. Just posting the script and letting english readers buy the jap release is definitely easier for him.

Way too big; I need to read this on my phone. Try scaling it to about 290x420

try next time if you don't wanna see useless bait replies

Post projects you're interested in picking up in the future.

It's definitely easier. My only concern is that just isn't a good user-friendly site. He would have better luck with Kindle and/or even a simple Paypal button. The author of Jin has a Patreon for his official English scanlations, but he has more resources.

>With your help, people should be able to purchase the Japanese version and read it along with the English script.

Not in a million years.

This whole thread is depressing. It's a reminder that most people know nothing about the tech they use, and most Sup Forums posters are under 18.

So what's the difference?

Scanlation as a whole is mostly late teens/early twenties in my experience. I'm the old man in every group I've worked with and I'm not even 30. That's also probably why battle shounenshit still persists.

Oh man, where do I start

Maybe some of these


I have a list somewhere

Does anyone else find themselves subconsciously being biased towards certain characters? There's an LN I'm working on and one of the female characters frequently toes the line between mean spirited bullying and light hearted teasing. The sentences in question are vague and can be interpreted both ways most of the time, but I always find myself going for the translation that makes her look better.

>check shobonnexus for some old raws
>oh shit they have it
>nope, it's a dead rapidgator link


What should you do if you pick something up but then almost immediately lose the motivation to keep working on it, but no one else is going to pick it up if you don't do it?

Happened to me. I just dropped it. Don't torture yourself, man, you have no obligation to do anything whatsoever.

Hannari Girori Yoriko-san


enhance it dummy

The artists I've spoken to don't really care about scanlations.

Do you clean using 600dpi scans if they're avalaible?

Who /ascended/ here?

I did the test and tried to clean a 600dpi scans and WOW, there's a huge difference than working with pub scans I usually work.

I don't know how to scale the pages. Is 1200px ok?

10 years ago, it would have been.
These days you should try to shoot for 1600px at the very least.
In the end though, as with all things related to scanlation, most of the readers will be okay with whatever you put out.

But I hardly see any scanlated manga with dimensions higher than 1200px.

How recently have you been paying attention? It's harder to get decent raws of a lot of ongoing stuff right now.
Opening a few random chapters on the front page of Batoto, I see roughly half of the uploads are 1600h or 1900h
If you can upload in higher resolution, do it.

Wait, when you say 1600 you say the image height, right?
I tought it was the width.

what about
>translating 3 chapters of a series then never releasing them because you don't have someone to edit them.

What series?


>Translating 10+ chapters, edit 5 of those.
>Don't release them because you realize there's like at least 70 more chapters and you can't be arsed to do them.

Everyone has their favorite characters, but you should translate according to the author's intent as much as you can. If there is ambiguity in the dialogue, then you should find a way to express it. (I translate too, so I know how this can be easier said than done since English doesn't lend itself to ambiguity as much as Japanese does.) Just think of how a Japanese reader would interpret those passages and act accordingly.

Is there an archive with 2013-2016 Dengeki Maoh issues?

A true mystery where these issues could be... If only a certain search engine existed to help one find these issues.

Thanks, but I only found a few 2013 and 2014 issues.

I was thinking about looking into my stash of pre-1990s manga (mostly shonen jump and shonen sunday), but I don't think anyone wants to typeset them.

You guys probably don't know that 95% of readers don't care about jpgvartifacts. And other 5% are fellow scanlators.

If typesetting is the only issue, and you can translate them, why not learn to typeset yourself?

Name some names, dump some dumps

No time to learn, other translator commitments. I was just thinking about dumping a smorgasbord of first volumes just to see if any of them sparked interest.

Dump-translating, my bad

Neat idea.

I'm obviously not that mangaka, but I think it's kinda ridiculous how you people go crazy with autism at the notion of a mangaka who is actually doing some work getting paid for it.

>I'm 14 and how there people expect get paid for their WORK
Is what some of you sound like to me.

Currently scanning pic related, though my scanner sucks or I'm just bad at cleaning color pages, because I don't know how to get rid of those weird stripped lines.

What where you looking for? manga-zone also has a huge archive.

It's worthy change the resolution (to 72) of the raws and maintain the size in pixels?