Was Sailor Moon target audience really just women?

If they released this today, only changing one thing on the story by making all the girls never find a boyfriend.
Wouldn't this be the same then as all the moe animes that panders to males?

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>Was Sailor Moon target audience really just women?
I mean,
Have you been living on the dark side of the moon?

Not sure what the target audience was but hearing Sailor Moon say "I'll punish you" fascinated me in in shameful and confusing ways. Also, the mind control fetish.

I know men prefer Mars, but which Sailor is the favourite of women?

I woke up at 6am on Sundays just to watch it. I did it simply because it was anime which at the time was a rare enough treat to find on TV. I'm a guy and I still say that Sailor Moon is one of my favorite all time series to this day and I've met plenty of other guys who agree.

But men like Venus most.

Women, probably Jupiter or Mercury a shit.

SM was for everyone.

Little girls actually. Are you this stupid?

This is an example of a series that's written so that anyone can watch it and enjoy it to an extent, despite the marketing. Just like the Powerpuff Girls, Sailor Moon was written for a general audience, so you can be a guy and easily enjoy it. It's objectively the best way to write something and not undermine the target audience. In a sense you could say writing them to be alone was for the guys who had them as waifus, but it also stayed true to the status quo outside Usagi who was destined to be with Mamoru.

It's also why Crystal and NuPPG failed; they tried to target a specific audience instead of emulating what made the original series great.


Crystal failed because it was an atrocious adaptation.

No projecting, it's exactly what happened. They targeted cheesecakes for Crystal rather than the original audience (I know that was stated somewhere).

Wut? Please translate this.

Older women. At least for S1. There was a set of eyeglasses that tied in with Crystal's debut.
How are you on Sup Forums and not know what that means? Lurk moar

What kind of lingo is this? Are you directly translating from your language?

The manga was a shoujo thus targeted toward young women. The themes there borderline jousei in some places.

Girls like looking at other girls in cute skimpy outfits too user.

You mean Christmas cakes.

>Older women
>How are you on Sup Forums and not know what that means? Lurk moar

So,you mean christmas cake you fucking idiot.
No good past 25.

Lurk moar!

Tumblr says the author wrote Sailor Moon for females specifically, and get annoyed with guys for appropriating their series. A Sailor Moon Crystal event in 2014 forbade men from attending unless they were doing so with their girlfriend or wife, and there was a LOT of fighting on Tumblr between people who thought that was bullshit and Tumblr feminists going "it's our series, stop trying to take away one of the few things that belongs to us."

These Tumblr Feminist were of course all 100% purebred Japanese right? They wouldn't think to take away something that belongs to another country

Cheesecakes are the ones you want to fuck.
Chirstmas Cakes are the ones you DON'T wanna fuck. Dumbassess.

I guess just like pre-cure, 99% of the public are little girls.

>Believing the shit tumblr says
Naoko specifically made it accessible to boys too, and never once said anything negative about there being a male fanbase. The 2014 event was hosted by a fashion magazine who hosted similar woman-only events to prevent them from becoming hookup sites, it had nothing to do with the series.

Cheesecake is another term for women like beefcake is for men. Not so much an Sup Forums thing, but an older people thing.

> Was Sailor Moon target audience really just women?

It was published in a shojo magazine, so yes.


>The target demographic for Nakayoshi (like Ribon and Ciao) is girls of age 8–14.

>hookup sites
What kind of things happen during those events. Are they venues for prostitution?

Tumblr says a lot of stupid stuff while riding on their high horse to harass others who don't agree with them.

The reason they forbade lonely men from attending was because a lot of dudes was because they would harass single girls that where attending. Think of the creepy guys who attend dweeb events to ogle up and harass female cosplayers.

YMMV. I mean, look at all the fujos that read shounen manga or the dudes who read shoujo and romance stuff.

So Japan has filth like that as well? And the filth would even come to an event for some old show for little girls?

If they release this today many boys will start becoming 2D hentai loving loliconNEETs in their adulthood.

Hahahaha. No. Shit looks too old for modern audiences.

Men with bad taste.

Dem legs and hair are the choice of men with sense

Cheese cake refers to a kind of pin up shot you mong. It's not a specific kind of women. Actually learn the damn terminology before you go around calling anyone anything.

Shut up Mars. I know what I'm talking about.
>Big breasts, wide hips, pleasant personality
Christmas Cake
>Average bust, scrawny body, bitchy personality
No one wants a Christmas cake, but everyone wants a bite of cheesecake.

Yes. You'd be surprised how many creeps carry a camera to get panty shots.

This is like watching a drowning man flailing to stay afloat.

the original series had cross demographic appeal because it had high school girls running around in miniskirts. if it came out today it would probably go unnoticed since the girls are too old for the pedos who watch other magical girl shows, and the character designs don't really stand out compared to fansrevice in late night animes now. basically what happened to crystal.


I don't know but I'm sure my weewee enjoyed it quite a bit when I watched it back then on tv and vhs. Venus was my first gf.

You're just mad you don't have a pair of fluffy breasts to nuzzle in.

Mars is the best.

Long black hair.
Long legs.
Tsundere type.

Also a shrine maiden.

Even Ikuhara complimented her legs. Or possibly his own, when he was cosplaying as her.

Not all cakes are like that.

>not wanting to fuck a cake
Get a load of this nerd.

Age is but a number, user.

Fuck you, if they have no tits and wrinkles around their eyes, they're not for fucking. Don't pull that
>She's sweet on the inside
bullshit, you don't know how shitty the scrawny, average looking cakes can be, Japan is no exception. Best-case scenario, you end up being dominated or undergo cum denial.

And no well-adjusted man likes undergoing the latter.

Was Dragon Ball target audience really just men? If they released this today, only changing one thing on the story by making all the men stay unmaired. Wouldn't this be the same as all the homerotic anime that panders to fujos?

This is not even what both terms mean holy shit

Shut up retard

anime probably made the series a bit more universal

manga is completely shoujo though

Only man of taste prefer Mars.

You'd be surprised on how many shoujo manga has characters fucking.

it's only shounen manga that tends to back away from outright sex.

You know it.

wasn't it one of the major stepping stones in moe anime? it definitly had that appeal.

watching something like love live and k-on has a somewhat similar appeal to sailor moon.

Honestly, I liked all 4 Inner Senshi, they each represented girls that you'd encounter in real life:

Anime Mars was the queen bee of her private school. Anime Venus was the ditzy airhead we all had in our class. Anime Mercury was the smart girl. Anime Jupiter was the tomboyish yet feminine one. I never cared for Usagi and she shared too many characteristics with Minako.

All Christmas Cake means is a woman over the age of 25. It came from literal Christmas cakes no longer being wanted after the 25th of December. It has nothing to do with bodytypes or demeanor, it's supposed to be a rude way of calling a single woman 25+ an old hag. What the fuck dude.

No, it was just a popular magical girl series.
>comparing Sailor Moon to idol and music shows where girls do nothing.
How is this Sup Forums? Did I fuck up and go to Sup Forums? You asses should know better.

>by making all the girls never find a boyfriend.
This is one of the thing that's changed from the manga. Boyfriends were important aspect in the girls' mundane life. They were ineffectual in the girls' life as Sailor Senshi, so the director (who was and still is a massive /u/fag) completely axed them.

You have that backwards. For all of Ikuhara's love for /u/, he never stopped the inners from being boy crazy. He wasn't even in charge of the series when they introduced Rei's character. Her manga counterpart had no personality when she was introduced, and so they decided to make her Usagi's foil for a better team dynamic between the girls.

Anime Rei is a lot more interested in boys than her manga counterpart

>Her manga counterpart had no personality when she was introduced, and so they decided to make her Usagi's foil for a better team dynamic between the girls.

That was a smart decision

> Was Sailor Moon target audience really just women?

A sizeable portion of Japan's male population is homosexual, so you can't leave those folks out too.

Exactly. Her only character traits in the manga at the time were "cool and mysterious psychic miko who lives with her pervy grandpa." Even the line about not trusting men wasn't mentioned until Makoto's introduction chapter. Her special side chapter that actually gave her depth got published a year later.

Idol shows and moe shows evolved from the slice of life moments of Sailor Moon (or at least what males like about iit). What is wrong about it.

Not too long ago I had an argument with a friend of mine, about which Sailor was our waifu, we were arguing over Ami, we both like her so we were like "she's mine", "no, mine", etc.
After a while, I was like "yeah, okay, I'll let you have Ami"
"Really?", he said, "Yeah man, keep her, but my waifu is now officially Usagi and there's nothing you can do about it"
He was like "FUUUUUUUUUU-"

unless you were at the premiere event for Crystal

your a cheesecake, cause your fat and cheesy

see It was never some kind of "statement" like ANN and Tumblr tried to hype it up to be.

I vaguely remember watching it during its run on Toonami. Most dudes I know watched it just cause it was on.

I like it because its girls being cute
Usagi will always be best girl

The target was little girls, but the studio working on it was comprised of men.

girls dont watch dbz. only edgy americans and black americans liked it

Jupiter is the best

I fucking hate tumblr bitchs. Its my favorite anime and ill be damned if its not just as much mine as it is thiers. Fuck feminism

>Jupiter or Mercury a shit
You stupid cunt

I know that, and all Christmas cakes are hags because they act like it. Cheesecakes do not act like stuck-up bitches. Cheesecakes are soft and fluffy, Christmas cakes are dry and crusty.

Y'all some dense niggas.

>moe animes that panders
Stop that. Fix your errors.
This, toughest and most wifely.

Didn't you know? It's only okay if they do it.

Does anyone else go on the sailor moon says YouTube channel and watch those hilarious dub clips? I hadn't seen the dub since 2004 and hoo boy it's fucking hilarious, like campy 60s batman levels of writing and acting.


Girls watched dbz on toonami back in the day. Fujos would be the only ones watching it if it went full on homoerotic.

Jupiter, Ami and Hanuka

>I know men prefer Mars
No, they're just loud.


Because there were idol and slice of life shows from before and during sailor moon. Sailor moon was an influence on magical girl anime.

I know at least 5 girls who grew up watching DBZ and most of them find the characters hot. Especially Vegeta.

Yeah, well, that's just, like, your opinion, man. Cakes aren't even a thing anymore (for the most part) in modern Japan.

Japanese feminism isn't like Western feminism.

We watched it as boys and enjoyed it just as much, and had favourite senshi but didn't mind the fact they pursued or had boyfriends because we still knew it was a show, unlike today's pillow-hugging fuckups.

My friends all wanted to be sailor senshi in elementary school and we argued about who got to be Usagi.

>knowing about tumblr arguments and the private viewing

That's why they have separate train cars for men and women, too much molestation.

>Tumblr says
Tumblr and you included should be shot in the head.

Which season should I watch as the first one?

Where are you getting any of this from?? Christmas cake is a term for older single women who have 'gone past the expiration date' for marriage as it were.

literally how new? production order

kill yourself

women love women, women fuck women like crazy that's it

Too bad women can't control themselves on molesting other women and girls.

I molested the neighbor boy when I was younger but that was due to childhood trauma

The first season? It's a slow start but it's worth it.

Jupiter for me.

The image of perfection.