arc 5, chapter 13:!xjIykIZL!oQ_GFOH-BDqMCOrqJ_C81A

I'm also going on a two chapters per week schedule, and I also have a website now. it was first posted in a shitpost thread, so if you haven't seen it yet here it is:

only 4 more chapters until the proper plot kicks in, if anyone's feeling bored.

Plot as in archbishops?

sirius shows up and subaru's first death happens.

based discount

That redhead white night feeds souls to his sword or something like that, doesn't he? Probably the soul of the wife of that guy with a grudge on the whale.

Reinhard was naturally born awesome. He doesn't need to steal souls. He was only five when his grandmother died after all, and only two when his mother fell into a magical coma that is actually reminiscent of someone whose soul was stolen.

reinhard doesn't steal souls, just blessings and responsibilities.


Thanks. Is it just me, or is Otto kinda suspicious?

he's getting roswaal's gospel repaired. he also has the same gospel thing that rem has.

Every thread until Crusch-sama gets her memories back.

Ferri is absolutely based.

Rem doesn't have any gospel thing, not as far as we know. Unless this is an inference from Al's reactions.

it's just speculation, from both the al thing and from lines suggesting that she wasn't relevant in the gospel like "ram was the only survivor, oh sorry rem too".



In which chapter/volume the arc 4 ended?

Looking forward to seeing how things go to shit.

So does Crusch have a crush on Subes?


Every thread until Rem wakes up.

I dunno man, she doesn't remember him sperging out in the castle so there's a chance

more beako!
thank you Discount

Will Subaru do any cool shit himself this arc or will he just get his strong acquaintances to solve the problem in the end?

The the anons who I know are lurking here. Guess who won? Not the main heroine


>go to the dump thread
>its real

Pretty sure Subaru sues his whip a number of times and leads people in the WN so you can try looking forward to that if not we get to see some keikakus run down.
Now all we need is to wait for another smile to be protected and I can die in peace.

LN? It will most likely be as you say
WN has Subaru do a lot of cool shit

neat, I look forward to it so