Ookami Shounen Translated


I'd dump it but I'm cooking dinner.

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botan is actually winning holy shit





After reading this chapter, I feel a little better about Alium losing in Jitsu Wa. It's basically the same situation, Aizawa just makes such a horrible crying face that I can't help but feel sorrow for her.






Help me Sup Forums. I have read the entire chapter and I still believe it's some kind of elaborated rush to laugh at botanfags.









You did good, Aoi. You did good.





dump might stop here because of the OP, but I'm pretty sure I've changed the file

>yoshino winning
>now this
Am I in some weird alternate universe where main girl doesn't automatically win


Ending soon?





...Those spectators only see two girls, do they?


I turned that bitch's eyes into snowflakes.
Bitches love it when i turn their eyes into snowflakes.

So happy...


this cured my fucking cancer from nisekoi
what a time to be alive

The Haru won, it’s a good feel.

Thank you author for not making the best girl lose.
>cute botan faces
This cures cancer.

who the hell is this?

>Botan is winning
This is a good feeling.

real shit now, i was a Harufag since she was introduced and it was a special kind of hell
words cannot describe the happiness im feeling right now

Author made her win because she was more popular most likely


fucking nips having good taste for once




Is this yuri?

No, the blonde girl is actually a boy

Yuri enough.


Botan was very obviously the Tsugumi.

>Main girl's best friend
>Knows deeper than anyone else what love is
>Willingly sacrifices her love for her best friend's happiness
Itsuki is just not as terrible a man as Raku.

If that's true, then they shouldn't have made Botan as cute as this. What kind of madman would make a new girl this good?

Did you just ASSUME her gender!

Haru sacrificed herself for Kosaki too, except this shit didnt work because plot armor

Literally the ideal female.

Yes. People love yuri in real life.

I thought I was the only Harufag.

The author made a copy of her for some LN
Cant find the cover though

i hope we still get those "this is so awkward" panels


who is haru? little sister of onodera? she fucking won?

No, Haru lost.

yes, she could have won if Komi wasnt a fucking hack, she was unironically the perfect match next to Tsugumi

w-what is this feeling i'm feeling?

Next chapter.

Yes and she lost. She was the only reason I put myself through reading that shit.

I always thought Haru would make a perfect anal hate fuck for Raku.

Don't make such an awful comparison

fuck you theyre both great

Probably gas, dont see a nutritionist, they'll say it's gluten intolerance and charge you $300 for it somehow.

Wow this ending really feels forced and rushed.
>I like botan
>fug, well okay then bye
>*kissu with botan*
>and they lived happily ever after
What happens with the whole conflict of the other girl? Is she now suddenly cured?

Alright! Go thank namo! He made a great manga and he's finishing it next month! Congratulate him in December, too! twitter.com/namo_

She was the best Onodera.

She's still a traumatized bitch but she's improving.

Yeah shes ok now

No. The whole story built up to this. People were saying he'd go with Aoi because she's more popular, don't be that guy.

Just because it doesn't go into the fucking tangent every other Manga goes every time there is a confession, doesn't mean it was rushed, if anything it makes the whole thing better.

Botan won, incredible.

New mango when?

Thank god Botan won, delicious tears.

Nah. Nothing great about Nisekoi.

[Cute Botan noises]

Madoromi chan ga iku still exists

I imagined her barking wan wan wan

TLs are so slow

She was slowly helped with her issue. She's a lot better now with her androphobia.

You should be happy they, too, exist. And they really aren't very slow.

Where's the screencap where an user calls Botan lose and rolls dubs?

Botan's friend from club.

Titty monster friend.

>Botan actually won
What a time to be alive

who the fuck won then? dont tell me gorilla won

She did.


Japan is on the path to making babies again because best girls are winning. No riots today.

She sacrificed her smile to protect Botan's

I told you all Botan was the endgame for this series

Anime when?