Are MMOs actually as fun and interesting as anime makes them out to be?

Are MMOs actually as fun and interesting as anime makes them out to be?

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Not a modern online game but PSOBB Ephinea it's a nice place and you will have a good time if you ended up enjoying the game.

They were in the late 90s to late 00s.

Now they're watered down CoD tier normie shit.

If you actually play with people you like.

Not even a little

I thought MMOs make them look really boring. None of the MMO anime I watched can match the experience I had in Runes of Magic or Grand Fantasia.

Maybe in 20-30 years.

Nope. They're boring games that rely entirely on community for any real entertainment value

Holy shit, I really miss Ragnarok Online. No MMORPG doesn't compare to that game. I miss WoE...

Today's modern MMOs are either mostly WoW clones or have a dying population.
The golden age of MMOs faded as many of the players grew up and had no time to play anymore as well as most games becoming ruined by power creep.

If you're lonely enough, even the worst MMO feels like a paradise. There are other lonely people around trying to have a good time, and interacting with them is pleasant, even if you don't know why. I made it through some of the worst years of my life because my online acquaintances gave me the time of day. I needed that, even if I didn't know it.

Some of them are really fun in their own right, though. What makes them unique is that other people are working with/against you in real time, and you can run into people you've met before while you're exploring or going about your business. It's not like a multiplayer game where you've always got a limited set of objectives, sometimes you just want to fuck about in the middle of a road, and sometimes you stumble upon another person's campfire at night and make a new friend.

Not anymore, new ones aren't remotely immersive or difficult enough to cultivate a proper MMO community anymore.

Phantasy Fantasy Star Online on the Dreamcast back then had to be absolutely magical.

>there will never be an MMO like Royal Road


my biggest regret was being a shit at the game so I never got to experience high level content. Still, I have a lot of memories of playing with people I didn't know and even though I've played RO several times since then, it was never the same. God damn.

I still play an MMO that was around since mid~late 2000s. It can absolutely be, but you need to make some friends or have some friends already going in. There's some things that aren't really portrayed or portrayed right though. Drama happens quite often, over dumb shit. The powerful solo players you see in MMOs with a mysterious air about them do not really exist. Solo players always end up being weak or mediocre for the most part. You're not gonna get something rare right away because of plot convenience most likely. But yeah, I love MMOs. At least older ones. I haven't played any new ones because none can live up to the one I've played for years.

15 years ago they were.

They were, but of course most of the time it would be peacefull grinding(either skill points or exp, or who knows what). Like some years ago, you could actually manage to find some decent strangers and make a guild. Nowadays, well... Nope... No game worth it. If you have a nice sized group of friends willing to actively play (6 or 4), it should be a fun ride nevertheless

Fucking all these, it really was a different time back then.

They can be but you have to get involved with leading guilds/clans.
They're also lots of work, like having a job you don't get paid for if you want to be any good.

see I place myself in that old MMO category. Too busy with life until recently and disappointing to hear they've changed. I would have thought for the better since it's been over a decade since I played.

>ability to offset time by 4
>uses it to play a game instead of learn new skills that will help in reality
At least some people use it for vacations.

I feel it was game intensive because it is the first generation.

that the later userbase will probably just use it more casually after the hardcores come and go.

Older games were fun because of the community who were all also there to just have fun.
I had fun recently playing PSO2 but the community got very very autistic as time went on.

I feel like "fun" is something that's lost on people nowadays, people in online games don't bother being courteous, they just want to throw insults around because they're not doing so hot in the game. They can't even be tongue-in-cheek with their insults, they're just autistically screaming in blind rage.

Its a shame that the current generation is growing up with MOBAs or other competitive games like Player Unknown.
They don't know what its like to go through old school grinding and progression in MMOs and are always in a rush to reach the top rather than take it easy.

They used to be

>Too busy with life until recently and disappointing to hear they've changed. I would have thought for the better since it's been over a decade since I played.
The community definitely changed. MMO's these days, both old and new, are pandering to the single player experience where you can pretty much make it to end game and never have to talk or interact with anyone. For some games you can sort of see why they do this but at the end of the day, you're pretty much just playing a really really slow single player game. There's a whole bunch of other stuff that added to the downfall of the genere that its hard to count.

>MOBAs or other competitive games like Player Unknown.
Hell most kids don't even play those they'd rather just stream and watch other people play. I remember playing shitty Korean MMO's that had kids as young as 8 running around, now its feels like the only people that play MMO's are in their 20's and over.

MMOs used to be. However, due to snowballing design and player expectations the genre has come to be more about getting ready for endgame raids.

They were back in the day. Ragnarok Online was my main game back then. But now, it's all watered-down shit. You usually go solo except for end game content in MMOs nowadays

Why did dot Hack have such a great soundtrack?

They were pretty good back then, nowadays they're just not fun anymore


They were okay.
If you had a problem with people and didn't have the money or shekles to spend to keep up then you were not going to have a good time.

Last MMO I was into seriously was a MMOFPS. Of the five classes, Tank, Soldier, Tank driver, Ship flier, sabateur, and medic...I found that I was probably the best medic in the game.
I would routinely take a team from losing badly to equaling and surpassing any team save for the whales with heals lifesaves and the occasional bit of assassination alone.
Actually I was a better sabateur then heal.
I could win entire matches solo and routinely did.

Was fun

Ugh, if mmos were like that i'd have never thought about touching them. So fucking sad and dull and depressingly boring.

MMO is a dead genre.
Kuso mobage, MOBA and console games pretty much kill MMOs.

MMOs are still around.
They all migrated to player content created stuff like minecraft and roblox.
The old sword and sorcery mmo model thing is fucking dead bro.
The wow model ran it into the ground.

they used to be before wow killed them

Yes. Years ago MMO games were fun. Way more fun. Less business oriented developers. More diverse community. More mature players. Players were treating each other as humans, it was no different to how people would interact during some irl meeting in a proper setting. Nowadays it's a postapoc setting, lawless land, rape and kill, lie and steal, sell your mother and fuck your father. Usual teen stuff. And most players lost any ability to play their role in the game. If before people played MMO for this magical fantasy life experience nowadays people play MMO to indulge in their animalistic nature without consequences.

Played a bit of MMO in the past. Waste of time, really. Not arguing quality, but if you get addicted, all those hours could have been better used for something more productive. Like working on your backlog.

>grand fantasia
My nigga

you dont want that