How is it possible for one girl to maintain the title of best girl for so long?!?!...

How is it possible for one girl to maintain the title of best girl for so long?!?!? Is it possible for ANY character to dethrone her?? I don't see it happening.

Rei was canonically the best girl in EoE, though.

You are very outdated.

pic not related, unpure sluts cannot be best girls, that would be like NTR.

Not even the most popular girl of her own show. That's why Anno had to redesign her completely for the Rebuilds.

Isn't Saber more popular than Asuka by like 100 fold?

Saber is an outlier, but I think Rei could have given her some competition back in her peak.

>Isn't Saber more popular than Asuka by like 100 fold?
And Hatsune Miku is more popular than Saber 10 fold.

In your delusion perhaps

Saber, Sakura and Scathach are more popular than Asuka could ever even hope to dream.

Blue > Red

>Disregards canon material
>Calls others delusional

To be a slut, you'd have to have sex or be grown in bulk in a vat by a guy who wants to bang his ex.
How many do one man need anyhow?

These threads are great if you picture the OP being Asuka herself

Asuka had sex with multiple guys in intrumentality. How does it feel to like NTR?

>Disregards the planet

>Did you forget about the time in EoE when Rei and Shinji have sex
I like experienced woman.

Don't worry about him, they waifu an Asuka that isn't the real Asuka. They prefer Shikinami and Re-Take Asuka. They deny that the real Asuka is a slut.

I cam here to laugh at you.

Can anyone post that political cartoon showing people fawning over Rei instead of Asuka and it has Anno angrily muttering to himself "Cruel Angel Thesis" ?


Of course, there is no actual sex. You're all confused and butthurt.

That's NTR, I want a 2D girl that is pure.

>fucks Touji, Shinji and Kaji
>Asuka is not a slut
Nice joke, user. I can't imagine to hope to be as delusional as you.

fuck off fatefags asuka is more iconic than any of those whores.

I like pink hair and hopefully some experience so it's not an awkward mess where no one's comfortable or knows what to do.

>Saber, Sakura and Scathach are more popular than Asuka could ever even hope to dream.
This is what fatefags actually believe.

Not in the polls, Asuka isn't even the most popular in girl in her show.

No one fucks. Keep your delusion going if you want but doesn't change a thing.

Yes she is.

Except they do, she is seen nude ontop of Shinji. Admitted to sleeping with Touji, and Kaji tanged her in the manga with a love confession. You have been NTR'd.

I don't know about the manga or rebuilds or any of the bs that's come out after the fact.
>You are THE cuck

Asuka has been leading the polls in the west since forever, and that's what matters.

Nope, Asuka confessed to having sex with Touji in a woirld without Shinji. Its all canon, Asuka is unpure and you have been NTR'd!

Asuka is hardly iconic when she herself is yet another derivative of the overused tsundere archetype compared to Rei, and now Saber, who have hundreds of clones spanning multiple shows and series. Also, she never beat Rei in terms of popularity until Shikinami was unveiled in the Rebuilds.

>source: my ass

Kuudere is the best, its no wonder Saber, Rei and Yukinoshita are so popular.

>in a woirld without Shinji

Japan has pretty decent tastes when it comes to waifus. I can't say the same thing for their tastes in male characters though.

So the fantasy world.

Nigger, whenever we had a poll on Sup Forums, Asuka has been leading. I have NEVER seen Rei win and I've been here for more than a decade.

Yet online and open polls show the opposite.

Too bad I'm a racist and I don't care about the opinions of zipperheads.

>posts non-Sup Forums image
It matters, she had sex with multiple men. Asuka probably has STD's.

>using strawpolls that can easily be manipulated

>using strawpolls as a legitimate source
What's next? Popularity polls from Reddit?

>how is it possible for one girl to maintain the title of best girl for so long?
have you seen the competition?

It's all a dream, fantasy BS. Like Shinji banging Rei.

>definition of an Sup Forumsutist
Sup Forumslways in denial.

Nope, its a realm where souls commute with one another.

Different world Asuka is obviously not Asuka as she has been socialised in a completely different environment.

Asuka has always been more popular on Sup Forums. Reifags have always been a minority, which is a fact.

Opposed to no source at all but some gook poll which is as easily manipulated and where people have much more of an incentive to do so because it's being printed.

>Reifags are also wormshitters
Explains everything.

Oh is that why Rei threads on /c/ are on its 128th thread and always hitting its image limit, where as Asuka threads on /c/ are only on its 98th thread and is always getting 404'd before hitting its image limit?

>implying the opinion of faceless neckbeards on a mongolian basketweaving consortium is relevant at all to Japan's anime industry

Tsunderes are garbage and I am glad that Japan is finally waking up to this fact.

Fantasy land, no corporeal form

Or how Asuka threads last for months and months but Rei threads vanish like the wind.

How about you get a real girl? You loser.

Nasu gurlz are all sluts, find me one that isn't a cock starved whore.

Why is nobody mentioning the fact that anno cut the scene from the final edit making it completely non-canon in the first place? What theyre doing is like finding a piece of crumpled up panel from a mangaka in the trash and calling it canon

I wouldn't know about that because I don't visit /c/.

Been there, done that, married, divorced and transitioning user. Thanks for playing.

>Asukafags are RintheProstitutefags

>spilling wine

not on my watch

>muh 2D gurlz are pure and better meme
With all the times user said that, I would be already rich.

>Nasu gurlz are all sluts, find me one that isn't a cock starved whore.
So are the girls from Evangelion.

Only Asuka and the not shotacon woman.

Hell yes. Rin is wonderful too.

It's better for the carpets

Well, I mean, she does have a Not-Asuka design. Wouldn't be surprised where her inspiration lies since Nasu is an Evafag himself.

Except that Rin is tsundere done right while Asuka is just a psychotic cunt who jobs as a pilot.

>2d>3d meme
>been staple on Sup Forums for years

go home newfag

Which in turn Anno made Asuka in Rebuild in Tohsaka Rin, minus the long black hair.

It's not a meme if it's true.

Why is Sup Forums so obsessed with NGE?

Baby's first DEEP anime.

>newfag xddd lol im such a board veteran :D
Please do make an effort in killing yourself, painfully if possible.


they are right though
2D>3D is not a meme

Evangelion isn't just an anime.
It is THE anime.

It's a meme, because they don't exist, 3D girls? They exist and will reward you with real sex. So yeah, fapping to something that isn't real is not gonna prove me wrong.

Because it's unironically the greatest anime of all time

>Hey let's make an anime about robots fucking up aliens
>sounds cool!
>budget and mental health start hitting
>guise I'm depressed and a starving
>let's rush the ending and put all my frustrations to it
>people call it "art"

I think they were aiming less for pure tsundere and more for actually broken person

Because that's what "best girl" means you idiot !

Asuka looks like shit in the anime(canon), her personnality is also shit
Good in fanart though