Nothing has ever come close since, hasn't it?

I'm okay with it. I love you.

I really want this to be adapted, but I'm afraid that it'll be shit if it ever does.

Please, my doujins have better stories.

But that's not Anal Angel.

been awhile since there was a thread about it

do you remember olev Sup Forums?

They never confirmed his gender anyways so all is fine.



He gonna get buff and peg the fag that fell in love with him and he gonna like it.

>eyes are made to control women
>he's a guy
>eyes still control him

did they ever explain this?

>still in massive denial after all these years
Did you not even look at OP?

Didn't he said he liked the MC the old fashioned way?

I still OLEV Aikawa after all these years

it was never confirmed. not once did we see her naked

Please. Let me introduce you to the real G R E A T E S T trap.


He's not even a trap, just a kind of girly looking twink.

>outright looks like a man
>greatest anything

You think their queer ass school is gonna let some guy and a girl shack up? Also the last chapter is titled "Prunus Boy."

Aaaa this story was cute

He's Alexander the Greatest Trap, duh.

in my head canon he is girl... regardless one of the best heroines out there

>Having only that one hope, the accomplishment of it, of consequence, must put an end to all my hopes; and what a wretch is he who must survive his hopes! Nothing remains when that day comes, but to sit down and weep like OP, when he wanted other dicks to suck.

Why won't you fags stay on /y/?

Is there any dj with them doing it like rabbits?

This is a thread about traps, no fags here.

it lacked of twincest development

Bad idea
>gay (technically) couple
>lesbian couple
>ambiguous genders
>that one chapter where all the dudes dress up as maids and then they admit that they just wanted to try it

It'll be maid dragon all over again

Meh. It was shit.

Also the only reason why you would behave so weird is that you are somehow different, so there's that. No average girl would behave like that.

>pointlessly dragging this shit in here
Yes, we get it, they suck. They're atrociously bad and only absolute retards and trolls defend them. But what the fuck does funimation's shitty localizations have to do with the principle of an adaptation in general? Don't just take any excuse to rage about this in unrelated threads.

I know user.
It really is the greatest.

He did say that.

Read it for the first time a few days ago.
Very comfy, and extremely satisfying ending.


Reversal had more bite to it.

Lucia is a succubus possesing a male body, so he/she/it still felt the effects of the snake eye.
Literally a succubus (male)

Now this is actually gay.

Why didn't the author continue it further? I know it got bogged down a bit in the middle, but moving forward to the point they're having sex could have gotten past the lost tedious 'not much happening' phase.

Are there any other diabetes inducing cute gay stories? Doesn't really need onscreen sex (as there's dozens of 5-10 chapter porn series like that already) but something 50+ chapters of cute trap/gay couples getting together and fucking off-screen (discounting generic yaoi here).

How can it be gay if there's no actual buttfucking?

There are some, but no translations for them

It's the only trap I'll ever accept.

Nah fuck that shit, homie looks like a straight up MALE (male)

I can't find another series with a trap mc like this, it's truly e best

So if I was gay, would this be how I see men everyday?

That was great, for a trap x guy story. But now I want to see an actually good trap x girl story that is not hentai.


I recall there being some

I just completely ignored all "I have a dick" lines and pretended it's an above average hetero romance.

It also happens to be the greatest love story ever told.

Yeah its like beating the ded horse but really when funimation dubs it they'll fuck it up with the "pronouns" and all the "anime Journalists" will write articles like look at the anime breaking gender norms and shit or wouldn't care at all and viewers like us will be left with a bad taste in mouth.


Anime when?

Depends. If you're a top, ye. If you're a bottom, nah. You'll be thinking about how you want to be held down.
The story is that the dude will lose his wizard powers if he ever tops the trap, so nah, they didn't fuck. It was all foreplay. You read it for nice art and cute story.

Oh bey, i wanna give my all for that boipussy

>greatest trap
>not by locon
Try again

we are talking about non hentai series

> believable twink

Fucking beta faggot, erase urself