What are your thoughts on anime bullies? Do they even deserve love?

What are your thoughts on anime bullies? Do they even deserve love?

Sure, if they are cute.

They deserve to be raped by double dicked 30 foot tall Minotaur

The problem with anime bullies is that once in a while they’re cute enough to get away with whatever they did
I can’t hate them - sometimes they even reform like in OMK and become best girl

I want them to bully me, so yes.

I think is more about how effective they are. Barbara and Hannah laughing and getting into fistifights with Akko isnt really that bad. Bullies driving people to kill themselves should be raped.

I want Barb to fucking rape me

Shut the fuck up, Habara.

No. They deserve Rinnie.

They can love each other.

They should be skullfucked and have lots of videos and pictures taken and shared on the net. To teach them humility, of course.

No one wants you ya dumb bitch.

wow rude

They make my dick fucking hard. I'd want to get bullied by the one on the left.

I love anime bullie girls, especially when the MC either makes the fall for them or gets revenge and breaks them.

Kaifuku Jutsushi went way too fucking far in making Sword Hero get eaten alive by random thugs.

Only Ueno.

Well he's just being honest.

I like bullies, and bitches, and mean anime girls. I even have something of a humiliation fetish.

But shit, I couldn't stand Ueno for a minute. Every time she did anything in the manga or movie I wanted her to be told off and beaten. Literally the worst girl of all girls.

they're best when they're reformed

They deserve love, and I'm willing to love them as long as they (sexually) bully me in return.

What a pussy

Bet you still cry at night

Why would I cry?

It depends on how harmless they are, how dickish they are, whether they get any sort of comeuppance, or if they get any sort of development
Hannah and Barbara could be pretty dickish, but they were harmless and actually came around by the end so they're fine
Bakugou was a straight asshole and could killed Izuku but has faced no consequences and continues to be a dick, so fuck that guy

They need a good lubrication from time to time.

I prefer anime pylly

No Rinne, you are the bullys.

Them? Yes
This bitch? NAH

>asking for email address
It's funny how it only took a decade for that to sound so outdated

Naoka starts bullying Shoko only because Shoya seem to like it, she is a lovely girl, lovely!


But girls being into cute male bullys is a bad thing somehow

Ueno deserves rape. Especially loli Ueno.

I love bullies who get beat up by a fed up MC.
>Webm of Rika & chair

The main difference is that Uenofags don't try to rationalise. They write things like "did nothing wrong" ironically, even comparing her indirectly to Hitler by using that choice of words. There is no doubt in their mind that Ueno was in the wrong. I don't think that's quite comparable to the female fanbases of abusive shoujo/otome love interests - who usually like them unironically.

hana yori dango was such a fucking mind trip

>There is no doubt in their mind that Ueno was in the wrong.
She was, the entire time. It's understandable - even acceptable - for her to hate Shouko, but the shit Ueno pulled throughout the manga was unforgivable at every turn.

I will disagree, only elementary school Ueno was unbearable, after time skip she has some good moments. though she is still foul-mouthed bitch, this much is true.
Shoya's blindness is beyong comprehension by the way.

Ueno a shit. But Kawai was insufferable. I hope mashiba becomes a serial killer and murders her.

The only way to fix them is to rape them.

Hannah deserve more love

I love this page, pretty much the only time when Miki got utterly BTFO, thank you Mr. Satoshi.

>But Kawai was insufferable. I hope mashiba becomes a serial killer and murders her
I disagree. She was definitely a follower, bystander, a cunt, and a whore but in some way her motivations were more understandable, and her actions less hate-able.

But Ueno literally did the wrong thing at every single turn. SHe was insufferable.

I can't help it, I love bad boys with a heart of gold. Gets my boipussi soaked.

You only say that because she's showing her butt.

>Do they even deserve love
Yes, but you gotta teach em a lesson or two

I want Barbara to crush me with her huge butt!

Here here!

aww just let bullies be bullies

Remember to wash your bullies throughougly

they deserve to be rapped

Interesting thought process, I'm guessing Viper would get right on that.

They don't even deserve life.

> scat of Barbara never

anime bullies can die




What's this from?



Depends on what you mean. Being purposefully antagonistic whenever you see a person does not mean bullying to me. That's just being rude.

Bullying is specific in its intent: to hurt someone. It's socially-acceptable torture. That part is key: the bully has to get away with it because either nobody in charge cares or the target can't or won't stand up for themselves.

Shows with actual bullying are typically awful to watch because the viewer is supposed to empathize with the character getting bullied.

Causing physical pain to another is the purest purest form of love.


This chart should be renamed commandments of love.


I only get impure thoughts. Like, something tells me the one on the left would rape me in public if I decided to deny her and ignore her bullying.


It's hot but only when it leads to mental breakdowns and yan-types.

Also if you're into that, read the partially translated Fukushuu Kyoushitsu manga for a good time.

Y'know, I love how this chart is worded so as to imply it's all things that a man does to a woman.

I'd throw her on the bed, if you know what I mean. Biting my or may not be involved.

>telling her she is useless useless useless

Fixed it. Anything I missed?

Something's missing from the list. There needs to be a definition for when they just violently rape each-other the entire day and do nothing else.

I'm pretty sure that's the equivalent of hand holding in abusive relationships. Such a thing shouldn't be committed to paper.

Usually LWA girls don't do anything to me but damn those two are so hot, I want to brutally fuck them

I'm pretty sure I'd hold her hands all the time then. I'd even isolate her from her family to love her forever. I'd allow her no privacy and prevent her from sleeping. Set fire to her insides. Tell her she's a slut. Be obsessively in love with her.



Why are you giving fetish shit serious thought

it's not really. Japs don't text. Or at the very least they don't use it the way we do. Almost everything they do with their phone shit as far as a message is concerned is done with email.

You are a good person and I'd give my daughter to you any day.

Because rape is the only thing I think about. I'll never get distracted by something irrelevant, there is only her.

I tend to get that a lot. How tall is your daughter?

No. Even now Japan is that way. They don't text. They actually email each other. Until Line came. But yeah, they still do email each other.

Tall enough for you to bully. And I swear to god if you ever bully someone else I'll break your fucking legs.

She sounds like a keeper. How would she react if she woke up at 4 am to find someone going down on her?


What's wrong with her mouth? Is she assaulting that girl while wearing a gag or something?

These two were annoying, but at the same time I couldn't help but really like them too.
Not as in "I like them because they're entertaining characters", though that too, but they just somehow came off as endearing, even though they're so clear cut bitch girl bullies.
It's probably because their target is Akko who honestly is annoying at times, but she's also largely unfazed.


What a cute boy. Misaka really is for pédérastes.

Yes, they do.

Bullies are the best character to see mindbroken into thoughtless cock addicts.

mmmm pussy cunny

They are for molestation

made for anal

That would've been more horrible if the bloodsplats weren't clearly copypasted.
What is it with Nanoha productions and badly cut corners?


Bullies can go to hell.