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waiting for someone to pick a single frame that would never be noticeable if you didn't pause the animation and call it bad quality



That's not unintentional, that's just Clamp noodle people.

I'm trying to pinpoint what exactly is wrong with this, but I can't. Everything looks so bad.

It's like a frustratingly bad flash game where you need to avoid shit.



>its been a long day



the whole series is just one gigantic 260 minutes long QUALITY moment

kek, this can't be real

lol no faggot

What's the problem, it looks great.

Screw you guys, I'm going home.


I can't tell what's worse, the animation, the camera, the lighting, the missing frames, the finishing close-up, the disjointed movement speeds, fucking EVERYTHING IS FUCKING AWFUL FUCK

these were made by actual anime studios?

it is SAD! especially when a single guy and a macbook can produce Voices of a Distant Star.

they make people disappear before the panning finishes, the guy walking on the right and it happens on the left side also

If you don't want to see quality in your cheap trash-tier chinese cartoons for kids then go watch something well made like Miyazaki's movies.

or KyoAni.

Looks gorgeous

It's intentional. He mentions he's feeling stiff, you moron.


what the fuck



Do people actually like the GoHands filter? Even if the other shit wasn't there.

those fucking rabbits




maybe i'm blind but I don't see anything wrong with that one

Not actually QUALITY since the character looks like this all the time but goddamn.

>an in-between frame of a character moving in an exaggerated way for comedic effect looks silly
Kyoani's reputation must be in the toilet now.

I have the same frame saved as an example of well-executed exaggerated animation.

>he says, posting a shitty in between frame of one of the most beautiful TV anime

my face on the left when someone tries to shitpost about hyouka

The car is too high up.

why didn't they opt for a simpler style to have smother animation? save the extra wrinkles and hair detail for official art

Someone post the soul eater not one.

everytime i see footage of this show it looks like a bad acid trip


weak bait

reminds me of that overpass scene in maou sama

This one's not bad actually, I mean at least the running sequence is complete.

it's amazing because it looks like south park

Someone post the anime girl ape movement webm

he's right fuck you only newfags like miyazaki

I laughed.
Thanks user.

Posting Berserk 2016 is cheating. The whole show is QUALITY.

Literally EVERYONE in All Out aside from the cute tall curvy blonde boy have absolutely horrible character designs. It's pretty shocking they thought fujos would buy into it.

The faces were off but those bodies were wonderfully slutty.

Animating animals is sure hard.

It's not QUALITY though.

As usual for fujo anime.
Free! characters had 10/10 bodies but the fucking pointy-chin girly bishie faces are a big letdown.


and people say 2d are perfect



Kyoani's recent style doesn't fit male characters too well.

its like it doesnt have any fucking knees

>*teleports behind you*



I genuinely love it.



You have to hear Serval's laugh to really enjoy this scene.
10/10 AOTY

Fuck off and die.

season 2 was a mistake

That one from Berserk where the woman is getting HORSE'D

Badly animated animals are a prime example to show how inferior Asian animators are compared to traditional Western animators.

Fancy camara movements, smears, or other exaggerated effects can't compensate for the lack of understanding of basic anatomy.

The Holodeck has some problems Captain?




It's disturbing how many of the QUALITY moments could have been avoided with a better storyboard.


>that kid who had noclip turned on in school

oh jesus fucking christ

The are examples of well-animated animals in anime too though, it's just that they usually don't get priority so it gets handed to some random goon rather than an actually good animator.


I’m fucking wheezing

I didn't know they made an Interstellar anime

>inception horn

>Badly animated animals are a prime example to show how inferior Asian animators are compared to traditional Western animators.
That's not how it works.
Disney animators had to study animals for months and do a lot of research so they knew exactly what they were doing. Of course your average TV show doesn't have the time or the budget to study such a niche subject just so they can anime a couple of specific scenes.
That's also why cats are usually better animated and more common than other animals, it's easier to look at your cat and understand how it moves than finding a fucking deer or a rabbit.

That's not completely true.

Everytime anime tries into character acting. It looks sloppy and uncanny.

SnK was a mistake. Season 2 was better than season 1.


>People wanted a second DRRR season for years
>ends up being a QUALITY fest

I loved Gamers but my god the animation was so bad. I couldn't even stand to look at the characters faces half the time.


I unironically LOVED this angle when i first saw it. Still do, such an interesting feeling.