Does Sup Forums like himouto?

Does Sup Forums like himouto?



Himouto 4 lyfe

Yes but Ebina is the worst girl.
Umaru > Kirie > TSF > Ebina

It's enjoyable. Mellow show that's funny enough and never really gets retarded.

I want ebina to sit on my face

That's literally backwards, you mong.

Wasn't expecting it, but it still didn't startle me.

Good attempt tho

Ebina > Umaru > TSF > Kirie

Joke's on you, I don't need to enlarge the pic in order to fap to Ebina's ebinas.

>dat breast cancer

Why the fuck am I aroused even more


I liked it at first, but then it went from Umaru being a sloth in her house to mostly doing shit with her friends.

Such a high-quality girl

have you thanked our lord bomber today? Also, who do you guys think will win the oniisan bowl?

Wow you people have terrible taste.
Ebina > TSF = Kirie > A pile of shit > Umaru

Ebina wins Taihei-bowl, Bomber can get his pick of the rest

Big fat tiddies!!!

bomber is above carnal desires.


There is something profound about this scene.

S1? Yes.
S2? No.